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Retracc: The Retractable Karambit Knife [Now With Magnets!!]

by BiscuitsOnTheFloor Jul 31, 2018
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I'm really intrigued by this design and plan to try it soon.

I love how easy it is to open, as I can see the use of that when, say, I'm on a ladder. Question - how easy is it to close? Can I easily do that one handed? It seems like a thumb knob might be useful.

I printed this in PETG and had a terrible time with the supports on the part of the handle where the screw hole isn't closed on the first layer. It made for a super messy edge. On a whim, I printed a handle without supports. I then used nippers to clip a tiny bit of garbage out of the hole. Tightly installing the nut cleaned up the rest.

Just a question about the magnets:

I can´t get those magnets with the hole in them in my country, but do regular 6mm x 3mm neodym magnets work too?
Did you glue them in?

Regular ones without a hole work. No glue, it is a press fit.

You should try to flip the handle around so that it faces the right way. Other wise it's a really cool model!

I'll second that request. Just finished printing one and had a WT? moment trying to assemble.

Could anyone share the link where I can find magnets?

Is there any specific reason for the button head screws, or would a knurled head screw set work fine?

Just so you know... CRKT pretty much copied your design with their Provoke karambit. It's not the exact same because theirs doesn't use razor blades and has the linkages only on one side, but the inspiration is pretty obvious.

Just so you know... This design is a remix of the design by CorrugatorSupercilii, who based his design on Joe Caswell's Kickstarter. After the successful Kicstarter, CRKT worked with Joe to produce the design for sale. This kind of success story looks to be fairly common in the world of knives.

I just seen a video of CRKT unveiling their 2019 lineup and seen the knife and was pretty struck I wasn't sure which had came first. I've printed several of these and plan to print many more they will make great gifts!

Didn't know that

Just so you know... this design is a remix of the design by CorrugatorSupercilii, who based his design on Joe Caswell's Kickstarter. After the successful Kickstarter, Joe worked with CRKT to scale up production to make it more accessible. This kind of success story looks to be fairly common in the world of knives.

Comments deleted.

I would have the last word on this...

1) Knifes are dangerous!
2) Yes this is a very minor remix that happens to be more successful then the original, and I deserve credit for that! Maybe Thingiverse traffic $ should be billed my way lolz.

i deleted my comment sorry for the mix up... i probably wrote it very tired at 3am. then again im always falling asleep at the desk...

1) i think i can handle a knife... i haven't cut myself in a month.
2) your main image made me think it was a rip just so you can say its not safe for 0-3 lol again i was tired. sorry

You may want to check the dates and notes.

i thought i did but i often stay up so late i get confused.
one time i actually put BBQ ribs in the cupboard... and left it there overnight... most the time i stop short of opening the door.

I have to say this is one of the most satisfying prints I found on Thingiverse. very useful barely any post processing to do other than maybe poking the holes with a round file and removing supports where the magnets go in. Well done! keep making more great designs will you? One thing I noticed after playing with this for a while (like a fidget spinner) some of the screws get loose over time. how do you prevent that from happening?

You can use nylon lock nuts or a little dab of blue thread locker. (a tiny bit of super glue applied with a toothpick can work in a pinch)

Friend, can you save a file in SolidWorks 2017? Give an answer. If you can send to Elgin2@bigmir.net. thanks

Comments deleted.

Amazing, I really wanted to make this and turned out perfectly, no glue needed for the magnets because the fit was simply perfect

Cool, Dessign, ill post a make wery Soon :-)

Anyhow, would you like to share the design file i would like to maka some design change to the handle, so that i curved the other way, and and a finger guard :-)

Best regard

Cool design. Fair warning to others, probably illegal in California as a switchblade (Penal Code 17235) -- but what isn't illegal in California?

Comments deleted.

He can attacc, he is snacc, but he can also retracc.

great design!!!
There's an error in the description:

4x: Link Hex Nut
4x: Link Countersunk

instead of:

2x: Link Hex Nut
2x: Link Countersunk

I'll post a make as soon as possible :)

Ah, you're right. I just fixed it. Thanks :)

This is a cool design. I printed and assembled the plastic pieces. It went together great and is a cool design. Thing is, the curvature does not seem right when extended. If you have the ring on your pointer finger the blade seems to be backwards from where it should be. I have not put a blade in it yet, so I will need to do that and use it a bit to really see how it will work out.

yeah it should be curving the other way but I think it was made this way so as not to be used as a weapon? perhaps... more like a tool really. Unlike this one. https://youtu.be/6ettKPIskZ8

Excellent Job! Thanks for sharing and remix.

Feature request: Pinky protector. Also what magnets did you use?

Their specifications are in the thing details.