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LowRider2 CNC - Full Sheet Capable CNC Router- 25.4mm

by Allted Jul 29, 2018
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Busco armar la LowRider2 pero con motores NEMA 23 y Arduino MEGA con Shield y drivers.
Alguien puede ayudarme con las piezas para poder imprimirlas para estos motores? Muchas gracias

I am looking to build the LowRider2 but with NEMA 23 and Arduino MEGA engines with Shield and drivers.
Can anyone help me with the parts to be able to print them for these engines? Thank you

How far off the wall the table can reside? I don;t have that much space, and want to have as much work surface as possible. I have the luxury of moving in a new workshop, and am now playing with the lay-out plan

You need 6 inches on the sides the carriage straddles.. no extra space on the other ends.
It's pretty helpful to be able to get at the backside of the table for clamping if it's a big one though.

Thanks! width will be approx. 60-70 cm I guess, and I plan to have t-tracks in the table for clamping. I should be ok i guess with 6 inces.
a bit more then I hoped though :(

If you have it on heavy casters you could roll it up against the wall when not in use and maybe get a couple more inches. Check out the v1engineering forum there is lots of discussion of table builds.

Thanks for the hint! I'll look for different table builds for inspiration.

Did anyone tried with Ramps 1.4?

Yes, It works fine if you can get a quality one.

Can I use MultiPro 220V Electric or Drillpro AC 220V Electric for this CNC?

This is one awesome idea and build. Cannot wait to get started on it tonight. Do you anticipate any issues printing with a .6mm nozzle?

No I use a 0.5mm but I keep the layers a little lower to keep the smaller 4mm holes clean. If you have anymore questions the forums are where I prefer to answer them.

Great Stuff !

This is some master-es wizard type thinking, now only 6 billion more brains like yours and we should be GTG !

Thanks for putting this out there :)

Master Wizard, I will take it, thanks!

Thank you for this awesome work Allted! I'm trying to determine the minimum size workbed required to fabricated the flat parts, but cannot find a easy way to figure that out. If it's not too much of a bother, could you please add this information to the description?

Roughly how much does this cost with the parts from Amazon? Also, any functional difference between the 25.4 and 25mm versions?

Amazon links and my personal shop links are found on the website. Any questions you want to ask I can answer in the forums.

If would've been just as easy to type an estimated cost as that sentence, easier actually.


For you maybe, but I have no idea what country you are in or what parts you do and don't have.

I answer 80-90 emails an day about this, set up a whole website full of information, a page full of links to amazon even though I see the parts myself. I can tell you exactly how much MY kit costs, if you told me what country you were in I could even include shipping costs.

If you want to buy it from Amazon you can follow my links and see what the prices are today (they vary), for your country, for yourself.

So you sell the parts in your shop yet have no idea what a ballpark idea of their total cost is??


I can't tell if you are just messing with me or trying to be rude. This is not a machine you plug in and run, it takes a few designs on your part and lots of DIY. If finding the price on my site is something you need help with none of my machines will work for you.

To be even more clear, you can not buy all the parts in a ready to go package, things vary depending on what country you are in.

I am more than happy to help you in the forums but I will not respond to you here any longer.

Hello, the y-sleds are just wheels above.
Is the deadweight enough for driving?
The side guide is only through the z tubes, right?
Thanks Thomas

Yup works great.

Does anyone know where to get the flat parts for V2? The store is out of stock.

I should have more tomorrow. If you want fast answers, the website is the best place to ask, I am there all day everyday. Here, I am the only one that gets this notification.

Can any parts from V1 be used on V2?


Most of the hardware and all of the electronics. None of the printed or flat parts though.

thank you, this design uses 25mm OD tubing ?

No, that is coming soon.

I love this concept... it fills a gap that I've ben puzzling over for a while.

I do have one question tho…

I have a garage that I use as a workshop. There isn't enough space to fit a full blown table such as what you've designed. However I do occasionally have the need to work on large sheets of material.

A straight up gantry that I could just drop onto a sheet would be great. Your design largely fulfills this (with a few mods). Obviously some underneath support would be required such as saw horses or 4x2s.

Have you considered or have you any plans for this type of machine?

Best to come talk about it in the forums, there are two threads about this very topic. Basically, as soon as you start cutting, your table is destroyed.

Hmmm... good point. I hadn't considered that aspect. When you refer to forums... are you referring to within Thingiverse as I can't seem to locate any? A link would be appreciated. TIA

All the info is on my site, and the forums.

Awesome, can't wait to start this project. Great Job Allted.

Thanks. Hope your build is still going strong!

Awesome - thanks for sharing

You're welcome, Hope you try it out.

For me, this is by far the most optimal looking solution for a budget cnc router, and i will definitely print this one. I love your lightweight and cost optimized designs.

I am assembling my MPCNC right now. But just wanted to say I am a huge fan of your work, the engineering in these projects is amazing. Thank you for doing so much for the community!

Please use the forums for questions, or have a look at the parts page.

Nice work! Is there an 25mm Metric Version aviable?

Soon, Give me a few days to finish up instructions and such first.
The best place for questions really is the forums though, I always answer those first.

can we start printing or wait for you to finish it? if you already have it runing can you shoot a video?

Hat off for the idea, and execution.
Respect for a fellow opensource contributor.
Elaborate work on the firmwares, and posting it neatly online.
Keep up the good job.
You just restored my trimbling faith in humanity a bit.

Wow, a Dork and his computer did that!?!
Thanks for the kind words, I truly enjoy doing this stuff, but comments like this are very nice to hear.

I have 2 printers working overtime to finish the lowrider cnc v1. What parts changed?

Every single one, sorry.

Comments deleted.

Shhhhh, you know the fun part is building the robots...

what's the suggested material for this? Still PLA? or would PETG be a better option?

If your printer is capable of using PC+ filament I like it better for the parts that clamp the pipes at the top it's stronger.
Not all printers can handle it though.

With this build it should not matter so much but PLA if far more rigid.

PLA has a low melting point and of you crank up your motor currents which you need to do on this build, you will eventually soften and warp your motor mounts. Wouldn't ABS be a better material to use for the motor mounts?