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Tiny e-Lab

by marcluer Jul 11, 2018
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Nice design! Would you like to share the STEP or f3d files for those objects? Thank you

This is really nice. I actually did something very similar but it was not cool enough to release it. Currently i'm doing a more user friendly version which i want to upload but you were obviously quicker than me. :D

WOW! I'm interested in that project, can you upload that please?

Looks amazing

Any plan to add a DSO138 Osciloscope ?

I just ordered DSO138 Mini, after slight modification it should fit inside, as the face is 80mm and the DSO138Mini is 80mm as well. Needs just power adapter and buttons and switched could be user from the case kit they sell as well. Will remix once the DSO138Mini arrives

This is a great news @Ihoracek. Looking forward to it.

My plans changed a lot since I ordered DPH5005 and that did not fit well (it has additional power PCB), so I had to slightly change the case. In effort to fit the DSO138mini I even increased the size of front face by 1cm vertically to fit the main board, but eventually turned to moving the main board back and connecting the LCD by wires. But as it added ton of controls, I eventually moved to order ECU-DSO212 dual channel, touch screen with signal generator included. It will fit the whole build much better. As soon as it arrives I'll post the remix.

I just received a DSO138 (not the mini) and might design a case in the next few weeks.
I picked the DSO138, since it has the controls on the left and right side.
But first I need to test how the DSO138 performance with slow signals, since that is my main usecase.
I do have a DS0212, but don´t like its slow signal behavior.

Any update on DSO138 extension ? @marcluer

Yeah, that would be very nice... :)

You just blew my mind, this thing is insanely awesome. It's so good. I'm a huge fan.

Hi and thanks for this design!
Sadly my comment is flagged for moderation, since (I guess) I posted a link to a usb port which I assumed you might have used.
Anyway, could you probably provide some info about this component?
Also the STL of the knob from the LCR tester would be nice.
And thanks for the sketch file! I figured it out by myself, but if you want other people to contribute and make it easier for them, how about providing some infos about the wall thickness and length of the XT60 housings?

Really great project! Thank you!

Hi 17Halbe,

I just added the links for USB DC/DC and the knob for the LCR tester to the "Thing Details".
Not sure if you can buy the knobs without the push buttons.
You will find both parts also at the cheaper "express" place ;)

Wall thickness is shown in one of the drawings. But I must admit it is very small and hard to find ;)
You are right, length of the XT60 housing is missing. Will upload a few of the original Fusion files as examples.

Regarding your other questions:

  • USB DCDC is mounted with super glue.
  • LCR PCB/Display with hotglue.
  • The only issues I had so far in ~9 months of use:
    Hot glued LCR PCB came loose and super glue of USB DCDC came loose.
    Not sure if a redesign would help in these cases.

Thanks a lot for the infos and the really quick response!
I'll think about the USB mount.. It does have screwholes in the "express" version though, they would just be hard to reach.

thanks for this nice project! And for providing the Sketch file as well. Would it be ok for you to provide a dummy case file as well? Or at least another sketch file? I was missing some dimensions (thickness, inset for backplate dimension, depth of the connector housing...). I figured them out by modifying your stls, but it would be a lot easier for future contributers to have such a dummy at hand.
Additionally I was trying to source the components and hope I found the right USB-Port? (https://de.aliexpress.com/item/Fine-6-24V-12V-24V-to-5V-3A-CAR-USB-Charger-Module-DC-Buck-step-down/32738093688.html)
How did you mount it? Just hot glue?
And it would be kind if you would provide the stl for the button on the LCR. Or that's something for me to remix! ;)

Since I'm remixing right now, are there any caveats, you realized afterwords? Anything you would like to see improved?

Comments deleted.


Than you for this very nice project, I am just in the process of printing mine.

What are the big holes in the back of the power supply and tester supposed to be?

Those are for installing the components and for wiring/soldering.
I haven´t bothered to create any glue-in covers, yet.

Gotcha, I was wondering if your intent was a cover or fan/vent or maybe just leaving it open. I'd prefer a cover or vent/fan. Which leads me to my next question, have you tried your power supply for any reasonable time? How is the heat it produces? Would it be a problem for a PLA enclosure?

Power supply:
The efficiency of the DPS units is quite good. It gets only slighty warm with low power output over longer periods of time. I haven´t tested it with max power over longer periods, though.
I don´t recommend to close the back completely.
Vents would probably be OK. Fan might be overkill, at least for my low power usage.

I keep the tester's 9V battery inside as well. Therefore I didn´t want to glue the back shut.
The clearances are very tight, when installing the tester PCB, so I didn´t want to place screw threads for a screw-on cover.
Haven´t had any good ideas so far, that don´t waste space and still allow easy access for battery replacements.

I have printed everything in PLA. No heat related issues so far.
But you will get a sweet smell if you touch the soldering base, when re-inserting the hot soldering iron ;)

The back-covers are currently not on my high-priority list.
I will probably work on modules for DS212 Scope, Mini multimeter, power meter, first.