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Ender 3 bed camera mount logitech c270,pi camera,gopro,action camera, holder(BETA TESTING finished)

by RaffoSan Jul 11, 2018
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can confirm back right mount works! clearance was a little tight with the center rail since I have the ender 3 pro, but it just makes it. I did have to unscrew all the bed leveling knobs so that i could lift up the bed and slide it into place. Very happy with this mount. Thanks for another great design!

I made a mod for 20mm diameter solid bed mount replacements.

Love this mount. However I recently replaced my springs w solid bed mounts which are solid aluminum and 16mm across. Great solid bed mounts but now I find myself having to carve on these mounts to get them to fit w the new spacers. Don’t suppose you’ll be adding a modification to these or an option to accommodate solid bed mounts of this size anytime soon?

hi again, if u can send me few picture to udnerstand I'll see what can I do :)

Hi Raffosan, I have similar mounts (except that mine specifically are silicone) but they're also 16mm in diameter (well, 15.8).

Here's the Amazon Link https://www.amazon.com/FYSETC-Leveling-Silicone-Heat-Resistant-Anycubic/dp/B07MR7Q986/

And heres a picture.

However I do see that mikekscholz has posted a mod that should work with 20mm diameter solid mounts.

will it work on Ender 3 Pro?

Yes, they are basically the same.

Has anyone found the mounted webcam shakes a lot? I printed the parts in PLA and 0.2mm layer/~30% infill. I use OctoPrint's timelapse on Z change since I print directly from Cura with the OctoPrint plugin which doesn't seem to work with Octolapse.

I print everything else in PLA and print w/ 60C heated bed.

What is the bedmount2 file for? I don't understand how it fits?

Thanks. I finally figured it out once I put it together. Mine came out a little too big for the Ender 3 Pro. I noticed that I was hitting one of the y carriage wheel nuts, so I couldn't install it without removing the entire bed. Once in place, it was just a little oversized and it has a wiggle that cannot be tightened down. I may try to reprint it at 95% scale. Anyone else have this issue?

Hey ! Good day~
I wanted to mount my camera on the back right corner(not the corner with bed heating wiring) using this mount. But I find out that that side has a slightly wider base so cant fit. Can you make another one that fits that corner? Or can u share the CAD file so I can make the changes myself? btw, where do u get the dimensions or the drawing of the bed frame?

hi , u can find the ender3 models on github , https://github.com/Creality3DPrinting/Ender-3 the ender3 is the first opensource project from creality, so here u can find every stp file of the parts, about the CAD I usually dont share them, the few I've shared have been used without a remix tag or asking permission.
I can manage to make something but next week

Hey, thanks for the reply =D the CAD file for ender 3 from that link has to be open with Solidworks? I am using Fusion360 seems can't open it. btw the files there are lots, what is the file name for the bed bracket? Besides, if u can help me out by adding another version for that back right corner camera mount then that will be the best case... Thanks a lot in advanced... =)

added what u requested, hope it fits :)

for cad formats, on fusion u can press the upload botton on top left to add models :) , anyway I'll make somethin next week, if u can wait

Yes please... If u can draw up for me is the best case, then I will just wait for ur upload.... Thanks a lot... =D

already uploaded, u can try it :)

Wow,that is fast... Thanks... Besides, if it isn't too much of asking... Can I request one more drawing? ^_^ I need to mount to my webcam that already have a screw whole at the bottom ( those like camera, the way they mount to the tripod), so if you can help me draw the last arm that are suitable for mounting webcam with screw whole at the bottom? Thanks in advanced... Great day... =D

do you know the thread diameter of the screw that is needed?

Yes.. I think is the 1/4 inches screw.. I also Google tripod mount screw size.. =D thanks..

Ok ,I'll make somethin tomorrow

Hey Just to inform that the mount design for the back right corner goes very well fitted perfectly! Well Done! Thanks a lots... Now just need something to mount my webcam that has a screw thread hole at its bottom.. =D

maybe ios not great, anyway in case u can send me a photo of the bolt u are planning to use and the webcam, i'll figureout a better system

hi, sorry for the delay, i've been busy, try this file and let me know if it can go

how do i get the first arm attached to the bed mount? it is turned the wrong way?

Hi buckom if u check the description u can download all the arms from another thingiverse project I've uploaded :)

Just print it today but can't find the nuts and bolts in my stuff. But it fits pretty good. Will post pictures as soon as it's set.

If I want this mount on the right side of my bed is it just as simple as flipping the file?

yep, just mirror it

Do you have anything similar for Ender 2? Any chance would this fit in Ender 2? Thanks.

sadly I didnt managed to make a good one, not enough space in my opinion :/

Fits nice and tight on my Ender 3.
Awesome job!


Can you make Photos from the Mount?

Ender 3 bed camera mount logitech c270,pi camera,gopro,action camera, holder(BETA TESTING finished)
by ledsi