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Sweeping 2-line name plate (text)

by makkuro Aug 11, 2018
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I'd like to make it so I can add a special character to the left and right of the text.
For example "HEART" + TEXT + "HEART"

I'm trying to figure out how to edit the SCAD file and I'm not too familiar with it. I'll keep trying to figure it out, any help is appreciated.


How to fix the holes that go through the base? No matter what font I use, there a holes that go through the base, like in a 'C' or 'O'. I am using the "Bangers" font, but this happens to all fonts. It is frustrating becuase it makes the text on the bottom harder to read and less cool. Any tips to fix this??

can you create a "make" with a hole?
Ill use your settings then to avoid the hole.
Also, try to increase
to 5 or more. This should close any holes present.

Hi, can you add the '#' Hashtag as special char?

Ok, good idea. Done. I also added some more characters as well.

It's easy! No coding needed. Simply convert your image to a custom font and use it with the SCAD script.

See step-by-step.jpg!

  1. Take a photo/choose an image you wish to print.
  2. Clean it up in your favorite image editor.
  3. Trace the bitmap into the SVG vector format using Inkscape.
  4. Using FontForge, create a new font, choose any letter and import the SVG file.
  5. Export & install the TTF font, open the SCAD file, set the letter as text and set the custom font name.

Unfortunately that might happen. But there is a workaround.

  1. Under textstring2 & fontname2 you should have your custom font and its letter containing your image.
  2. Under textstring1 & fontname1 (top row), use a normal font (for example Arial) and put as many space (" ") characters as needed to make the glitch in the bottom row go away.

Please let me know in the reply to this comment if this worked for you! Thanks! :)

Thanks :) Love your thing. It's so versatile.

Comments deleted.

So I made custom text and left the settings untouched. I attempted to print 3x and once it starts getting to the letters, half of them start to misalign the layers. I don't believe its the machine (Prusa MK3S). I feel as though its the program/g code?? As its not ALL the letters in the layers that are messing up but just the left side mostly. Very strange. Any ideas?? am i doing something wrong? perhaps I need to change something in the settings? maybe spacing or font is an issue??? Please help!

Hi, Im unsure what you mean by misalign. Check these typical failures in 3D printing. Do you mean "layer shifting" there?
As you built your MK3 yourself (i guess), you might check the troubleshooting there. There is some about layer shifting.

Also dont scale it too small, then you might run into issues due to many retractions.

Hi, what is the "KING" font?

It is "Great Vibes".

thank you so much! good job!

And in case you create something using that font - i would be interested that you "post a make" above :)

Hello, makkuro

I form Taiwan, I want use the Google Noto CJK fonts for my design.
I can not select those fonts in below URL.

I have any chance to use Google Noto CJK fonts ?
or have any method to fix my problem?



Unfortunately that is a limitation of the Thingiverse customizer. They only have the basic Noto font available. So I can't provide it with Customizer.

But you can download Openscad yourself for free, install any CJK font you like and select it in the script by setting:
fontname1="Noto Sans TC";
Then render the design (key F6) and export an .STL file.
Using OpenSCAD, you see all the things in the customizer as variables in the beginning of the script, so its also easy to modify.

And it would be nice if you "post a make" with some CJK font printed. :)

I can make my own text, but when I try to change font i doesnt change. What to do?

Using OpenSCAD on your own computer? Then make sure you installed the selected font in your windows/OSX machine first. If its not there, OpenSCAD will use some generic Arial font, no matter which font you select.

thanks now it works just fine!

Im always interested in the final print of your creation, so if you can, please "post a make"

How difficult would it be to add an imbedable magnet to the base for mounting the nameplate on a locker or something similar? I have several different sizes that I would be happy to just glue into a void on the back of the print. I suppose I could just increase the base depth and drill a hole but I figured I would ask.

Thanks for the design, I have already enjoyed it thoroughly!

Which magnet size? Do you have round flat ones?

Yes, round and flat. My most plentiful size is 2.5mm thick and 5mm round.

Can you try it?

I have successfully printed 2 unique prints. It works very nicely! I am using openscad on my own computer for customization. I will post my makes by the end of this weekend. I am creating locker nameplates for myself and everyone at work.

One improvement I can suggest (not to insult as your work is amazing and incredibly appreciated) is to add a magnet y coordinate for when a single line of text is used. Or to make it auto center vertically.

This is horribly written because I'm on my mobile at work.

Ah, good point!
I changed the code so the magnets should be centered well even if only the upper or lower textline is present.
Have a try :)

Hi, i added for now: Cube10x1,Cylinder8x3,Cylinder5x2c5
You can select the magnet type by setting e.g.:
magnettype="Cylinder5x2c5" in the customizer.

Which magnet size? Do you have round flat ones?

can i make the fonts bold or italic?

I could provide those modifiers, but it might at the end not be available for the selected font.
Do you want to make everything bold or only some lines?

i have a font thats to thin for printing, even in a large size. Here the font:

Yeah, but only the google fonts are available here on thingiverse. if you want to use other fonts: install the font. installl openscad. change the variables in the script. run the script

i have this one installed and so on. but i dont know how to get it bold.

You have to set the font like this:
text("OpenSCAD", font = "Liberation Sans:style=Bold Italic");

I added also an option to set the text to "bold", "italic", etc. now per line. Its however not supported by many fonts :(

CAn you explain how to make somthing loke this on my own

Click on "Open in Customizer".

I made 15 of these for my employees for Christmas. Sent a tip your way, thanks for the awesome design!

I used both Stronghero PLA Bronze Silk PLA and CC3D Gold Silk PLA.


1 - If you have a well leveled bed then printing the letter faces flat on the build plate is a nice look.
2 - If you are doing two lines somewhat close together, having a font where the P's etc don't drop below the line is best, use capitals if you have to. HOLTWOOD ONE, BOWLBY and LUCKIEST GUY are 3 fonts I know that do that.
3 - Make sure to make the base thicker.
4 - Consider
5 - If you print face down, then you won't need as many supports for a perfect print. There is an overhang from the base typically which requires killer cooling/bridging ability (or toss some supports just under the base).
6 - If you have a smaller print bed you can always place this at 45 degrees to make the most of the build space.
7 - I printed at .2 and 60-80 MM/s. A short name was around 5 hours (for 140mm width) One very long name took me almost 15 hours at 240mm
8 - Mine printed well on both my flashforge finder and an Ender 3.

My giftees loved them!

Wow, your prints are gorgeous! Only if you have time - you can also post them using the "Post a make" button above.
Printing face down is a cool idea! I'll try that as well. Thank you for the hints! Ill put notes on this page as well.

And thank you very much for the tip!

Can i post your picture you attached abvove on this page (the "Sweeping 2-line name plate")?

I can do you one better too! (see attached). I got an octolapse of a normal print (not face down) though i forgot to switch from my everyday PS Eye cam, which is only 7 bucks on amazon, over to my good logitech camera, so it's low quality and the focus is not perfect unfortunately.

Octolapse: https://i.imgur.com/8uhtyZx.gifv

I added your video link as well, thanks!

Very nice video! I also use Octolapse, its great. And your stepper motors seem to be very precise, there is hardly any wiggle in the print bed position across the video.

would it be possible to add other special char like a logo?

I only could add the characters in the font, not anything.
There is a function to upload a picture and then extrude, ill check that

does a font exist with logos like instagram?

probably, but in customizer here on thingiverse i can only use a font with standard icons.

https://github.com/fontello/brandico.font/tree/master/font does this have any logos it would be possible to use it?

In the customizer here on thingiverse i can only use the fonts which are provided - only Google Fonts are available.
What logo are you looking for?

that of instagram

I added the instagram logo. Have a look.

How can I add a third line of text? I have been trying in the desktop version for about 2 hours not with no luck... :-( I keep getting parser errors, I do not understand the openscad syntax as well as I should.

Help - This is a fantastic print, however wanted to add some small discrete text at the rear or on the base. In order for you to understand I'll explain the purpose.
My daughter goes to a special needs school and her assistant is leaving in the new year. I wanted to make a desk name plate for her with a discrete message on the rear or underneath expressing our thanks. I am very new to this and would really appreciate if some very nice person could help me do this. Thanks Paul and Ellie :)

Thanks for the feedback.
I have added "HiddenText" and "HiddenTextSize", so you can add a text of your choice.
If the text shines through to the top, let me know. I would recommend to make the base then a bit thicker, e.g. 2mm

What a star you are! Many thanks bud for adding that. I'll be sure to post a pic once printed. Paul.

Really cool, and I'm continually amazed by how such simple ideas can turn into a really complex, interesting and varied outcome. Good job!

Also I love the "Flat is boring" one!

Your feedback is appreciated :)

Lowercase 'g' 'y' doesn't seem to work, seems like anything that goes under the traditional "floor" while writing on paper doesn't seem to work

what am i doing wrong? i open it in sac and cant do any thing ! lol how do ya put in your own text wording?

Press "open in customizer" on this page.

this is what I get,
Oh No!
There was a problem communicating with Thingiverse.

It is also possible that you are using Safari, if so click the Safari Fix button then reload this page.

I'm on crome

Oh, that might be a problem with Thingiverse then. It works for me, on Firefox.

ok so I got it! it don't want to run on crome so on E and works fine, :)

Comments deleted.

Can you please tell me what is the best resolution and speed?

You can do it as you like, its not so difficult to print. I use .2mm layer height and 3600mm/min default, 12000mm/min x/y and 1800mm/min z, and i have a prusa i3 mk3

Thanks alot
I have cr10 and i use cura

Thanks for your help

This thing is awesome. I have been going nuts with it. Great job.

Thank you for the feedback!

Comments deleted.

Really nice :)
Would it be possible to create a customizable thing not comming from top to bottom but reversed?

Textstring1 - should be empty
Direction / Sweep direction - set to "text bottom is highest"

This should work.

Ah yes, exactly what I was looking for although just for 1 text line, thanks :)

Would you need 2 lines?

If it's easy for you to do, it would be really nice :)

I fixed it. You can do it upside-down now with two lines. It works.

Comments deleted.

Cool! I like it.
It is very sluggish in preview mode though. If it were possible to optimize to the mesh in some way so it could be viewed with out the lag that would be good.

Maybe consider bracketing { } the list so people don't have to scroll though 700 different fonts :)

Hi, yes, preview is slow. I added a customizer value "faces_segment" to reduce the number of faces for quicker preview. Once you are ready, use "faces_segment=9" to make the thing well rounded.
Im unsure about bracketing - Do you mean i should reduce the font list?

Changing the face_segments dose help. But the complexity of the geometry isn't cause of the lag. I dot i don't know what part of the code is though.

I wasn't saying you should reduce the font list. Just consider putting it within curly brackets so i can be minimized, using the +/- button, in the margin. see example below.

fontname="Bangers"; {// font list:

Hi SavageRodent, now i understood what you mean. Its to minimize it in OpenSCAD. But the fontlist is really only for the customizer on this thingiverse page. If i change the code like you suggested above, the fonts will not be selectable in the Customizer anymore. So i cant change that unfortunately.

Comments deleted.

How long does it take to render? I have a decent gaming rig and it just sits a Rendering polygon Mesh using CGAL... with no results / further messages showing progress. Just opened the file you shared and attempted to Render. Any suggestions would be awesome.

It depends on the size of your text and the complexity of the font you choose. The models above took a minute or two to render on my PC.

How to modify to my name , i am confused , i downloaded to thinkercad but coudn't change it to my name . Also can i know how to make it 1 line
Thank You in advance

Press "Open in Customizer" above or install OpenSCAD on your own computer, load the file and change the variables in the beginning of the script.
The number of text lines: You can leave "textstring1" empty, and it will be only one line.

Thanks a lot !!! , I love it.

You are welcome!

Worked out great for me...thanks!!

Thats a super print and a funny text for this design, thank you for sharing the pic!
You can also upload it via the "post a make" button above right. Then it will be show on the front page.

what font are you using in your examples?

"Bangers" and "Orbitron"

Can you give me the line from the file to use? I tried changing fonts and it doesn't change any.

Ok, that sounds like you use OpenSCAD on your PC, not the Customizer. You need to install the fonts you want to use onto your PC:
Make sure you install the respective fonts on your system. All are available from google, e.g. for Holtwood here: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Holtwood+One+SC

Awesome. That did it. Thanks!

Beautiful design for displaying text!
Nice work!