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MultiGP hinged corner for PVC gates

by kwmachine Jul 6, 2018
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Man, I sure wish I had seen your 180° Hinge last week. I've spent hours mocking one up. I just posted it up here, but it doesn't look as elegant as yours. I may have to tweak it a bit. You should add the "hinge" tag to your design. It didn't pop up for me at all when I was searching. It sure would have saved me a bundle of time. Thanks for adding, I might print it tomorrow.

I am wanting to use this part for 1/2 emt pipe but I'd need to scale down the files, any chance we could get one for 1/2 emt?

Hi, thx for this files
Its possible to have a step file : gatehinge32.
32.1mm is too small.. to insert a pvc pipe.
Thank you

Vytištěno z PETG perfektní. Děkuji za skvělou práci.

Just checking, are both pieces printed together?

Yes. The open sockets face down, so no support required.

What about adding a socket perpendicular to the hinge to be able to create dive gates and/or add support?

I've thought about this too. Our need driven by our start/finish gate, which has a platform behind the top to hold our LapRF unit. Would require support during printing, but I can see this would be useful.

For ABS scale up the print to 102% to account for the shrinkage. Works great on my 1" PVC.

Is there a way you can upload the 180's so it can be printed in two pieces possibly so we could add a bolt and nut?

Are you seeing the hinge break?

The 180 degree hinges are bad. I'll try to get new versions posted today.

Uploaded corrected files. Sorry for the bad upload!

Thanks. Great work on hinges. I will maybe make updated version when i would use 32mm one and make hole for PVP pipe 20mm so we can use it on our gates that have insulator for protection.

something like this :) still testing it out

Hi kwmachine,
Can you please fix GateHinge180-20mm model? There is problem with one side of part. If you look at image i uploaded part is missing lot of width. It is just 1mm width and then after few layers it returns to normal width. This is week spot of part. I can see problem just in this one 20mm file. tried to open 32mm 180 and it looks fine.

Thanks for great models

These are fixed now. Sorry for the bad upload!

Comments deleted.

Thanks for the design. My PLA hinge siezed and didn't relase like other have mentioned. I used higher infill, so that may be the problem. But I have previously printed 0.1mm tolerance tests and been ok.

I'm sure this is a slicer settings issue, since these print well for others.

Hi, any chance of making a version suitable for OD 32mm, it would be amazing. In Australia the best conduit to use comes in this size.

How well does this work when the two legs want to fold under and occupy the same line under the top rail? Could you perhaps add a picture of a folded gate with these in use?

There is enough play that they go next to each other.

Is conduit specified diameter O.D or I.D in the US?

Here in New Zealand, I have either 20mm or 25mm available to me, both are specified as the O.D.

I scaled the 500 size to 94% for a snug 19.9mm fit around 20mm O.D conduit.

The 750 size at 100% came out at 27mm I.D (too big even for 25mm O.D conduit). I'll scale that down as well (probably 92%?)

The 1000 size is much bigger than anything we have available here but I presume is the same.

It is an OD specification. I'll generate 20mm and 25mm versions.

20mm and 25mm versions are now available.

wohoo! thanks very much :)

Now that I look at it, when I download the file teh 750 and the multi-gp versions are 0kb. Something is wrong.

Having the same problem as Noah, can't slice in Simplify3d or Slic3r. Tried uploading to makeprintable and it wouldn't even work there.

I also tried the 750 and it wont load into any slicer or stl viewer ...says it wants to convert to mm

I've downloaded the file and it loads right into both Simplify3D and Slic3r.

Would you be able to make a 180 version of this as well? I made a post here: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?3049282-MultiGP-Fold-able-Gates-3D-Printed-Joints with an idea to breakdown the gate into 2"6" sections for easy storage in car. Do you think it would work?

Yes, should be possible. I'll work on that over the next week (lots on my plate right now).

Comments deleted.

its saying that the 750 size is a corrupt file.....

I just downloaded it and it worked fine. Might want to try downloading again.

Made one out of Black PLA+, printed at 0.2mm layer height with 3 walls and 40% infill came out pretty solid with a working hinge. Needed to pop the hinge initially, but then it moved pretty freely. Fitted 25mm High-Pressure Conduit nicely. Thanks for the Design.

Will print out another couple and give them a real-world test with my gates.

Has the PLA+ held up? I'm debating between PLA+ and PETG.

Haven't had a chance to do some real-world crash testing since I made them, but I think PLA will be solid enough

There was an error with the initial STL. New version has been uploaded. Sorry for any wasted time/filament!

I was just looking at it and thinking the hinge didn't look right :)

I was looking for that!!!! Thanks