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Community Guardsmen Project Hub

by ThatEvilOne Jul 5, 2018
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I'm a bit new to 3d modelling in general and I'm having trouble with posing these models. Which program do you recommend a beginner use?

Thanks for providing these things, they're amazing!


Maya is my personal choice. you can get it free for a few years in the link above. One you download it just import the FBX files and start rotating bones!

I really appreciate the recommendation! Cant wait to get some special weapons in the hands of those storm troopers.

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Do these models work??? I cant view them

Not as is no, they need to be posed first. This stuff is specifically made to make it easy for people to remix their own troops.

COOL! Hey so i just got the Form2 and am going to be getting into printing pretty hard right soon... I am pretty good with Zbrush and Maya....Ill take a look at ur models soon and see what I can do with them....They look like perfect starting points so i can make more of similar things....Hopefully your guys already nicely separated but if not im sure i can edit them

Theres seperate FBX files in the downloads, those are all rigged up so if you just toss them into maya you can move all the parts with the bones.

WTF no way thats pretty crazy. Let me check it out!

Nice models !
Too bad they are "true" 28mm scale (as opposed to heroic scale) and I lack the skill to resize the heads, hands and weapons. Would make them print even nicer.
If I ever find the time to learn Blender, I'll give it a try!

Another thought: splitting the models into kit parts (just like GW does with sprues) might be a good idea: easy printing and easy re-print if any part does not print well.

Hey man, I have an issue importing it to blender because it can't read to fbx file. Could you try reexporting it in an fbx format that blender can read please (2012 binary)

Anyway thanks for the good work, it is a very great initiative to publish customizable guardsmen.

A .blend file is up for you! Can't wait to see your remixes

I should have blender installed. When I get home tomorrow I’ll try and get you a version that works. You may need to update to a more current version though. The FBX I have up is the universal standard surprised there’s an issue.

I'm hoping to run a game of Achtung! Cthulhu at some point, and these are the best approximation of the soldiers for the Order of the Black Sun that I've found. Thanks for posting these!

Glad to be of some use!

So not sure whats up, but the thingiverse previews seem to have much more detail and higher resolution than the ones in the file.

Also, for the love of god, we need Elysian Droptroops now that Forgeworld cut the line. which makes me very angry I have some but now I cant finish them.

That's odd, it almost looks like the smoothing group got purged. What program did you bring them into?

Awesome, thank you very much!

Is there a chance the fray will be joined by Kriegsmen anytime soon?

Soon no, eventually? Possible. All depends if my work schedule clears up.

Dunno why you claim they are ready for print or print friendly when have many places that can't be printed even at like the shoulder pads. The armature is a crazy mess. Dunno where u ripped this from but i'd highly appreciate for you to stop being missleading with your stuff.

Gasp! It’s almost like it’s common practice to run a final repair on any model you’re about to print! Instead of being an asshole you could try to stick with common and basic work flow for mini work and shove it into something like nettfabb basic for 30 seconds after it’s posed. I know you’re used to super simple designs but rigs are temperamental beasts.

What's funny its the fact that you rip models out of gmod workshop models that other people create and call it your own. Even the pics you are using are ripped from deviant art artist without crediting in any shape way or form.

And its a common practice to final repair a bad design but in this case the models where not made to print, you just posted it as your own when they are not and on top claiming they are printing friendly when many parts of it are less than 0.01mm thick.

So cut the bs.

Looks like someone drank the Flavor-Aid. Don't drink the Corporate Flavor-aid kids.

With permission and with the creators explicit knowledge. You can see my prints of his stuff everywhere in his discord. But there there continue to be a salty salty boy. When printing 28mm minis you Repair everything because every design has issues when they actually put details in.

Go look at the remix’s. Same work flow with a single repair. Go show me all the errors.

You are so full of shit. Im sure Blizzard also gave you the permission to rip the crusader model and make your own right? xddd
You are pathetic.

Nope but mychovic the guy who I originally got the model from and list in the remixed from section certainly did. Seriously what’s your issue mate?

Rude.. much?
Obviously this was an unknown mistake to the uploader. I can not see why you deemed it necessary to post such an disruptive comment? It would have been far more constructive to just inform about the errors and just scratch the insult.

Rude? Rude it's rip other peoples content and call it your own when all you did is pull it from a workshop mod and rip some images from other artists on deviantart. And it was not a mistake, he didn't even try to print them. Just the opening of the model was clearly that this was ripped 3d models, you could make a quick search instead trashin on me but go ahead and waste time and material printing something thats ripped from other people without credit and unprintable.

Now go act like a moralist somewhere else.

HAHA! Angry people on the internet are funny! :)

Also: You are now my "hero of the week". I am building a militarum/warpath GCSP army and these are "Perfectomundo" as The Fonze would have said.
Gonna bash the SHITE out of these in VR sculpting! :) Just about to try the new Oculus Medium mega update with angle snapping. This will be what I try it with.
Thanks so much.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

I am only a newbie to modelling and I am no artist like you guys. But in VR...man...I sure do feel like one. :) Cannot recommend VR modelling enough. (if you can afford it) So much fun.
Just finished making an Eldar fusion pistol upgrade for a friend.
Printed in resin and currently playing with resolution/curing settings to get them perfect.
I was thinking of posting it but was worried about the evil GW bringing out the ban hammer.

It is not scanned or anything and my own work but I don't think that stops them and sites tend err on the side of avoiding lawsuits - especially in the US.
Fair use is apparently almost dead.

Your thoughts on this? Have you had/seen any issues around this? I know they have tried suing companies. I read they failed in such a case recently. Maybe there is hope yet?

Theres such a large warhammer community on here with hundreds of designs and not a single issue so far. It's been that way for years, just don't sell them under the same GW name or at all if you want to be very safe. at worst you get a C&D letter and have to take it down no harm done.

Thanks for the info. I will definitely post it when it is done. :)

I went through and reported these messages. Even if you were 100% right, there is a meaningful and significant difference between harassing someone and criticising them. Your tone and what you are writing is basically devoid of anything helpful puts this squarely in the realm of harassing. Your rhetoric is nothing but noise distracting people from trying to make cool stuff and push cool projects.

Like I said with permission and in the discord you can see the creator loving every print. Seriously these models aren’t even released yet. He’s still working on them and gave them specificity to print.

Take your own moralism out of here.

Hey are these mostly ready for the table

Yup! All it need is the posing. Everything else has been optimized for print. If you want posed options I have a few in the remix section to get the ball rolling

green stuff and the histarii one?

Green stuff? The hastati are regular guardsmen yes.