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RC Airboat Split

by RCLifeOn Jul 4, 2018
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Anyone want a cut up version to fit 120mm printers

the rudder most flat print ???

It printed nicely for me flat.... I realize terrortok1 probably already knows this, but I was wondering the same thing so I figured I would let the next person know.

my 2205 emax motors dont have the correct bolt pattern .... anyone know of an adapter plate?

Mi Prioritykiller this is what i used https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2277428

RC Plane Brushless Motor Mount 16 x 19mm
by jangy

Love this Airboat design, spent a week making three more for my friends too. Thanks for the design. Hope you don't mind but I have created a waterproof hatch and some downforce generators as mine was letting in water around the hatch and struggling to get the nose up in the water without extra weight being added on the rear. The links are below if anyone finds them useful:



Waterproof Hatch for RCLifeOn's RC Airboat
Downforce Generator (Spoiler) for RCLifeOn's RC Airboat

hey, got it printed and working. works awesome.

designed new battery cover area though


battery cover for rc airboat split

Printing as we speak.

Planning on doing a little mount for the motor so a 2nd servo can control the angle of it as thrust increases (using 6ch remote so plenty of spare channels to work with)

Will post how i go

you can split main body into 3 or 4 parts, please??
Thanks you!!

Best regards,

I need to size this down to fit in my 6 inch print volume in my da vinci mini w can you give me a sized down version of this with the right x,y, and z lengths in mm pls for all the parts thanks or can you split the modle into 4 pls thanks

Simon, great model, here are a few notes from my build, hopefully they will help someone else.
I found I had to drill out the peg holes in the front section to get them to fit, two broke during test fit.
If I made another I would make the front a different color from the rear to hide the seam, I would also only put glue on the pegs and use clear silicone on the inner walls of the front and rear section to ensure it is water tight.
I added a lock to the hatch so it would not accidentally open during use and a handle on the hatch for easy open.
I am running a 3S 2200mAh Lipo battery set behind the seem to keep the front end up, however water will still splash over the top, I may add a drain plug on the top rear to drain the water.
Used https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2764896 for the 5" propeller.
I also sprayed my electrical components with corrosion x as shown in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4z8QMgTEA4

Three-Blade 5 Inch Propeller
by CLTech

the fit is tight but spot on. Could you have experienced a tiny bit of warping causing the holes to not fit right? I used a coating of epoxy to seal the entire thing, sanded the epoxy and hope to paint it. I agree about the water splashing up on it, I think a bit of a longer upturn on the front of the hull at a bit more of an angle would help alleviate that. I took my little air boat with me on the river where I was kayaking and it worked great. It gets up on plane and is smooth as long as I back off the throttle a little after getting on plane. Too much throttle and it tries to push the nose down too much and makes the front end bounce. My kids love the design! I'll try to get around to posting a picture of my 6 and 8 year old sons playing with it on a local "lake".

Just a touch too big to fit in my Prusa i3 Mk2. :( Is there a version of this that is 1 piece that I could slice up to fit on my print bed?

i had to rotate it 45 degrees in my slicer to fit my am8s bed

thanx for this simple design.
i printed on my cr10 in petg 0.2 resolution 50mm sec,3 wall 30% infill,took 48 hours just for the resr half,and 22 hours for the front half.its a solid hull.a lil on the heavy end due to my 3 walls and 30....but it should be fine.
printed on my cr10,i chose the split to give the ol cr a break in the print time.
once again thanx for this design.

Hi Simon. What do you call the rods that connect from servo to the rudder? :) In swedish would be good to and where to buy it. thanks man!

i like this one because i think it will maybe fit in anycubic i3 mega. and if it does, how to join the main body parts?

Great boat, and great video! Very inspiring.

Hey, have you considered making a hovercraft? That would be another cool water (and land) vehicle to 3D print... :-)

Keep up the good work!

Love your channel.Keep it up dude :)

Thanks for publishing the rc boat :-) Can you tell me which glue i can use to get the both parts together when i print in pla?

You should be fine with regular CA (crazy glue). Once you glue it together you might want to go back over the space with a slurry of the CA glue and baby powder, then you can try to sand it as smooth as possible. Wet sand it if you can - PLA heats up easily and "clogs" sandpaper easily.

Thanks a lot perfect job

Love your channel and your quality and sense of humor!!! Thanks for doing what you do.

DU-UUUUUUDE! Love the idea and the execution and even more the cinematography! How do you manage to pull off that? :) Love your channel. Much love from Buffalo, New York!