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One Piece printed Eggbot/Spherebot

by nalanengine Apr 15, 2014
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Is there any documentation of soldering work available? Can't find a hell of a bit.

Hi Eskibrew. Your eggbot looks really nice. Great work!
I've designed the model with Creo2 (formally pro engineer). I think the tools you're using is just one thing. the 25 yrs design experience in cad also plays a big role. I did not use generative design, just pure parametric geometry.

I've built one of these, thank you for the excellent model. Here's a video of it in action: https://twitter.com/EskiBrew/status/1121133848111108096

I printed it on a small Ender2 build plate therefore I had to cut the base (in FreeCAD) and add dove tail joints then print as two parts before slotting them together - it worked out well.

I'd like to ask you how you designed the organic looking base and what software tools you used? - Is it done using something like generative design?

To much soldering for me so i decided to make a much more simple electronic.
Therefore i use a CNCshield V4 and made some changes:

  1. You have to remove the jumpers for the stepper drivers, cause the shield sets them to ground instead of 5VDC
  2. solder the pins together and make a bridge to VDD on the stepper driver
  3. put a 4,7 micro condensator between GND and RST
  4. the servo plug has to be splitted to get the "input" alone. 5VDC and GND can stay together

Now you can use the shield for the eggbot.

Software changes:
rotational stepper Step goes pin 5, direction goes pin 2 and enable goes to 8
Pen stepper Step goes pin 6, direction goes pin 3 and enable goes to 8
Servo Pin goes to pin 12
microsteps i gues i put to 8 ... not 100% sure. have to look later ;)

changed the Scale to "1"

i put my COM port there cause got problems in auto searching... so i put there "COM4"

Hope this helps someone... much more easy

Comments deleted.

Hi! Dragging this back out from the depths ....

I have some spare NEMA17 motors, and plenty of micro steppers, and a spare Arduino Uno ...

But what did you use for stepper drivers in the final design? Also, where do I find the design software and firmware?

Thanks! better than messing around getting everything

The EBB board from Evil Mad Scientist (http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/partsmenu/188-ebb) is a much better board. Unlike the one from jjrobots, this is a single board and doesn't require an Ardunio to work. It is also running a different version of the controller firmware that gives much better results. I have used both and the one I got from jjrobots is now sitting in the corner looking for a project.

P.S. Evil Mad Scientist is also in the U.S. so doesn't take as long to ship.

How the EBB is better? Actually you can get the electronics from less at jjrobots: https://www.jjrobots.com/product/b-robot-electronic-brain-shield/ (Brain Shield 3.0 + Arduino Leonardo + 2x stepper motor drivers) and the shipping is less than from evilmadscientist...

You save a whopping $1.98 and have a lot bulkier solution. The firmware on the jj board was not as good as the one on EEB. I have used both and see a lot better quality from EEB when printing the same file.

jjRobots is in the US as well (I am from California and took 3 days the electronics to get here). And the jjrobots board can be used to create other cool robots:
or VERY COOL robots:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1804534

Why did you say the EBB board is much better? Actually is overpriced for what it offers (I think...).

Remotely controlled - Arduino Self balancing robot
iBoardbot: an OPEN SOURCE internet remotely controlled drawing robot

When I ordered from jj, they did not have a US distributor or if they did, it wasn't very well advertised.

The EEB is a single board system and runs a better firmware that what was available on the jj board. It is essentially the same thing. You can use it for all the same projects.

EEB is $50 for everything you need. With jj, the total cost for all parts is $48.73 and that is with a couple dollars off the Leonardo board. So without the sale price, jj is more expensive.

EDIT: The $48.73 price was for individual parts. I see they have a kit available for $48.02.

As far as I understood from this website, this board is equivalent to:

  • arduino
  • control board
  • stepper drivers

am I right?

If so, I only need to buy stepper motors and bolts, nuts...etc.

The Nema17 12v 0,4a 26Ncm is OK for this project?
Thank You

I'm in the middle of making one of these. It's going well so far. What is the size of the nut that is fitting into those slots on the pen holder. I don't seem to have any that fit lying around. Thanks!

Should be M4 I believe

Should be M4 I believe

Hello i love the design i started making one of the ones with the threaded rods but i just cant get it to perform that great. would it be possible to create a design that would allow the ebb board to be attached instead of a uno, as that is what i am using. Here is the link for the specs http://www.schmalzhaus.com/EBB/ it would be much appreciated. Thank you

Great thing, congratulations!
I was wondering if you use a Nema 17 motor?
What software do you use, is it grbl?

yes it's a NEMA 17 motor. I use pro engineer/creo for design

And what software is the Arduino running on?
For designing I use Inkscape and a plugin called laserengraver and eggbot creates the gcode.

What are you running on the arduino?

Hello ElmoC, this is the questions I was asking dibloff ;-)
Personally I would go for grbl on the Arduino. That works perfectly for my laserengraver, with gcode from inkscape+plugin

I think your "one piece" design is elegant and I want one! :)

I have been reading up a bit as I only today learned that there is such thing as an eggbot.
Has the projekt gone cold? All I see is servo problems more than a year ago.


Does it work now? Is there a youtube clip of it working?

Thanks....Ole, Denmark

I printed one of these for Easter this year. My family really enjoyed it! Thanks for the innovative design. It's much cleaner than the ones with threaded rods and I had no real issues with printing on my Flashforge Creator in ABS plastic @ 0.3mm layer thickness. A few requests for improvements would be as follows if you plan on making changes in the future:

  • Add a standard round (not flatted) version of the suction cup with a screw hole for a set screw. This would allow for moving the suction cup left and right on the motor shaft in order to allow for centering of different sized objects.

  • Move the inner bearing more towards the center of the model creating a larger distance between bearings. This would provide more stability for the 5mm rod, helping to remove any potential wobble on slightly undersized shafts.

Thanks again for a great model!

The base is not slicing in Slic3r. What program are you using?

I've used slic3r 0.9.10b. it sliced it without any problems. The part does not have any geometric errors as far as I know.

What size build platform is needed for this?

I have a Flashforge Creator (Replicator Dual Clone) which has a 225.0 by 145.0 by 150.0 mm or 8.9W x 5.7D x 5.9H in build volume. I didn't have any issues printing it.

8 x 8 inch. I'm running an ORD BOT Hadron

Drats. Only have a 6x6. Still several months away from getting my larger printer. Thanks.

I can print you one, or you can buy one of my printers. PM if interested

Could you post the Bill of materials necessary to make it as well as the programming needed to ake it work?

Where do you put the end-stop of x?

There is no endstop for X. you don't need it.

What program did you use to design this?

I used proe engineer/creo

lol This looks awesome.

Could you send me the IGES file? I need to modify the mounting hole for the stepper motors.

That would be great! Also, when you printed it, what settings did you use for support? Also, what slicer program did you use?

I used a spring. Will upload some pictures of the actual eggbot tonight.

What hardware did you use for the egg holder? Did you use a spring? or was it manually adjusted?

I uploaded the final version of the model. Enjoy!

I managed to pickup some Nema 16 Steppers, and was wondering if you ever uploaded the completed design?
I want to make sure I get the proper version before I start the print.
Also, Nema 16 is very close to a Nema 17 (Only 0.1" closer mounting holes), so I should be able to bore the mounting holes a little bit bigger, and it should fit. (Unless you want to modify the design to mount a Nema 16?)

drblogger. I looked into the design again with the 28BYJ48 motors and it needs a complete redesign, because of the motor mounting. I'd say it's a 5-10 hour job. I'd like to do it, but I don't have the time for it. If you want I can give you an IGES file. I cannot post the source files.

Could you post the actual source files then? I could edit the design myself and try to get it to fit properly.

drblogger. I looked into the motor drawing. It looks like it only has 10 mm shaft length. It'll not be long enough to protrude through the frame and arm. I'd say try getting one of the nema 17 motors.

give me another week or so. I'll update the design. I've got it finished, just never had time to update the design here.

I have a huge favor to ask you.. could you possibly update the design to be able to use 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motors?
Here's links to the specs / dimensions:
If you can do that, then once I have successfully completed the electronics side of things, I will send you a board for free.

I'm gonna give this a try! I'll let u know if I have any luck!
I'll let u know what I do for electronics once I have that figured out.
Any suggestions on a pen mount?