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8040 Propeller Optimized for Printing, V1.0

by Landru Sep 12, 2012
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COuld you make it as 8045 with 6mm bore hole?

Comments deleted.

Thanaks for share this prop. it is good job. I made it two once.

will this work on a 3s race Quad? or is it mostly intended for planes and less powerful drones?

Good job, very usefull!

could you make the dji center hole

So, what's the problem when the printer seems to have printed jibberish.......the bottom part of my propeller isn't smooth and completely formed.

I remixed these. just added meshmixer supports, as Cura's support generator was producing unreliable results. Works every time now. i don't even own storebought 8040s anymore lol

Hello nice, did you try it with PLA as well ?

Thanks for sharing this awesomely designed propeller! After a lot of testing it turned out that these barely provide enough thrust for my quadcopter to fly. A small modification significantly improves their performance (although increasing their weight by 0.7g).

So, I've remixed your design a little, giving the blades 70-80% more surface area: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1060181

I also went ahead and slightly improve aerodynamics and durability with secondary layer fusion by leaving the blades in an acetone vapor chamber for 30 minutes (+ 4 hrs of curing).

Without your contribution I'd probably be still working on the basic design. So, thanks for saving me a lot of time!

Quadcopter Propeller - Optimal Thrust - 14cm

I am also looking for a 6040 for my new quad while I wait for the arrival of the spares I ordered.

Hi, i am searching for an 6040 Propeller with 5mm bore. Is it possible to change that for an quadrocopter ?! In CW and ccw ? Thanks for your work .

Very Impressive! thanks for uploading it. Is it possible to upload one without center holes. That way we can machine drill press any size hole on our own.

May be do you have 8045? Or something a little change your project 8040 and add to your collection that size.

I am impressed, Well Done, Question, I don't know how to use Solid Works, Can you draw a prop design that would have a ring around the blades in hopes to make the fans quieter, I have a Maker Bot printer, and I thought a quieter design would be great, I have a DJI Phantom FC 40 Quad , Just starting on it now, Thanks Bill


printed these props for my dji F450, and im just amazed that it works^^

Heres a Video of these props i action


Great design!


I found this STL for 10x47 propeller with correct aerodynamics. But i guess it requires some modification to be 3d printable. Can you take a look at it?


Waiting for 5030(R) props :)

This is great! would you be able to make a 4.5x10 prop?

Printed these out with a .5mm nozzle. settings are as follows in Kisslicer
Skin Thickness - 1mm
Loops - 2
Infill - 100%
Extrusion Width - .55mm
Infill Width - .55mm
Layer Thickness - .152mm
Material - Red PLA
Loop Speed - 15
Prop came out really nice, cant test them yet because i am still waiting on my motors and other parts from HK. Will definitely post on them.
Thanks for the files

have you had the chance to test them yet? please tell us how they worked !

I really like your model. I'm looking for a 1047 (10x4.7) prop model. Would you be able to model that one? Need it for a heavy lifting quad.

Can you include the Solidworks file? I would very much like to see it :)


Thank you, the model is awesome! Currently modding for 3 blade setup and Syma X8 hub just for fun.

I'm really surprised how well these turned out!  I was hesitant to try these on a real quad, but 4 of them lifted my overweight quad just fine.  

So far, they've proven to be just as robust as store bought props.

What did you model this in?

I have printed a quad copter, and I love the idea of printing the props as well.

What is the difference between the different files? Other than clockwise and counter clockwise (CW and CCW) I have no idea which is which. Which should I print?

Some are horizontal, and some are rotated 45 degrees for fitting on a build platform better. They are all the same Propellers (either cw, ccw, or one of each)

My file names are a bit more descriptive in full, I see they have been cut short.

Both of the first two files have a both a cw and ccw propeller on the same plate. I suggest you print one of those.

Did this require much balancing?

It doesn't seem to vibrate any more than a normal prop, but those likely 'need' balancing too. It will depend on your printer and support removal skill in practice.

TLDR: Probably

Please post a follow up if/when you a blade gets hit in a crash - I'm very curious how the printer blade reacts. I've seen normal props break and I'll bet printed blades react very differently - will strands of filament delaminate and spin around? Will broken prop pieces spin around instead of flying off?

Well, I broke some experimental 5030's. They snap off cleanly near the hub, no delamination. I expect these to do the same.

Is the 5030 prop available?  I need some 5030 and 5030R's for a quadcopter...

I'd definitely like a 5030 for for the little quad im building. Hopefully you can work the kinks out of the design

Hi, @TimboInSpace . Did you find 5030 propellers project?

I have been unable to make a good 5030 size so far. The bough ones are far superior. FFF just doesn't lend itself to very thin walls, especially for a good airfoil. 

I have a printer that is capable of 0.050 layer heights, which may make a 5030 printable. Would you consider modeling a 3-blade 5030 prop for me? Your design is the only blade I've gotten to print reliably, and works well.

I'd like a 5030 too. Infact I'd even like a 4020! My nano-quad needs new shoes, um props...