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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

300mm Micro brushless 3d printed wing

by btnewman Jul 6, 2018
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hi ben,could you make the wing a little bit bigger just to fit a 9g servo(3.2x3x1.2cm)?

Hi Ben, Loving your work :-)

Is there any chance at all you'd be willing to share your source files so I can tickle the design a little ? I'd tweak the STLs but it's not a great way to work :-/

Thanks in advance,

Sure, what format would you like them in?

I work in fusion - so if you're able to export in any format that supports ( there's a lot) that'd be fricking awesome :-P

How are you mounting the elevons? Just using the one side to the servo "arm"?

I just use a little bit of tape on the top to mount the elevons. Just give them a tiny ~1mm gap to allow them to flex. Then I fold them up and add a very small (about 10mm wide) strip of tape to the bottom of the joint.

Ahhh i see now. Thank you

All I have planned so far is to go as big as a 14xx sized motor. not sure it could handle much more.

Hi. Do you have a project for a bigger engine?

Would you be willing to share the source files rather than just the STLs? I'd like to try designing a variation on this, but the raw STLs aren't an ideal starting point. Thanks!

Sure, what's your email address? The drafts aren't the best organized, but they eventually got to the point.

When you don't print the top/bottom layer, the slicer seems to create long stringy lines along the top of the wing. Is that what you found, and how well did they print without supports and are they fragile?

Yes, I get the stringy looking top, and as long as the filament is good and dry, I have found it still stays pretty smooth.
The wings do not need any supports to print, and they feel fragile until you get the tape on them, then the wing actually stiffens up pretty well.

Awesome thank you. I didn’t figure you went pla.

What did you print this in?

3drax abs. Mainly I make sure dry it before I try to use it

Going to modify this. Are you willing to share your Fusion 360 file with me?

Excuse me I'm a quad guy and new to wings, are there any guides on how to connect servos to quad FC? I'm also interested in what components are used...... and using iNav software?

The inav wiki has pretty good instry on how to connect everything up. I am using a teeny1s_f4 flight controller, with a racerstar 3a 1s esc, hobbyking 1.9g servos (the 1.7g servos would beore ideal). Any 16x16mm mounted FC would be fine.

alright thanks
I'm making some purchase now :)

oh BTW do you power the servos directly from vbat? the ones I'm getting say they can work down to 2.8V but some of my friends are concerned about unstable voltage causing problems

I have a different wing flying the 1.7g servos directly off the 1s flight battery and they work great. On this wing however I am running the 1.9g servos off the 5v step up on the flight controller. I do not recommend doing this, and if you do, remember it is at your own risk. I mainly did it because they are what I had on hand while I was building this.

thanks again, I guess I'll be fine

Why is the left and right wing difference sizes?

I am using slic3r with repatier host for managing the print.

And the flight controller is a teeny1s_f4 16x16mm mounted board that used to be on banggood. They don't seem to carry them any more, but they could be available elseware. any 16x16mm FC that's rated for the cell count you want will work

What flight controller?

What slicer do you use to get zero first top/bottom layer?

I'm Printing this now but I cut the wings in half to print in 2 parts. As my printer is too small. I Will Upload some Pictures when it is complete

Ok well I have to l9ad the stl in fusion360 my printer is to small so I'll split it in 2 and glue it together lol

Ok, should have a few minutes this evening to try to get it sorted out.

is the Right Wing missing?

For now, you just have to mirror the left wing in the slicer program. You will also need to do that with the elevon as well. I have been trying to get it to mirror properly and it keeps giving me errors, which I am trying figure out.