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Human Scale Working LEGO Parrot

by agepbiz Aug 13, 2018
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It's an awesome design !
I print all the "small" parts, and this WE, let's go with the parrot body !

Can you be more precise on the M3 screws ? Different lengths are required ?

Thanks again for this work !

Thank you! I hope you can post a make when done? that would be cool. Unfortunately I never measured the length of the screws, I had an assorted box them :(

Of course, I will post a make when completed !

Are the eyes supposed to be empty white holes?

The real lego parrot brick do have empty red holes for eyes. In hindsight I should have made some kind of red inlay piece

Hi! I seem to be going wrong somewhere. The inlay pieces (wings, beak, etc) don't fit into the model. They seem to be a little too big.

The beak and eyes was press fit on my end, which means if your printer over extrude a bit it might be hard to make ithem fit. Perhaps you can sand the sides to make it fit? The wing inlays should have a lot of clearence (I had to use glue to make them stay), if they dont fit you might need to lower your feed rate

This is so awesome. Love how its design allows for different printed parts to snap in. What Scale is Lego to human? 16:1?

Thanks! Some glue was used on the inlays though, but pushing in the eye piece was very satisfying, haha! The parrot is about 7,5:1

I don't know how this slipped by me................ But what a Fantastic piece of art ! your uploads are very appreciated :)
I will definitely post a make when I print this guy.

Thank you very much for the nice words! I am looking forward to the make

Please forgive my ignorance. I am completely new to 3D printing. In fact, this will be my first attempt at getting something 3D printed. I am interested in a solid parrot without electronics and standing on the branch. Which files should I get printed for this build?

Comments deleted.

Haha! No problem :) Keep in mind that there are two versions of the solid Parrot, with or without the infills (wings, beak and eyes)

Thanks for the reply! So if I want to do it like your video where the wings, beak, and eyes are made of a different color and will be glued in place (minus the electronics), which files should I print? I think I need:

1) parrot_eyes.STL
2) parrot_wing_green.STL
3) parrot_wing_yellow.STL
4) parrot_beak.STL
5) branch.STL

Which main parrot body should I use? And do I need to worry about the branch studs?

I made five to give to my daughter.
Parrots are easy to make.
Electronic parts are also cheap.
The design is excellent.
Thank you!

Haha! Thats awesome! I love all the color variations. I would appreciate it if you upload a few photos of the makes to "Post a make" when done, it will help me a lot, and will make it easier for everybody to see your photos!

This is fantastic! It looked simple to print but once it starts I've noticed the seam/ridge means that the main face is not printed to the bed but is printed on air. How are people printing this to get better adhesion? (Only the seam is in direct contact.) Supports aren't made for such a low gap. (S3D)

My prints do not have the seam on the top because I lowered the parrot just so all of the head touches the bed. An option is of course to print the parrot the right side up, but then you wont get such a nice bottom, and the amount of support structures increases a lot

That makes sense. What slicer allows you to do that?

Figured it out - Z Offset! Thx :D

I use S3D. You can manually reposition models on the bed. Just lower the model a millimeter or so

Hello, I noticed that the joints of the two rings of the branch have no tollerance, they don't fit. Am I wrong?
Anyway, congrats for the design!

I have updated the tolerance on the branch now, hopefully they will work better. I am unable to testprint the new version right now. Only the "pegs" have been updated, not the branch body

Yeah I see the tolerance is bit on the snug side. I'll fix that asap. Thank you

I Love it! like all your designs!
pcb is on the way. :)

Looks awesome! How easy would it be to do a solid back with speaker holes if we decide not to use electronics?

I am working on a solid version of the parrot without the back cover, no microphone holes and no button holes as we speak. Will upload tomorrow