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Drawer for Ender3, Ender 3

by Jaypirnts Jul 4, 2018
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I just printed this and I'm really happy with! Are you able to flip it to fit the other side?

Does not fit an Ender 3 pro which I found out after printing it. :-( The case is 120mm wide Please state that this is not for the Ender 3 Pro at the beginning of the description. I dont normally read comments.

Hi there! I about to print the case, but it feels like it needs supports for the bottom. Am i right? Or it works without them?

hi. It deosn't need supports if you have cooling fan.

Where in Cura do I adjust the settings for a .45mm extruder width?

I personally printed it with the line width settings set at 0.46mm.

If I may make a suggestion to edit the title? Your design shows up for searching “Ender 3 Pro drawer” and is the most popular one. I can completely understand your reason for withdrawing the Pro design as variances in the size is not your fault. Please clarify in the title this drawer is ONLY for an Ender 3, not Pro so there will be no confusion. Thank you!

Oh I just delete all the texts including "Pro". thanks for the suggestion :)

Has the pro version been released yet? I thought I saw something about you updated for the pro model but I don't see it in the files.

released once, but Ender3 pro users have different dimentions, and my design failed them alot. decided not to published.. sorry

!!!!!!!dont print that. that is not for ender 3 pro!!!!!!!!!

Ender 3 pro Case dosen't fin on my Ender 3 Pro. Is to large.

Épaisseur des parois énorme 7 heures d'impression pour ça......
Il faut revoir le fichier car les hauteur de parois ne sont pas les mêmes, et franchement essaye tes modèles avant de les mettre sur les net serieux.....

i changed my thin wall behaviour in s3d to avoid whatever issues people are having with zigzagging. BUT you have the middle separator in the drawer higher than the rest which makes the tray pivot on that one side, can you update it so the tray isnt sitting on one pivot point so it doesnt move around like it does right now?

hello, I just modified all the separator have same height so the mini tray doens't lean on specific side.

thank you sir! reprinted it and no more issues. Thanks!!

is it supposed to take 15 hours or am i doing something wrong?

Comments deleted.

No problems what so ever, first time , yes, second time perfect.
No zigzagging. To find out, use your brains.

You need to add a note to this file about the potential danger it can have to someone's printer. I was lucky enough to read these comments 4 hours into my print with hopefully no damage as of yet.

You read 4 comments but don't even bothered read my comment that I mentioned I fixed the wall and telling me that I should left a note.
It has been more than 7 months since I posted design file and thousands of people printed this and no one reported that their printer damaged(or maybe they were lucky like you).
Plus zigzaging can be controled by increasing extusion width settings in Cura or S3D anyother softwares.
Don't make big scene out of it more than it needs to be, please.

Oh my effing god!!! I did not pay much attention while slicing but during print I thought my printer has a seizure. End result was ok but I think this damaged my belts and I have to tighten every screw again. Print took almost 20h. A 20hour long lasting self destruction sequence so to speak. Anybody interested in a slightly used ender3? Is this thingy a troll attempt??? Not funny. Next time just upload gcode that makes the thing explode . much more effective ;). But thank you, I learned a lot. Not blindly throwing everything on my sdcard before checking and evaluating.


I know, its more like a slicer bug but a basic automated sanity check from thingyverse would have been nice. Please implement something like this guys.

Jay, please fix your otherwise very good design!!!!!!

your model is terribly wrong and can damage the printer, you should fix it asap and remove current one from download.
The wall are too narrow which cause the printer to do rapid short turns which can damage it very fast. If you use 2 layers wall thickness and nozzle 0,4mm the wall should be 4 * 0,4mm = 1,6mm. In your case it is 1,9999mm which is really bad because slicer cannot fit full stroke and is doing strange zigzag that can damage the printer.

I reduced printing time from 15h to 10h just by adding 0.4mm to wall thickness. Look at my file, put it in slicer and you`ll see

Wish I had seen your comment earlier.Now I rekt my printer with 20 hours of zigzagging and belt destruction

i broke bed wheels with other model. Now i`m checking every model before printing.

i made fix for this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3372977/comments
look for model in the comments

Ender 3 Double Drawer

Yeah I aware that issue and thought I fixed zig-zaging but aparently it didn't.
I found some walls have different dimensions than 2mm and fixed every walls to 2mm exact, but I couldnt find 1.999mm wall you mentioned.
The picture downbelow shows my extruder have no zig-zaging anymore for the walls.
Thanks for the feedback.

I apologize, but what all do I take apart to install this drawer? I've printed it, but I feel like I'm missing something. Are there instructions on how to fit the drawer without disassembling the frame? Thanks!

i'm having the same problem. Printed out and now realizing i have to disassemble my printer to put this in. really not worth it

sorry but there's no other way to put drawer than unscrew Y-axis and screen parts.
unscrew the bolts holding Y-axis and screen, put drawers, and screw it tight again.
mind Y-axis belt should be tighten fairly enough.

That would be nice to know before printing.

Hi everybody; I am new to the ender pro , so with default settings cura said me it needs more than 9 hours to print the drswer, and something similar for the case. Is this correct? How long did it take for you?

It could be less or more depending on your slicer settings but yeah it take a lot of time to print.
recommend higher layer height and speed since it doesnt need any detailes and easy print.

Jay, will the Ender 3 Pro version cover and drawer fit the Geeetech A10 v3?

nice box. prints well and is a very snug fit too.
in a further revision it might be nice to include keep the ribbon cable tidy at the same time.
also to include removable / configurable walls through guide rails.

thanks for the feedback.

great idea, thank you. from Holland

Comments deleted.

my space between both extruders is 115mm!! Very different... wee can easily adapt, but just to warn interested people here in comments.. thanks for the project!

thanks! my pleasure.

Hello, I am just getting into the printing world and this seems to be a pretty cool mod for the ender 3 ive got on the way. I saw in the details it says no pla, all i currently have is pla. What are the negatives to printing this in PLA?

oh that was miss written. PLA works but when the heat bed goes up 100'c or more it will likely bend a little.

Where can I get the smaller "white" tray?

Just resize it in your slicer

Comments deleted.

Was just looking for the same. The combination of the three parts is perfect for my needs. Would be nice if you could upload the file for the white part, Jaypirnts. Thanx for your work!

I drew this mini tray when I realized the Pro version has taller height makes deeper space hard to reach items stored. will make one of them for Ender3 Original in few days.

Just saw that there are now files for the normal ender 3 with mini tray. Thanks a lot again!

To the creator of this file. I know this is for the Ender 3 and Pro, just wondering if this will work on he Geeetech A10?

Not sure, check out OBJ file inside and you may adjust dimensions. good luck!

I´m so silly... started reading through the information in the main page AFTER about 1 hour of printing. So, back to the beginning now, printing the (Pro) Case

Looks promissing, as my printer is printing really nicely now after I found the alcohol I was using was 70% only, thus leaving a ton of residue that made the bed to have no adhesion...

Next on my TODO will be the spool assembly. Though I was not in luck, and my first order came with a broken spool holder, so I wouldn't be able to use it :) Have the

good luck with your printing!

Hi Jaypirnts,

Just to give you a little feedback, the drawer's bottom on my stock Ender-3 Pro is about 2-3 millimiters too high, making the whole assembly to wobble.

My temporary solution was to place some IKEA pads underneath the 4 rubber feet, later I will try to procure some larger rubber feet for the printer (I dont fancy the 3D printed supports as I think they will be slippery)

how about length between two extrusions? did it fit well?

Mine has 1mm spacing between floor and the feets, I didnt apply and mods on my ender 3 pro thou.
I will consider reduce 3mm from the bottom of the case for compatiblity for many.
thanks for the feedback.

Thank you Jaypirnts, Between the two extrusions it was absolutely perfect.

I have attached a picture of the casing here, I believe you will be able to see how it was without the IKEA feet :)

P.S. My original Ender-3 Pro bed was so wobbled I actually got a replacement bed from the shop where I bought it, and the one that I got in return was an Ender-3 normal bed, which actually is considerably flatter

Jay-- Do you have a link to those clips in the video at 1:25? Thanks!

I cannot find the exact one I printed, but found similar one.

V-Slot Cable Clips
by n6sxb

Thanks! I'll print some as well as your drawer as soon as my black PLA arrives.

How much filament do we need to print the original tray and case?

It depends on your slicer settings. guess around 200g.

hey all, what are your typical print settings and how long did this take you to print?

0.2mm 10%, 4~5 outside perimeter layers. it could take a day to print all.

Hey all. Reading the comments i got the impression it was fitting on Ender 3 Pro, so i printed it.
Well it looks like it will fit but i should have checked a couple of things before printing it anyway.

This is in no way meant to bash on your work. I'm sure it was very fine on the first Ender.

The Ender Pro has a different style belt tensioner and to avoid having to remove that i believe it would be possible to modify the left side 'track' so that it just hangs on to the Aluminum profile instead of fit in the groove. The other one is fine. (I'm just gonna go ham with a dremel on it)

Width and height i believe will be fine on my Ender.

Im trying to learn to use Freecad and hopefully this weekend i can sit down for a long session. I have only used 2D Cad programs before. If I could help more i would.

Again not bashing on you. You stated clearly that you dont have a Pro yet yourself so the fact that you still tried to do an upgrade speaks well of your intentions. I hope your Pro arrives shortly. Its such a delight to use and i'm sure you'll find nice new things to make with it. :)

Hello, thanks for the comment and kind feedback.
I just uploaded 102mm version with OBJ type so anyone can import file and modify in any programs.
this should be easy since it is rectangular design, all you need is just cut and extend or decrease dimensions of the bodies.
My Pro version has not been shipped yet orderd a week ago, this will take time to get to final designs.TT

Just to add one more data point to the discussion, I measured the distance between the extrusions of my Ender 3 PRO and it came out to be 104.3mm

I figured this was close enough to the size of the STL file, so I printed it. When trying to fit, it was a bit tight, but I was able to insert the tray.

I wonder if the reports of the different distances from different users relates to different versions of the machines or if it just an issue of the center extrusion not being square with the frame.

Sorry for your loss guys.
Wait for me I just ordered ender-3 pro

I also have a new Ender 3 - Your Standard drawer didn't fit that either. Doh! Creality must have woeful consistency! I have given the drawer to someone else to test fit and I have 4 more Ender 3 on the way to measure...
Is it possible to post native Fusion 360 files or STEP files so we can tweak this excellent design for our own machines?

Update* The std tray which did not fit mine DID fit the Apprentice's Ender 3 STD!

Hello, I just uploaded OBJ file of Pro version.
thanks for the feedbacks!

My Ender 3 PRO is 103.0mm between extrusions.
But, because I'm lazy, I printed this one anyway just to "See if it will fit"
I now I have a desktop drawer!

Dont know why ender3 pro users have different dimentions..
I just ordered one, if you not decided to design new one yet I'll try to test on my PRO and upload final dimensions.

Hi! I have just printed the tray for Ender 3 PRO.
Unfortunatly it does not fit :(

sorry for your time and filament.
I dont own Pro version, I just drew design with rough dimentions in comment suggestions
can you tell me specific length of surface or edge to be adjusted ?

My ender 3 PRO measured 103.30mm.
I reckon a drawer 103.00 wide between extrusions would be perfect

10.2 appears in my measure.
Thank you very much.
I believe I will first try to cut the tray with a Dremel and repice it together.

You mean 10.2 cm for narrow part(upper of the tray)?
Here are the picture and STL files designed 102mm for upper part.
Stop printing at height approximately 3~4cm (right after rail printed), see if it fits and please tell me any adjustment needed.
when tray.stl file is good to go, than print "drawer.stl". it tray doesnt fit, drawer's too.
I'll be waiting for you.

The drawer is perfect as well.
So the 102 files are working properly for ender 3 pro.

By the way, I totally forgot to rotate the drawer :))
One corner printed into thin air without support. But guess what.. it printed after all, and the exterior looks quite ok

I have printed the tray at 102. It fits perfectly. Now I am printing the drawer.

Can you post a version of the drawer without any dividers? On original Ender 3.

hey. check the files, I just added blank one for ender3 original.

Got it, thank you so much! ^_^

Just so others know, this will not fit the Ender3 Pro

Nooo, was just wondering same thing. I hope sombebody will fix for the Pro, it's a great design.

If only I have Pro version, could fix the design.
but you know it is simple design, there must be someone remix it for ender3 pro.
or if you give me dimensions I will try to make another onne

It would be great!
The only difference should be 10mm less in width in the upper part.
Mine is about 104/105mm

I just added Pro version drawer, you can check diffrent file named.
the only thing I changed is total width(104.5mm). not sure height or depth.
so you may print the case first see if it fits the v-slot then drawer.
please tell me any adjust needed.

104.5 is the top (narrow part) with, not the total with.
Tried printing the PRO version and aborted when realized it was wrong.
Now i'll try resizing the original drawer just in X 10 mm less with Cura.
Let you know how it goes.

Oh sorry, see what's wrong now.
Revised it, as attached picture.

Printed and just installed, fits perfectly.
Thank you very much!

Will this fit the Ender 3 Pro?

sorry but not really sure. if Pro version have different dimentions of vslot then it is not going to work.

To answer your question, it does not fit the Ender 3 Pro. The space its supposed to go in is too small. Unfortunately, I learned after printing everything.

Is it just my printer that seems to be too narrow for this drawer?

hmm, it shouldnt be. did you adjust scale? or give another try to align with 2020 profile of ender.

actually it fits now! I did have to unscrew the y-axis tensioner, as well as loosen the right-hand side rail. it's probably a few mm too wide, but with a bit of loosening it does the trick!

Printed fairly well, bottom came out a bit warped for me, but still works fine (guess my bed is a little on the warped side!)

Came out slightly too wide for my printer so had to take a file to one of the sides for a bit (maybe took off around 0.5mm or so?) not sure if it's my printer needing dialed in a bit more, or if it's because I have one ofthe newer ones where the Y axis tensioner needs removed to fit this)

Thanks for the work on this! Even with my minor issues it looks great and helps me reclaim some much needed space and order!!

Comments deleted.

Is it possible to get the old file without the diagonal part?
I have seen it in a few "makes" and would prefer it....thanks

Yup, It is easy to modify for me.
I updated the rectangular design. pls check.
thanks for feedback!

Hi, here is the picture. Its only hitting the screw a bit. I cut the edge to make it go in and out easier.

hello there. I just checked your image and wow,, didnt realized till now that some people have Y-axis screw on the right side of the track, cause mine has it on left side and had no problem opening the draw.
I gotta fix edge for some milimeters, for everyone's good..
can you tell me how much .. milimeters to cut? like approximately?

4-5mm will work, maybe even less. the tray is loose fit so it isnt really problematic. I realaized some time ago that there are in fact at least 2 versions of Ender3s that have quite different appearances. I guess i have a rather new model since many things got improved as far as i can see.

I also have about 8mm space left at the top before the wheels start. so theoretically some space left :)

Thanks for sharing !

Np, btw nice video. Just saw it now :)
Ur tray seems to be fitting more tightly in that video than at my place. Any idea why?

thanks, actually I fixed the design to be bit more tightened. I uploaded file after actual print and test. does it too tight for you?

Currently i am not planning to print the new tray, i ll give it a go in a few days then i ll answer u more detailed. The initial version was quite loose ,tho.

yeah true, I thought it should not be too loose. good luck!

Hi, thanks for the design. I printed it with very rough settings (0.3, 100ms/s) which worked out ok. The adapters for the 40x40 profiles dont fit so well i think, and i guess a more loose design of the rails would help. In addition at least for my Ender 3 the tray was hitting the Y - belt tensioner. so i removed 5mm from the edge with pliers :)
I also thought about remixing this design to make the boxes diagonal, which whould help with more tools. An additional 5mm height would work too i guess.
nonetheless, its working for me. luxury problems :-)

Hi there. I just added a new drawer design for diagonal space version, which is great idea for those who have long tools (15cm max).
and loosen v-slot little bit, but what do you mean that it hits the Y-belt tensioner? because mine is pretty far from the tensioner that they barely close each other. if you send me a picture by an email (gojaykim@gmail.com) then I will try to fix the problems :)
I appreciate for better ideas ! thanks.

Is this ready for use now? I just printed the old version and went here for installation instructions and saw that you updated it, looks really nice and would love to have it on my printer

yup, I just forgot to uncheck 'work-in-progress' check box. so, yeah I think it is good to go right now with new updates regarding airvent blocking problem fixed and ensuring the space for ribbon cable.

Great! I'll print it again now.
I'm gonna put the first print to good use as well, might post a picture or a make when I'm done.

Do you have any tips for installing it? Do I need to remove the display or Y-axis. Tried to just slide the old one in but couldn't get it in easily (But the dimensions seem to be correct).

drawer file updated.

You will need to disassemble the screen parts first. after put the tray in vlost (on right side) than reinstall the screen part again :)

Great! Im using this ribbon cable protector https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2989832
The side one will of course have be removed. Do you know if the back one will fit with the drawer?

Ender 3 LCD ribbon cable cover
Comments deleted.

the backside is not really matter I guess, it may cause the tray move to front little bit, but it is still OK.

Love the design, can't wait to print. Is there a spot for the ribbon cable to feed through/around the back still?

thanks, actually I made one with cable thorugh version, it will be released in a day or two.. hope you not printed yet.

Hi, love the design, and hoping to use it. But, can you tell me if the assembly allows for the exhaust air vents on the cpu box to the left?

well, It depends on what air vents you use with my toolbox design. as long as the air vent on top of the cpu box, it will be ok.

Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, I hadn't spotted the vents on the underside of the motherboard box. Now I can print with confidence!

Very nice! So much more stylish then the open trays found here. @Jayjay87 can you make this with a V-slot on the right side as well? My Ender is raised from the ground because it stands on squashfeet and with V-slots on both sides of the drawer it's better secured.

Wow, thank you so much! Going to print it and when it's done I'll post a make.

thanks, I think that's a good idea to secure the both V-slots. I will try to add another vslot to the other side, and tell you when I finish the design.

Love the design! the main part fits perfectly, now printing the drawer.

Thank you, good luck for printing rest of parts.