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Ant-Man Helmet (2018 Version)

by HappyMoon Jul 4, 2018
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hi sorry to bother you have you printed this yet because I was wondering what would be the best material to use for the eye lens?

Hi mate, this is a great file. Did you manage to add the detail to the top of the helmet at all? Thank

Thanks! Sorry I couldn't figure it out in the end, I would suggest possibly using carbon fibre wrap as an alternative, I'm not sure if it's 100% screen accurate but it's pretty cheap! :)

Approximate print time?

Apologies I have yet to print it so I'm not sure, but your slicer should give an estimate when slicing the print :)

Quick question, I'm trying to make it so when you pull the antenna forward, it will lift the face and lower the mouth piece. and to do so i need to connect some pieces together properly (for example, the Antenna to the ear piece) so i can bring them into fusion 360 to make the mechanism... do you have any suggestions on how to stick pieces together properly?

That sounds awesome!
Blender has a Boolean modifier called 'Union' which quickly 'welds' two models together, and I've heard Fusion 360 has a similar set of tools - apologies I've never used Fusion before so I'm not really sure how it works, but if you would like me to have a go at connecting any files please let me know :)

Sorry to bother, but I've tried using both the union and it's not exactly the thing I'm looking for.... I'm trying to snap 2 faces together, and I've tried using the snapping tool but it doesn't want to connect 2 specific faces to each other... i don't think I'm explaining this very well XD

In this file, i wanna snap the blue faces to the red and i want them to fit snuggly but this is just 1 example out of many others i need to connect pieces together in... if there is no program for me to snap them together nicely then ill just go for Plan B

No worries! I think I see what you mean haha :D
I had a look online and I think the closest thing I can find to merging faces is this: https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/fusion-360-design-validate/is-there-a-way-to-merge-faces/td-p/6891321 but I'm not sure if that was what you meant :)

I know in Blender you can select multiple faces/vertices and press alt+m and it merges them together as one vertex so I'm sure there must be some way of doing the same in Fusion...

Unfortunately, i couldn't find the result i needed. but i have plan B so i can just use that instead, which isn't worse than plan A I just wanted to try my hand at 3d modeling. Anyways keep up the phenomenal work and thanks again!

Thanks! I hope it goes well, it sounds really awesome :D

Thank you! I kinda have an understanding of fusion 360 and think i can get ‘weld’ thing going, if not then ill try to figure out blender.

this looks awesome. You should make a movie accurate black manta mask based on the dc statues they released.

Thanks! Yeah that does look pretty awesome :D

Honestly, no matter what you make so long as you keep doing it!

Hey, I think this looks amazing and I am going to use it for my friends cosplay, but I have seen a lot of comments about it being too small... I was looking at it on my Gcode slicer and it was really hard to tell if it had been updated to the correct size or if it was still too small. Any comments on what the size actually is and if it needs to be enlarged would be amazing. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

According to the measuring tool in 3D Builder, the inside width is about 145mm. Sorry that may indeed be a bit small and will most likely need to be printed a little bigger, I'm still trying to figure out how to properly scale things in Blender :D

Thanks, that is really helpful. hopefully i can get it the right size now!

Absolutely love this design. Started printing it out and found that at this size its pretty small for an adult and the file is so detailed I cant cut it up. Would it be possible for you to cut this into more printer friendly chunks? Love the update to remove the visor. Cant wait to finish this!

I have updated the files to include pieces for smaller printers. Apologies for the delay :)

Hi HappyMoon,

I am a fairly advanced 3D modeler and I was wondering how long it takes to design one of these. I use fusion 360 (Not good for things like this) . and how long have you used blender for???

This model took around 3-4 hours in total, however that was spread across a few days. I recorded a timelapse which I still need to upload.
I believe I first started using Blender around about 2013, but it took me quite a while to figure everything out haha :D

As it is, no. I had this cut up into pieces I could fit on my anet and at the current scale it could probably fit a 10 year old. I am no expert but im guessing that a 15% size increase might give that nice sleek form fit. But who knows...

Is this live size like can I put it on my head if i print it

Hate to ask more of you since this is already better than anything else i could find, (that didn't cost an arm and a leg), but I have to ask; do you think you could make the face plate removable?

Apologies for the delay, I have added files for a detachable faceplate :)

Magnificent work, you're really great!!! Will you also make Wasp's helmet?

Thank you! I'm definitely gonna attempt it soon :D

Back at it again with yet another awesome awesome file!

UncleJessy! Love your videos! DO you think you'll print this?

How on earth are you able to constantly make such incredible files? This is absolutely stunning! and it was very well timed too with the release of the movie right around the corner.

Thanks so much! I did record a timelapse which I'll have to try and upload somewhere haha :D

HappyMoon strikes again!

Haha thanks! Looking forward to starting the Nova helmet :D

Hey are you also able to add texturing to the top and side of the helmet like the movie?
And also which nova helmet design are you planning on making?


Ah I forgot about that haha :D I'm currently away from my PC for a few days but I'll try and add the detail asap. I'm gonna try and attempt number 9 but I'll see how it goes :)

Beautiful!!!! I've been waiting for one of these and your model is amazing!!!! Absolutely love your work, keep it up!!!!

You might post superhero stuff, but to me, youre the real hero.

Seriously, I downloaded the first few files and was surprised with the quality and details and immediately made sure to make backups in case I lost those files before printing. I appreciate your time and effort and energy to post these, wish I saw these posted in collections more often because thats usually how I browse this site.

Thanks again, stay cool.

Thank you so much! You too :)