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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Z-X rev 0.05 - Creality Mod

by Dan_W_58 Jul 6, 2018
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Looks interesting - I hope you haven't abandoned this idea - I'm currently using Direct Drive with stock hotend, extruder and motor. However I did order some 40x40x20 and 5015 fans this weekend. This would be a nice clean setup. Your Z23 is also cool.

Outstanding work and really enjoyed how you shared your progress and how you were designing it! Really looking forward to seeing this come to fruition! :)

any updates on this? seems promising

Yes, well, after months of being super-busy at work, I'm now part-time again, getting ready to resume work on this.
My other computer, hooked up to the 3D printer, is busted. Power supply blew up. So, no printing yet, but I'm getting
back to work in Blender 3D for now.

Hi, nice that you can spend time to this project again, it would be nice when i can try to use this on a x5s or sapphire s. I wish you success

Thanks, but I have no idea whether this will work on what printers other than the Creality ones I know.
I might do variants to support other printers in the future, but I will need drawings. Someone once
passed me a drawing of a Tronxy print head bracket with hole locations, and I'm sure I still have it.


I love this design. Any guess when you can find time to finish it?
And i was wondering if It will be able to use av6 hotend and a proximity sensor for Z axis.

Just asking questions because i would like to try and printit cuz i love the flow of the piece.

Thank you

Thanks. Won't have any time at all before at least late January; then we'll see.
AV6 hot end I was not familiar with, but I'll search for it and try to support it if I can.
Thanks for the tip.
As for proximity sensors, it will support EZABL 12 and 18 mm, and BLTOUCH.

Wellni appreciate the work and i really like this design. Im fairly new to the 3D world and maybe im not refering to the hotend by the correct name. They are pretty popular i believe and im currently making a second machine with a direct drive on this hotend for TPU filament. A link to the hotend

E3D V6 hotend with full threads and cutaway version

Thanks, this is great! Saves me from having to model it myself! :-)

Comments deleted.

got a video on this 1 working?

Of course not. This is a Work In Progress; barely started, in fact. It will be months before it is ready to test.

Comments deleted.

Looks Like things are coming along Nicely! Do you have plans to add a mount for the EZABLE from TH3D?

I wasn't aware of EZABLE, so I went to their website, but their website goes on an on about the firmware, I can't find a drawing, or even a picture, of their sensor, like what it looks like. Can you pass me the link, or post a picture of it, with dimensions? I can't guarantee I can support it, but I'll try.

Hahaha, I sent email to TH3D about the dimensions of their sensor. They sent me an email with like a dozen photos of the actual sensors (they have two sizes: 12 and 18 mm) with calipers across showing the exact millimeters, and when I told them it's for this project they offered to send me a free bed leveling kit, so EZABL will now definitely be supported. It will probably be a few days before I get the kit and implement the supporting, though, but it's imminent. ;-)

Sorry for the late reply, Thats Awesome! I really like TH3D EZABLE and He is a great small company to support. Thanks for the work you are putting into this Project!

Well, while you're at it you should contact someone about getting that BL Touch sensor too! Keep up the good work. I'm enjoying following the progress.

I should also get Creality to send me free samples of all their printer models :-D
Thanks. Ya, going well so far, but it's going to take a lot of work. Won't be ready in a week; won't be ready in a month. I'm trying to combine a lot of things here...