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MakerBot Defender

by DemonDust May 5, 2010
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Now that I finally have a Makerbot, I'm printing this amazing robot.

First, I have to admire that it's nicely printable, and wonderfully modular - I am sure that I'll be making more add-ons for this thing!

One minor suggestion - from printing the arms (so far) I ran into one minor problem; there's a 'snap' where the left arm attaches to the end of the ball joint,
and the 'teeth' on the snap are too large, so you have to break one arm of the clip to fit the end of the ball join into place, then glue it together. If you could make the teeth a bit shorter, I think it would work perfectly.

What was this modeled in? If you can share the source files, I'm sure we
'd see an explosion.

Finally, I've arranged all of the pieces into a few 'plates' that print on a Replicator. They were generated using Repetier-Host, and I'd be happy to share them, as it makes printing so many pieces a bit easier.

Awesome! I want to print this, but my bot still has alot of stuff to be fixed till its ready for this kind of challenge. :(

Codename translation = Material Defender B12?(Descent FTW!)

Or Makerbot defender... that works too(just noticed that

This is amazingly cool. Now I have to get a MakerBot. :-D The assembly instructions are fantastic. And I have to imagine that people will start designing additional 'limbs'. My son (6) is already pretty good in Sketchup - I am sure that he'll be designing new arms soon. :-)

One trivial request - could you add the bolts and nuts to the parts list? I went through the instructions and tried to add them all up, but it would be convenient to have the totals listed. (Yeah, I am being lazy)

Finally printing this. Yay!

Adding up, I think it's 23 M3-20 bolts and M3 nuts, and 19 M4-40 bolts and 18 M4 nuts. Does that look right? I have to order them, so I want to get it right.

I was worried about counts because local suppliers only sell tiny bags at fairly high prices. But I found suppliers that sell bags of 100 nylon M3 and M4 nuts and bolts fairly cheaply (Amazon Prime, free shipping). So the counting is less critical.

Ummm... Wow

Any screws needed for assembely?

and "infered" was a joke... right?

Amazingly cool! Can't wait to print this on my RepRap!

Hi Demon Dust,
We just love your creation
amp; your work. We are truly inspired by your MakerBot Defender. We also wanted to tell you that we've blogged about you on our site.

Here's the link : http://alex-shae.blogspot.com/2010/05/vinyl-toy-by-demon-dust.htmlhttp://alex-shae.blogspot.com/...

We hope you win!
Take Care
amp; Keep on designing!

{ Alex
amp; Shae }

DemonDust, I appreciate your candor.

As a recent member to Thingiverse, perhaps you didn't realize that the default license for a Thing is ARR. You can change it via the Details tab.
Additionally, the hardware required to assemble the MBD can be itemized in the Parts tab. This info is always helpful.

The MBD is a sweet addition to the Thingiverse/MakerBot community and I encourage you to revisit its Details and Parts tabs!



You are correct! Thank you for noticing and bringing the details to my attention. Also working hard to finish up detailed jpegs of the instructions and hardware needed.

Reminds me quite a bit of an Ashley Wood World War Robot. A MBD aged and weathered like a WWR could sell to Ashley's collector base on eBay. Is that the goal?

Great design, but what's up with the AAR license?

An AAR entry should NOT win the contest!

Thank you for the great compliment and comparing my design to Ashley Wood's designs! I created this model awhile ago, long before I had a makerbot to build it. The first model looks very different and was updated to be printed on a makerbot. The "goal" was to create what I designed years ago from a computer model. Ashley Woods had no influence on this design when I created it. I do not have any plans to build and sell. It takes time and effort to complete this robot.

As for the "AAR/ARR license" comment. There is NO license on it. You can download the files and do what you like with them. I encourage you to build your own MakeBot Defender! The Name Branding and DemonDust Logo are on the photos and renderings to create awareness of the creator. There is no "c"
logo for copyright in my material.

Man! Would I like to make one in full colour.


Fantastic work! Very well thought out and showing that it can be printed with an example really puts it up there. Hope you win.


This is most rad thing I've ever seen in a long time. It would make a great vinyl toy character.
Amazing job Demon Dust! I hope you win :) :*

Man, you have to post more pictures and videos of this. This is amazing.

AWESOME - well thought out and clearly printable - this must rank high in the contest compared to the many completely unprintable designs I have seen.

VERY cool. great design break-down.. Well done.


Robo sentry to guard all of his younger fellow creations as they get made?! Absolutely brilliant.

Im so jealous your skillz! Amazing work! This is your first entry and already you are producing gold! Keep it coming! I cant wait to see what else you come up with!

This should be automated and motorized!

Very Cool. It looks like a lot of thought went into getting this to go together. I love it when 'finished' proven printable items show up on thingiverse.

Now if it only had a Brain....

I am so tired of all the designs missing files, names, descriptions, proper overhang compensation, etc. Those things are fine, great that the makers designed them, but in the long run totally useless.

I am going to fix my exploded extruder now.

Designing a nerf shotgun right now. If anyone's got an air compressor, we could automate it and slap one onto this thing...

Looks very nice. Now we just have to hack that rocket launcher so it actually shoots something. Like those small USB-Destop-Rocketlauchers that shoot foam-rockets. ;)

I sooo want to print this! Awesome!