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REMIXED - LED light bar holder

by mrnachoman Jul 4, 2018
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I tried a first octolapse with this new amazing setup


It's a small one but a good test.. There's still a stupid shadow line but it's far better then before! At least we can see the hole thing now :)

Some more tweaking is needed.. I think all have to either mount everything on separated dimmer or hook everything on the printer's motherboard/raspberry pi to control all this (I'll most likely go for dimmer tho)

Dice Tower Garden Short
by hetile

your time lapse looks great!

Also what voltage are your LED strips 12V or 5V? I ask because I use a 12V strip that I have wired directly to my printer PSU. when the printer turns on so do my LEDs.

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Thanks! :) I'm getting ready to timelapse the marble machine in the next couple of days (I already printed the pieces) .. :) a 30h+ lapse with your led thing will be magical.. But I'll try to remove the shadow line first.. I guess I'd need to have vertical led or a led strip bellow the cam line but that will probably create a bigger shadow behind it AND it's starting to be quite bright, I'm not sure I can tone it down with the cam setting, there a limit to what I can do.. For sure the led on the hotend are way too bright and the mount just hide too much of the nozzle to be useful.. I'll find a better one..

I used 12v strip but the ender 3 psu is 24v so I'll need to add a buck converter like I did for the raspberry (24v down to 5v), not a big problem I still have 4 left :)

oh 24V PSU on that machine is nice. if you take a few pictures of your machine with a couple dimensions I can see about creating a model for your machine and hopefully assist you in removing the shadow. I'm sure there is something we can mock-up that will get rid of your shadow. happy to help

Edit 2019-03-12
I have completed the LED setup including powering them on the PSU and I found a solution for the diffuse. This thing rock. Thanks again! :)

Thanks for the offer! At this time, I'm still not 100% sure of the final setup.. But I don't know if you've seen my comment bellow (the comment thread is kinda messy):

If you reprint this and have some time, it would be nice to have a tiny end connector for the wire.. A [ shape that would slide in each of the U of the led bar, it would solidify the hole thing and hide the wire :)

As per the light, when I take regular picture, I use a soft-box light.. And these led are super bright, direct light so I tried "softbox-ize" the led using some super high tech sheet of paper and scotch tape.. I'll let you judge the result for yourself.. I can't leave it like that but I'm on to something.. The paper also vibrate like crazy and it make a REALLY annoying paper sound each time the printer start doing lots of tiny moves.. The printer is on a 30h+ print with time lapse, I can't modify the setup at the moment :)

Replacing my black "background" with something more light reflective would probably help too.

There's a snapshot of my current print before the soft-box-ization, the thing and a snapshot after the change.. :)

See full time lapse: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:623627

The 3D Printed Marble Machine #2
by hetile
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hey @mrnachoman

I posted a make of your design and I'm wondering if you could have a look.. The arm and LED holder just don't fit together.. Any Idea ? I printed how it shown on your drawing.. Should the bar be printed vertically ? I could try I should try sanding the "bulb" part but i'm afraid it won't be as stable..

Thanks for the design!

is it the light bar that doesn't clip in the arms? I used LED tape lights for the bar if that's the issue your facing. but your print looks very clean and solid (good job) let me know if there is anything I can help with.

Hi and thanks for the reply!

Yes, the light bar "U" seems to be too small for the arms "O", clip "O" or the little thingy to connect them is also too big.. Did you scale them up before printing?

The "U" shape of the bar is more like a oval shape then a round shape.. I'm not well equipped on the software side but I've aligned the U and the O in cura using the "X-ray" vision and they just won't fit together

Thanks for the comment on the print :)

that's interesting, I'll take a look and see what difference I see when aligning them. I am certain that no scaling was done before I printed them. can you tell me what parts you need corrected so I can take a further look. is it the arms and light bar?


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I'm not 100% sure what's the problem because all the O shape are pretty much exactly 4.3mm and the U shape 3.6mm.. I've attached pictures if you could check in your cad if that matches, it would be nice :) otherwise I guess I could reprint at 119% to match.


Try this LED mount.
I resized it exactly to 4.34mm, the size of your caliper measurement.
Also when looking at the size of the original model you printed it looked to be an exact match of the arm mount. I think this will be better since this is a smaller piece and does not require you to reprint the arms (less filament) ... Let me know how it turns out.
Good luck... :)

Wow! Thank you that's awesome! :)

I will try this as soon as my printer finishes what it's doing.. In about 1.5 days.. :) I think I'll trow one of the original in also just to compare..

This mount will be perfect for my setup.. All my prints are octolapsed and this is the only mount I could find that will provide perfect lighting, and I'll print another one for the back as soon as one works :)

I'll update when installed :)

sounds good, let me know if I can help with anything else. good luck and print on

Print done! :)

I was able to fit the arm into the bar! :) It is a REALLY tight fit (I can't really push arms more then 3-4 cm in but that's more then enough.

Tanks a lot for this fix, I will complete the setup and update my make once done.

Awesome, Glad to hear it fit. sorry for the first model not working. I'm glad you could at least get the 2nd model to push together. can't wait to see your finished product. what kind of printer are you using? just wondering since your first print of the led light mount looked amazing :-)

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@mrnachoman I have updated my make with a first "draft" installation. This was my first contact with led (appart from pre-cut, preset kit with connectors built in) so I'm not 100% sure I can solder wire directly on the led strip like I did.. It look amazing and it's super stable. I am printing a second set of led bar to install on the back of the printer to remove the shadow line. I haven't tried an octolapse yet but the image seems pretty good :)


Some tweaking with the wiring, like connecting all this to the printer's powersupply and I should be done.. :) The small part you see on the print is a led mount for the bulleye..

I'll update my make once I'm done :)

REMIXED - LED light bar holder
by hetile

That came out super nice man!
Good job on the print, I really want to remake mine now in a better quality.. (inspired me bro)
As for soldering straight on the LED strip that's what I did as well. (I think its pretty much whatever you prefer)
Please send me an update when you have both back and front LEDs rocking... I bet its going to look amazing!

Again Nice job on that print... :-)

If you reprint this and have some time, it would be nice to have a tiny end connector for the wire.. A [ shape that would slide in the U of the led bar, it would solidify the hole thing and hide the wire :)

Wiring still need some work.. But here's the setup

I have cut the wire on the back one to test because I still have a shadow line on the bed :)

I realize I didn't like the led strip I had so I ordered a new spool of 2835 led that will be delivered today and I will print a second set to have led on both side of the printer. I will post clean pict and update my make once I'm happy with the result.. I already have a couple of octolapse done using your mount and with a bit of tweaking on the cam (exposure, white balance and saturation) , it's really nice and so much cleaner on the desk where it is! (I was using a led lamp before this). The second mount will remove the shadow created by the X arm!

For the printer, I'm using a really well calibrated ender 3! it's pretty much stock but I added some tl smoother on x, y and e (only had 3 smoother) but appart from a toon of printer upgrade, damper and mount which have no impact on quality, it's pretty much a basic ender 3 printed at 0.2mm

But each time I change filament, I go into my calibration routine and I usually get really nice result and on this print ironing wasn't even on.. :)

Again, thank you for this design and mod! It my be worth printing a 5cm strip of your posted design to see if everyone would have the same issue if they print your posted file! :)

Will update probably in the next 48hours.

cool setup! looks good