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Keep Families Together emojis

by iomaa Jul 11, 2018
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Stopping child trafficking = keep families together!

Yea good luck with that...

The way I see it is, yes- we come here for making things and not for political partakings. It's a 3D printing platform and I'm sure some people get frustrated by getting sidetracked with political gab. But what's more important is freedom, and telling people what they can and can't talk about is what they do in dictatorships. If you don't like the discussion, simply pay no mind to it. Quite simple as opposed to trying to police everyone's discussion.

I support everyone's right to free speech. My comment was just that, a comment. Not a police action, not a disagreement nor an agreement.

Why are we allowed to praise Trump on Thingiverse but not criticize him?

The time you spent modeling these could have been spent researching the topic. When you commit a felony you're separated from your kids.

5 is a flat out lie. And the stats from the first 3 points are talking about legal imigration. (legal imigration is great for the country btw). Don't post a video of this old boomer white guy telling me what to think again.

Even more, when you commit any crime that is punished as a criminal offense with your kids in tow, even petty misdemeanors, Child Protective Services takes custody of your kids until family members can be found to give them to. If those family members are already in jail awaiting their criminal trial (or they are in a foreign country), the kids are held until the results of the criminal trial are determined.

Just like what happened during the Obama administration.

Children weren't held in Americans camps after their parents had been deported.

Exactly. The media is making this out to be something that Trump did. I didn't vote for the man, but I won't blame him for something that began during the Clinton era. If American's want to support separated families, they should support the families who have lost members to illegal immigrants that commit crimes only to be deported and come right back.

If your neighbor's dog came into your yard, crapped all over the place, and your neighbor refused to stop him, you'd build a barrier (wall, fence, etc.) to stop him.

Trump wants to suspend their right to a trial. "No Judges". The current situation is 100% on Trump, only his allies in Conservative media are trying to claim otherwise.

They're not American citizens. What rights are they being denied here? If they want rights they should apply for citizenship, work visas, education visas, or one of the many other legal avenues for access to this country. Otherwise you're arguing a moot point. They're criminals committing a crime.

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"They're not American citizens."

We can't be sure of that without a trial.

"If they want rights they should apply for citizenship, work visas, education visas, or one of the many other legal avenues for access to this country."

Conservatives have been intentionally making it harder for minorities to legally immigrant. Their reason? Immigrants tend to vote for Democrats.

"They're criminals committing a crime."

The same could be said of Trump and his cabinet and their crimes are much worse.

what is this illogical comment? lol

The same could be said of every politician throughout history. Pointing the finger at Trump for upholding a policy that was put in place almost two decades before him isn't fair. He has plenty you could be mad at. You chose this because the media said you should.

"Conservatives" are just that, if they're truly conservatives. They take the conservative approach to most issues. Immigration isn't about who they're voting for, it's about diluting the population with controllable zealots that don't care about the other issues in this country because:

a: They don't understand them and have never had any reason to.
b: Anything here is better than where they came from in many cases.

Math doesn't lie.