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Tamiya 1/14 King Hauler Semi Truck

by caj Aug 11, 2018
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Hi Caj
great work that I really appreciate.
I need a front axle but double (tandem) because I have a project with two steering axles ...
Can you help me by providing me with the drawings of the front axle for changes or can you provide me with the already modified stl file?
I would be grateful

guess what i think we did it looks like it might actually work included the new case parts and the designspark project so you can mod if needed in the middle of moving so i can not print this to test it should be ok i was worried about the steering linkage but looks like all that is needed is to move it to the top of the hub brackets

Big work! Very kind, I really growled

ok got them wrong again :( the tandem was right the first time for the rotation it is the second in line that has to be rotated so the original front axle neads to be rotated to match the tandem setup i will get this figured out i am currently working on making all of these axles to be used with springs this will solve the rotation issue you will be able to install in either direction this will also allow multiple tandem axles this is what i wanted to do with the next truck build to use springs and not shocks and make the frame more like the tamiya this will make the build a lot simpler and allow for stronger springs as with this truck with a heavy load my rear tandem wheels on the truck are bottomed out

Hi Caj, actually the first version was fine for me ... I printed two specular bottom shells that are good for my project ..
The only thing is that they are a little rough..you see too much mesh.
Thanks again.

sorry i knew there was going have to be minor adjustments after the first print but this is something major i missed tandem axles cases are rotated because the output rotates in the opesate direction as you can see in the jpg if it is not rotated the next axles will be turning in the wrong direction hear is the new files i have also fixed minor problems in the first stage before combining and splitting the axles stls i sent the axles was adjusted and problems repaired after the split

sorry i did not notice this till after i have recreated all the axles into clean new design spark project files at least i caught this one before i test printed it sorry if you have already test printed

hear is the design spark project since this is taken from stl file the whole center axle section will nead to be recreated as a new project then the center cut out and copied and rotated to the front since design spark can not cut stl files with fillets i am currently in a slump with no projects in mind or at least no easy projects i am going to start on this i know it is possible and if any body can do it i know for sure i can

you can also use netfab to cut these parts out then use another editor to recreate the parts needed

but i think i would like the whole file as a brand new project because i also want to be able to add and use spring shocks with these

Thank you very much, we look at you and I share if I can solve.
Good work for your next projects.

Hi there, thanks for the upload looks great. Just re the body will it fit the Tamiya version of the truck? as just want to print that part to replace my existing one on my wrecker (tow truck). As my old one looks horrible thanks heaps.

great picture i want i want i want that is making me more motivated to get started and make the rotator
my eventual goal was to make several different tamiya body's for this reason this is the exact diminutions of my tamiya but like i said before i have not ben able to actualy put it on my tamiya the screw holes might not be 100 percent correct because as you already know the lights and the electronics is a night mare to remove while the lights are on plugs i have a problem of removing plugs and then getting them back the same so that it works again or at least works right

it should fit but no matter how bad you think your tamiya body looks 3d printed parts never compare to a molded body i have found that using a 3d pen you can pretty much fix any issues with a already made plastic model i use my 3d pen to repair plastic thing just about every day like last month i have a plastic garbage can that was cracked and a big hole in the bottom i was able to repair the crack and fill in the hole while it is with different color plastic it works like new it is one of my most used tools

and on the loboy trailer that i have just finished but have not posted yet i use the 3d pen as a welder to weld the pieces to gether because with the heavy load of my dozer it is realy heavy and even bing screwed together that is a lot of weight on the trailer

is the body 3d printed and is the regular chassy unchanged
Hola, traduje al español el cuerpo impreso en 3D y el chassy normal sin cambios

this truck is 100 percent 3d printed except for the electronics screws and a few springs the body is exact measurements of my tamiya including the screw positions on the side of the cab and sleeper i believe that they would be interchangeable with the difference being that this truck the body is split into sections to be printed on a 200x200mm bed and screwed together where as the tamiya is 1 piece molded body

some day i would like to actually see if it would fit the tamiya but all the electronics in the tamiya make it a nightmare to remove the body and then put it back together again

the chassy is not the same as the leef spring tamiya i used Mrcrankyface v3 truck frame and modified it to match the tamiya wheel base so the suspension is no where like the tamiya it uses linkage arms like a car

i was going to modify the chassy to leef springs like the tamiya but the chassy and frame work guite well and no nead to modify

i believe my next truck i will be using leef springs it is going to be a heavy recovery truck with working crane and a drop down third axle this is what is rambiling around my head right now i have a basic concept for the frame and drive train and body and crane but the working 3d axle right now i just not coming to me how to make it a driving axle since it is forward of the 2 main drive axles no idea how to make it work might just have to have it free wheel or just permanently locked in the down position

Hola ,muchisimas gracias por contestarme tan rapido y explicarme mas cosas.y tener el detalle del lenguaje ,como has podido comprobar soy español y puedo traducir del ingles al español con google chrome, gracias..
Bien una vez dicho esto ahora mi pregunta y perdona por mi ignorancia tambien estoy aprendiendo es la siguiente.Yo estoy con los archivos del Tamiya 1/14 king hauler semi truck,y e visto que en el marco hay diferencia de longitud y unas piezas rojas que a mi no me salen en los archivos ,supongo que no tendra nada que ver por ser diferentes modelos ,me lo podrias aclarar,por lo demas mas o menos lo tengo controlado,muchas gracias por tu paciencia conmingo.Un saludo.

Hola ,primero darte la enhorabuena por el gran proyecto realizado,estoy imprimiendo el camion pero me a surgido una duda ,que motor lleva,yo estube mirando motores brushless 80t con esc son algo caros,si me pudieras indicar algun motor te lo agradeceria .

hi Caye
hope you can read english if not i will have it translated to spanish your lauange and repost
sorry about the delay in answering this i was not exactly sure how i was going to respond because i personally have ben experimenting with motors for the right torque and ESC myself

this is a remake of MRcrankyface v4 truck
goto his page to see what he has used in this truck this is not a standard 540 motor it is a self geared motor there is a remix for a standard 540 motor mount i also have made the 540 mount but have not changed over yet and have not uploaded it yet but there is a link in the remixes for a 540 mount mount for this truck i can not remember what the motor is in this truck or i would put it in this text i do have a text file added to this download that says what motor is required and links

i have also made a standard 540 motor mount for this truck and have purchased a 30t 540 motor i have not installed or even tried putting into the truck the motor he uses is a 12v motor my esc that i have are 7v so the 12v did not work with my esc so i ordered a 6v motor this worked better better with my esc but i think a standard 540 motor will work better but have not had the time to work on it

the 12v escs are extremely expensive so i ordered again a 6v30t motor
the t stands for turns so a higher turns equals less torque and less current draw so i do not think i would use a 70t motor i do not think it would have enough torque to drive this truck you will have longer run time but less torque

looking at 4wd trucks they are all using the realy expensave 12v esc and motors this is why they have the crawling power but this is also why they are so expensive and a realy short run time these esc are well into $200 way out of my price range

so if this response is confusing to you it is because i can not answer this question outright as i am still learning myself

3D Printed Rc Truck V4

the origanl tamia does not have front wheel drive it
this chasie is not exactly like the tamiya it is a remox of MRcrakyface frame it was compleat and worked and i did not want to compleatly remix a working frame

this frame uses suspension arms for the rear suspension where the origanl uses leaf springs i was considering changeing it but you know if something aint broke dont fix it

it works pretty good the way it is and i think has better suspension than the leef springs

there is a placement for the stearing servo on the chasie frame that is frame A also i have included a new longer servo arm for this the servo arms that come with the servos have to short of a arm limiting the turn ability

with the new arm the turn has full left and right movement

Very nice job, its good as hell, i started to print the parts, and front axle is the the first, printing of the parts is finished and i am waiting for bearings, but there is one thing that made me a little upset,we have front axle with very good ability of steering, but there is not any servo for steering.if there is not any power for steering , why front axis has steering ability?
again thanks for such this good design and models. really i impressed.

Very ice...thank you for sharing.


when i purchased my tamiya King Hauler i was realy upset that i had to pay $600 for the truck then another $600 for the electronics being on ssdi i had to pretty much clean out my life savings in my bank accounts and you pretty much had to pay because they have you between a rock and a hard place because there was nobody else making this size truck sure it is a pretty nice truck but come on realy every where i found other simaler trucks they where no longer available so this is just me sticking it to Tamiya i might not completely finish putting all the electronics ect in because i have my tamiya with all the bells and wissles this is for every body else who does not want to pay the highway robbery price that tamiya wants

then again i might finish it ?? so i have 2 trucks to haul my heavy equipment now i see there is a tamiya flat bed low boy on thingyvers so i will have another low boy trailer but going through the parts it seems that the axles are missing from the design no problem i can make the axles maby i will contact this person to ask about this ??

This might fit your rig if your interested in options besides a tractor.


1/25th Scale Holmes Wrecker body for revell 359 Peterbilt

verry nicly done but i am also working on a fully functional rotator package with a longer frame like on highway through hell for this truck all aspects will be 100% functional with remote after i finish the box trailer i am about a week or 2 away from posting the trailer just got some detail aspects with the back doors latch and each section takes a day to print this trailer you will be able to modfy between a reefer and dry trailer and with differant sides

also right now i am repairing some of the parts for this truck like the frame i am considering how to make it thicker and stronger as well as the wheel hubs i had changed the tires to match exactly tamia dimintions but have faild to adjust the rims these right now have to have a lot of sanding to fit inside the tire i should also be reposting these new parts soon

Dayum...... sorry, had to say that. Good job!

this whole project was made using design spark mechanical i have just zipped the whole thing because there is to many files for me to sort out this is a big project

also the threads on the shocks have a realy tight fit i have to use pliers on them to screw them together for the first time if you cant get them to thread in your mixer just add .25 to the x and y in your slicer this is a issue of printer calibration and no two printers are the same even between my 2 xyzprinters calibrated exactly the same these print just a little different on each
the shocks,new differentials,suspension links,ecct, and all the new parts are in the other stuff folder as well as the original truck frame that you will nead the gears ecct from i am pretty sure that the front axle outer steering are the remixed i had to lengthen the mounting holes by 2mm i think i just saved them back as the organelle names normally i add remixed to a file name after remix but i think i just forgot on those

one other thing to mention is that the suspension links that are needed are found in the nonadjustable links folder are 60mm print 9 of these for the side links and 70mm for the cross links print 3 of these

i will copy those into the one of the main folders and re post when i get the exploded views and wipers done

Verc nice!!
How did you make the shocks?