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RS-CNC , the new model of R-CNC

by RoMaker Jul 19, 2018
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Hello, Is it possible to make the corners/framing brackets in 1 inch by 4 inch so we americans can go with wood for the frame? Our aluminum prices have gone up a bit because of the tariffs.
It would be 101.6 x 25.4 mm

Well done!
This is a very impressive work you have done there! If I get the time and budget I'll probably make the one you show here.

Looks so great! What is the height the cnc? And can it be stored vertically?

Tout d'abord un grand merci pour le travail accompli !
Je me lance dans la réalisation de votre machine, je suis débutant dans le monde des CNC.
Quel logiciel utilisez vous transcrire du stl ou dxf en gcode?
Avez vous prévu un mod pour de la découpe laser ?

What is the complete height?

https://www.facebook.com/groups/442486719866574/ join the facebook group and shres experiences . lets help each other

The link to the tutorial does not work. Could you place a new link or check to see what is happening to the original one, please?

Hi Romain,
Could you help about 72mm router mount stl ?

For USA version can we use any other routers such as https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/99?loc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fp%2F1973721491%3Fiid%3D323157140686
I do have 220 outlets in my garage ?

awesome design. can I sell a fully assembled RS CNC in my city ? or is it against the license?

Bon après midi
Il ya 4 jours RoMaker a posé la question suivante:
Qu'est ce qui te coute aussi cher depuis le Maroc ? car en France la machine revient aux alentours de 400€?
Je joint en réponse un fichier des prix que Banggood m'a demandé aujourd’hui même.

Hey, great design, I really like the new version and of course want to build one, I already ordered all the necessary parts, but I came across something that kinda confuses me:
You use GT2 PU-steel belts right? But they all run on 20teeth pulleys. I totally get why we want to use the steel belts on this but I often read that the bending radius for those is quite critical compared to the more common neoprene belts and that you drastically shorten the lifetime of them when going below 32 teeth for GT2. The steel wires inside will then break piece after piece after a while and in the end introduce more flex then the common neoprene belts would have had in the first place, since you end up with only the polyurethane transmitting the motion. That's why I'm quite curious about your thoughts on this and if it wouldn't be better to use bigger pulleys (and bearings) on this?

Please can you help me,
I would like to be able to cut whole plywood sheets in parts but need 1250mm in width Y axis.
Do you think it's reasonable and can be done regarding to strength and rigidity of machine?

Merci de ce superbe Tutoriel.
C'est ce que j'attendais depuis un longtemps. Encore merci.
Cependant j'ai demandé les prix suivant la liste et c’était évaluer a plus de 600 euros avec livraison sans droit de douane
arrivé a Casablanca ce qui me reviendra beaucoup plus chère que votre évaluation.
Ceci d'une part et d'autre part vous êtes français je crois et je veux exprimer a travers vous au peuple français et a tous les chrétiens ma profonde tristesse du drame survenue hier a Notre Dame de Paris qui est un patrimoine de l'humanité.

Merci pour ton soutien fd7373, mais plus qu'un lieu de culte, c'est un monument national Français mondialement connu qui a été dévasté, c'est tragique, mais on va reconstruire.
Qu'est ce qui te coute aussi cher depuis le Maroc ? car en France la machine revient aux alentours de 400€.
Bonne soirée

Merci de votre réponse
Je suis certain que les français la rebâtiront et que tous le monde devra y contribuer par ce qu elle appartienne a l humanité entière.
En ce qui concerne le prix c est la livraison qui pose problème trop chère et très lente (presque 40 jours).
Pour le Shield PayPal pose problème je vais chercher quelqu'un qui l achèterai en France et me l envoie.

I sent you an email, i think you didn't get it.
I try to buy shield, but paypal doesn't work in Turkey. Any other payment option?

Sorry, i take Paypal only :(

may i use different shield? shall it be difficult?

Does anyone have files to use a nema 17 motors for the z and x axis?

Why do you want use Nema 17 ? That will be undersized !

Hi there..

Really nice design.. Just decided to build a MPCNC when I saw your design of the RS-CNC.

One question: Is it possible to scale it a little bit up? Would want to extend the y axis a little bit.

Thank you in advance.. greetings

Yes of course, you can scale up it !

What material should the "smooth rods" consist of? Steel, stainless steel or will Aluminium be sufficient?

Hi, you can use steel and stainless, but not Aluminium because it's not ridig enough

Thank You for taking the time to put this together. I am going to be printing this soon and was wondering if you would recommend ABS, PET-G or PLA for this project.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I also thought about this for a while and came to the conclusion that PLA will be more sufficient for this purpose since it's harder/stiffer (yes also more brital therefore) than PETG which is of course more forgiving in terms of common structural strength due to it's more flexible/softer properties BUT since this is supposed to be a precision and Ridgid tool we don't want flex on any parts, right? I don't think that you will have any problems with parts snapping/breaking on this machine when using pla, since the parts are pretty beefy designed but if you use more flexible material like nylon or petg you will end up bringing flex into the whole construction, where the PLA would probably snap before flexing, which I don't see happen here anyways as long as you don't try to mill tool steel or something like that on this machine :D But I think you will get more disadvantages with using PETG, especially when scaling it up where the leverage on the connecting printed parts gets higher. For example the whole X Carriage Frame that runs on the 30mm tubes is supported by 4 printed plastic brackets, if those tend to flex your whole milling result will become kinda wobbly if you for example mill natural wood, where your milling bit wants to drift in different directions, those flexible parts might give way a tiny fraction where PLA won't do that (but therefore break "easier")
Would love to hear your thoughts about this! :)

We havbe printed in black petg.
Stable perfect !

I would recommend PETG

Awesome, Thanks!

Superbe réalisation

Je suis en train de la monter

Mille MERCIS et encore BRAVO

Thank you for sharing. Do you all print everything without support?

I have printed in petg without support !

Depends on how capable your printer is and what type of fillament you use, but yeah, almost everything without support.

Thanks, I have printed the bottom corner A with support and today I try to print B without support, the trial and error method ;-)

Sorry for not mentioning it .. exactly those (the 4 corners for the frame and 2 for the gantry) were the only ones I had to print standing up with support. PETG doesn't bridge that well.
I also printed the x motor mount with support, but that was a bad decision. Cleaning up the supports was a lot of work and I had difficulties fitting the bearings. I printed it again with support .. no problem.

I use PLA. I just finished with one of bottom corner B without support and it worked well.

Another hopefully easy question. In the parts list on your website you have an entry that is simply "Screw M4" For all of the other screws you list type as well as length. Do you have the rest of the details for the screw?

Thanks again. I'm getting ready to start ordering all of the needed parts.


Thank you for sharing your design. I'm thinking of using a 52mm spindle instead of the router. In the 3D printable files I see a file for 65 Router, but not 52mm. Is the file uploaded?

Thank you again.

Hi Ryan,
The 52mm file is available here : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2166808

52mm Spindle mount for R-CNC
by RoMaker

Can you tell what is the size of the squares on the table? There is no information.

A brilliant project that works really well. Romain has done a brilliant job in the design, providing the print files and links to all the parts. There’s an interesting learning curve into CAD, CAM and gcode settings but it’s all worth it. So much more fun than buying one of the shelf.

Excellent projet, merci beaucoup de l'avoir partagé! Je me lance dans la construction, la suite sur le forum RS-CNC ;)

Hello Romain,

may you can tell me how to install (electrically) an tool length sensor when using your CNC shield?


Comments deleted.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hi. I look on this project and I think "It's sooooooo good" :)
But I need "little" bigger working field, probably 100x50 cm. There is possible to make on this printed parts? Does the construction withstand that tensions?

Slt Romain :)

Super projet que je pense réalisé, il y a très longtemps que je souhaite en faire une CNC et ton projet m'en donne l'opportunité, rien que pour ca, merci !

Une question, je souhaite réaliser un bartop via la CNC (je joint une image des dimensions) mais je pense que la dimension (56.4cm de hauteur) a découper arrive à la limite des dimensions utile de la CNC, est-ce une réelle difficulté d'augmenter un poil la surface de travail ? je parle de 3-4 cm environ, afin d'arriver a du 60cm/60cm environ ?

Salut Allan, oui il, n'y a aucun problème pour rajouter la longueur que tu souhaites, il suffit de rallonger d'autant les règles de maçon, les tubes carrés et les courroies.

Super !

Si je rallonge, il n'y a rien a changer au niveau du logiciel du coup ? Ou alors, elle se fixe sur les interrupteur de fins de courses ?

I found your brilliant project while searching for a doable (at least for me) CNC DIY solution with at least 50x50cm machineable surface, but I saw the CNC Shield you used is currently out of stock. Any chance it will be restocked, or am I out of luck?

Congratulations to releasing this project, this must have been quite a lot of work!

Hi Ingrimsch !
Yes , CNC shields will be in stock again in a couple of days, i just wait a delivery of the last componants, please check every days.

Thanks for your response. I´ll check the availability in the shop. :-)

I've read your excellent documentation on maker.fr and started sourcing the needed electronic parts. Do you have any idea how well this machine scales? Im planning an upscaled build and ask myself how big this can possibly be scaled before running into mechanical trouble.
I plan at least a +200mm build (I have a few future projects where a >=700x700mm machineable area would be required) which should be no problem I think (someone asked for a +150mm build on the original R-CNC somewhere in the comments, just cant find the post right now).
If I was able to get it up to +360 to +400mm I would be more than happy, but fear it might be too large and would love to hear your input on this... Do you think this is possible at all? Has anyone ever tried an upscale in those big dimensions?

PS: Milling speed is not that much of an issue if that makes any difference...

The pieces for the screed appear to have openings .5mm oversized on the short side and ~.7mm too large on the long side. In the test piece I fitted that created a lot of slop. Is that intentional or should the pieces be a tight fit?

Hi Inhibit,
Yes it's intentional because when you print the pieces , internal size are smaller than on computer !

Ah, I was afraid of that. In that case I've got some work to do. The mk3 I'm using appears to be accurate with PLA; the prints are within .1mm on the interior diameter! So they're printing at 100.7mm by 18.5mm ID. To within .1mm over; that's on my rough non-metallic calipers.

Looks like I've got some re-working to do for my use! :) I'll release the designs once I've built and tested them out.

Whats that green filament called? I like the colour..

Hi Sebastian,
it's "fluo green"

Thanks for the US extrusion sizes! That'll make building this version of the CNC possible, I think.

Comments deleted.


Would you be so kind as to remix the dolly top to accept a nema 23 with a frame width of 60mm x 60mm. The current design is at around 57mm. I would like to use some nema 23 that I already have on hand. I tried myself, but just can't seem to get it to work from the stl.

Hi !
The source files are availables in solidworks and step here: https://www.makerfr.com/en/cnc/rs-cnc/liste-des-pieces-rs-cnc/

Hello, nice Design - but why using Belts instead of Leadscrews? - no hate, just because im interested.

Are you going to have a US version soon? I'm wanting to do the build but having a hard time sources the aluminum and rails in those sizes.

Hi the files pack was updated with 1-1/4" square tubes files

really nice work. You could improve your "RS-CNC assembly" page by listing the parts used in the text of the pictures. Surely one can figure it out, but having a list what to print and what screws etc are needed for the next steps would make things much easier ...

You may want to check their reference website. It's the second link down.

Thanks for your suggestion, but I don't know which link you mean... I'm using https://www.makerfr.com/en/cnc/rs-cnc/liste-des-pieces-rs-cnc/ and https://www.makerfr.com/en/cnc/rs-cnc/montage-mecanique-rs-cnc/ at the moment.

Apologies, I misread your comment. Probably the late hour!

What is the z cutting depth?

The Z cutting depth is 75mm


I can't seem to find the bottom_corner_B_20x100 file.

Name Quantity Infill Comment
or Bottom_corner_A_20x100 2 30/40% PLA
or Bottom_corner_B_20x100 2 30/40% PLA

Not on your site or thingiverse.

Hello vair327,
I just uploaded the file, please download the files again.

Для России хорошо использовать ламинированную фанеру, она как раз 18 мм ))

Wo sind die Y-holderA/B ??

Hi, they are in the package. why ?

I took several measurements this weekend of various materials and every piece that I came across, MDF, Plywood, Hardwood, Softwood they all have the measurement of 19.5mm. If using MDF you can make the height anything you want so that didn't seem to be the determining factor. But I wasn't able to find box screed. Here they mostly use magnesium floats so it's a hard thing to find. But if everything else is any indication I can say with 95% assurance that you would be looking at 19.5MM x 101.5 MM here in the US

Thank you LS10Ti :)
I just released the 20x100mm files in the package , i have to make now the US version.
Is 19.5x101.5mm for American box screed ?
Did you take the measurement of 1 1/4" square tube with a caliper ?
Thank you :)

RoMaker thanks for sharing your design, I can see you have put a tremendous amount of time & energy into your creation. I really would like to build this machine. I'm in the US. & I read in the comments someone say thanks for the U.S. diminsions, but I cant find them in the files. I maybe have overlooked them. I am planning on making my machine out of aluminum, as I have easy access to it at my work. The standard dimensions of this aluminium is 3/4" x 4" which is 19.05mm x 101.6mm. Will you be releasing flies with these measurements? Also I would be using 1 1/4" square tubing as referenced in a comment. I did take a measurement of this, it measures 31.623mm. If there is anything thing I can do to help, Please let me know because I really would like to build this machine. Thanks Again

The most common box screed dimensions (close enough to yours) available here in the us are 3/4" x 4". It's CLOSE to 20x100mm. But not quit close enough to fit.

No 19.5x101.5 is based on MDF, Plywood, and Hardwood pieces that are readily available at big box stores here. I didn't think to measure any 1-1/4 Square tube.

Hi whats about the 100x20mm box screed version, do you already know when it is available?

100x18 seems hard to get in Germany...


Hi 3eggert !
The 100x20mm files are now availables in the pack ;)

Mit den 100x18 sind richtlatten gemeint. Kriegste bei hornbach fürn appel und n ei.

Super, Danke. Ich hatte nach Profilen, und Rechteckrohren gesucht und nichts gefunden. Richtlatten in Alu in den Maßen gibts wirklich bei jeden Baumarkt. Dann drucke ich mal weiter (-:

super ça me donne vraiment envie de la faire .
excellent travail !!!!
combien de temps d’impression de de filament avez-vous eu besoin?

Merci MoA5986 !
Il faut 2kg de filament, pour le temps d'impression je ne sais pas combien de temps j'ai mis car j'imprimais au fur et à mesure de la conception. Ça varie beaucoup d'une imprimante à l'autre, je dirais qu'il faut entre 100 et 200h de print.

Fantastic work, I started making your other cnc a week ago. But have decided to go with your new design. Brought the mega shield from your webpage this morning. Was saying out of stock, but still allowed me to purchase, hope it will be dispatched soon. Keep up the good work! Best regards from Down Under!!!

Hi Ben !
Thank you
Don't worry, your purchase is ok and will be shipped this monday ;)

Really great project! I've build a MP-CNC but, let's say, it's not running that great so i've started to print parts for R-CNC and saw there is something new going on before i ordered the other parts :D

Just two things: When i saw the wiring, especially the emergency button (see picture): please consider grounding your alu parts. If the wire comes off, you could be roasted and i really want to see some more projects from you in the future ;)

Second: Your link to the anti backlash thing in part list is outdated. Another option could be the following i guess:

I will post some images, when all things arrived and i'm ready with building.

Hi Gelb ! Thank you for your comment, i wrote a note in the wiring section with your tip and changed the link of the POM nut ;)

how mutch did the project cost?

Hi Judosheep !
It's written in the description ;)

Génial ! Merci pour cet excellent travail.

Merci Xfifi, j'avoue que ça m'a occupé quelques mois ^^