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P13 - Golden Ratio Vented Planter

by cgpena Jul 27, 2018
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What layer height do you use?

Awesome design, thanks for sharing! I printed this yesterday, using Hatchbox wood filament. Used the latest Repetier software, Cura Engine at 0.2mm resolution and 10% infill (although the infill probably doesn't matter). Took some 6.5 hours to print. I am planning on staining it, I am sending a picture of how it turned out.

How did you finish the one in the photos? Painting by hand? It looks really nice.

Thanks, I sanded it and then painted it with black wood stain.

Me encantan sus diseños de estas materas, quisiera que compartieras mas!!!

I printed this last night... ok attempted... it worked great but Slic3r "fixed" the errors by filling some gaps.
Like... oh... the entire top. lol
so lessons learned: 1. check your preview before printing

  1. myPrusa i3 mk2mm can do some amazing bridging
  2. still have adjustments to do on my rectraction speed/distance for the Hatchbox wood

your piece is a really nice design keep it up. thanks for adding to Thingiverse
you might want to pix up a tool like meshmixer or Netfab to help fix some of the errors if you too find issues in slicing.
there is still a free version of Netfab on GitHub if you're interested in trying it.

Interesting. I have not used anything but Fusion360 and Cura so far. I'll try the others at some point.
I too did not pay attention to Cura when I sliced and printed the first version. It printed fine though, just a little rough on the inside wall that pretty bad overhangs. In v2 I corrected that, and verified it in Cura, but I have not printed it yet.
Is that an mk3? I just finished putting mine together last night.

My printer is a Prusa i3 mk2 with the multi material kit. It does an excellent job.
I use Fusion for design but when I notice an error in the slicer , even if it says it fixed it, I check it out in NetFab I'm still using an old version as I refuse to pay subscription prices for rarely used software.

As for the cap it printed, it is really odd and fascinating. It started at the third ring from the top and was bridged in one layer, no layer adhésion to the above layer but solid. And once I sliced it through and tried to peel it, it came right off.

Maybe Slic3r (Prusa edition) detected a hidden plane? Or just freaked out. Either way Meshmixer or NetFab can help you reduce some polygons to help speed up the prints. Just check your previews before you send the code to the printer or SD card.

Thanks again for the designs their really nice

I'm also running a print of this now, excited to see how it turns out--will post the make tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing it!

Great design. Will be posting a V2 make later today. At 18 hours currently on the print.

Looks good, glad it printed well.

Hi, I am working on printing this. (My printer is not wanting to play nice with retractions... and this creates a LOT)
Anyway, printing issues aside, I am going to design a very ugly "funnel" of sorts to prevent dirt from getting on the beautiful watering system.

My design capabilities, are very limited, so I'm gonna have to wait until it's printed to get measurements to design one, but I just wanted to tell you my idea, so maybe you will do it before I do. Just thought that was a good enough idea to share!

This is the most over designed pot I've seen, and I'm gonna print me a stack of them!

Yeah, I was expecting mine to fail because of all the retraction around the slits, but it completed. The slits came out rough but I know I need to adjust my print settings and my printer probably needs a tune-up so everything I print is rough. Others with better printer setups should print fine. I'd like to see your make, Im curious.
I like the funnel idea, w just enough plastic to print without support and protect the maze from dirt during planting.
I know this is overkill, but it's entertaining for me.

This looks great!! so it doesnt need drain holes because it drains out the sides of the base? and does this need supports? meant to be printed on its side or sitting upright?

No, sorry about the angle, Im still trying to figure out how to line up my apps. Print it flat the way you would use it. It prints without support and yes it has slits on the bottom and the sides so let water out and air in.

cool thanks! i was mainly asking because the overhang towards the top on the inside seems really large and like the inner walls will be printing on nothing in mid air, seems like it wont work without support.

You are right, I didn't notice that the first time around, but I looked at it closer and I see that part you are referring to. I remember that area printed pretty roughly so it probably does needs support there. Somehow it completed printing without any support. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll probably patch that and put up a new version.

sounds good! i would give it a try but havent calibrated and experimented with my printer enough to trust it to get 10 hours into a print to have it fail haha

I uploaded a new version that should take care of that overhang, but I have not tried it yet, I will post a make once I print it.

Awesome designed pot. I printed it in wood and used some gold paint to lightly add some highlights. I am going to try my hand at making a Bonsai tree for it. Thanks again.

Thanks, Im glad it printed well. Would love to see some pics if you get chance, I've only printed one copy so far.