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Nano Talon wing mounting parts - no dihedral, flat wing

by keithluneau Jul 13, 2018
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Thanks for the files Keith!

I found the easiest way to remove the wing mounts was to stack it into the neigbours front paddock at 70kph. Thankfully he had just cut hay so the landing was straight onto hard ground, easily enough to snap the wings straight out of the foam.

At least it motivated me to do the flat wing mod! I printed in Form Futura HDGlass Blinded black PETG on my Tarantula. It prints good but is a bit brittle and snaps instead of bends. Still loads strong enough for this though hopefully. The parts came out pretty good. I changed the big retangle slots on the side to have less internal radius though for a better fit to my Talon.

I couldn't find any of the glues everyone talks about so used some Selleys Shoefix. Reminds me of UHU I used to have back years ago. Works mint. has the same kind of feel when cured as the glue used on the plane.

Is PLA strong enough for these parts?
Thank you!

I can't personally vouch for it, I printed mine with PETG. I know of at least a few people that have printed them with PLA and haven't heard of them failing yet.

Good to know, thanks!

I printed these out last night and was able to remove all the old parts without damaging the foam much. I worked a small flat-blade screwdriver along the edges from both inside & out to break the glue bond. UHU POR to hold the plastic pieces in, except Goop for the cross brace. CA doesn't hold PETG very well, and I wanted something I could remove later if needed. Everything lined up great, thanks for these parts!

Thanks for these files. Removing the old wing mount parts was a real pain in the arse. Mine did not remove easily and required precision knife work to slice the mounts away from the foam. I had to do this on both sides before the embedded bits would come out. The existing plastic mounts were destroyed in the process.

Also, the aileron crank mounts are embedded with a web into those foam blocks. Rather than remove the plastic bits from the foam and risk destroying them, I simply sliced the foam blocks they sit in horizontally then inserted a foam wedge to flatten them out. A much simpler approach to correcting the angular misalignment. I did not make cut #2. It created a VERY minor buldge in the fuselage side but it's REALLY minor. I only made Cut 1 an added a foam wedge with gorilla glue to expand and fill all voids.

Works great!! looks so good and flight much better! thanks!

Downloaded files and made the parts. Installation is tedious only because removing the original parts from the foam requies patience and care. This is the last step in making this plane fly like a much bigger plane. I have previously added winglets, wing fences and strakes. No wing wagging. Video is of a flight with the stock flight controller in launch mode, no stabilization and aerobatic stabilization.

Keith, can you enable the "Order this printed" under "Thing Apps Enabled"? I would like to purchase this mod because I don't own nor do I have access to a 3D Printer.

Hi can you make different version of wing holders because when i removed the holder it just ripped of some foam. Like to be easier to cut out, and just glue back the whole.

Are you the same person that asked for them on YouTube? If not, that makes two... lol I added some more files with a "wall" around the bottom part that normally fits into the fuselage, as well as some notes to consider when using them. Let me know how it works!

I will print these out later and give them a try next time i get out to fly.
The biggest problem with the Nano from what i have noticed is the amount of "slop" in the aileron torque control. In flight the aileron is under pressure from air resistance and the slop allows the aileron to move on its own , the flight controller tries to compensate but the slop means that there is a few milliseconds/degrees between movement and correction causing the wing to rock. Removing the dihedral will remove some of the stability but it may also help eliminate some of the unwanted movement due to the relatively level wing.

Right, there tends to be a little slop in the stock linkages, mine isn't terrible though. I will probably put servos in the wings eventually, but I wanted to try this first and see how much difference it makes without changing a lot of things all at once. Another change I want to try is adding a strake on the nose, other have had pretty good results from that.

Yeah that's pretty much my next step I'm just waiting for the digital servos to arrive so I can replace them all. The slop on mine is bloody ridiculous you can literally move the aileron 20 degrees before the servo moves. The issues regarding the wing wobble are well documented on rcgroups/YouTube etc with a multitude of fixes from adding carbon, strakes, winglets , wing fences , vortex generators, completely replacing all electronics upto and including inav and gluing the wing in position with nothing at all curing the problem.
As I prefer to fly my planes without stabilization I want my craft as "tight" as possible on its control surfaces and as slop only gets worse the more you fly it is imperative to remove as much as possible as soon as possible. I have multiple aircraft from slow fliers to 150mph screamers and none have this much slop or have cause this much of a headache to experienced users, it is however a very nice sized platform for fpv which is by we continue to tinker I stead of moving on to something different.
I received the sonicmodell f1 yesterday and that has maybe 2 degrees of slop in its control an surface , that I can live with lol.

Thank you for the pieces I will let you know how they turn out.

I just flew this one a little while ago. I'll have a video up soon with all the details, but a few points to keep in mind when you fly it. It's very neutral on the roll axis as expected. It would be no fun flying in manual mode all the time, you pretty much have to stay on the sticks constantly. In stabilized mode though it's great, I felt it flew a lot smoother than before. RTH also seemed to work better, it flew a straighter path to home rather than "hunting" and correcting all the time. Watch out for the stall though.. lol I took it up a few hundred feet and cut power in manual mode, then slowly fed in elevator to find the stall. Instead of a mushy predictable stall with some warning, in an instant it went from flying to spinning like a brick. lol As soon as I released the stick and put some power in it stated flying right away, but a stall like that low on final approach would almost guarantee a broken plane. Keep some speed up when landing until you feel it out.

Fantastic work Keith the results can not be denied as evidenced in your video :) independent aileron servos to allow them to act as flaps (or actual flaps) next hint hint lol

Just mount two servos instead of one in the middle? That should be easy to do.