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RC Airboat

by RCLifeOn Jul 3, 2018
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Designed this, printed and mounted at the back of RC Airboard, one extra servo controls the trim, not yet tested in the water.

Totally destroyed my airboat, not enough infill i suspect, see https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2465860843445066&set=a.264921720205667&type=3&theater

So i had to cut the motor mount from the boat and made a redesign of the motormount of RCLifeOn design and glued this to the base of the boat.
So if your motormount break off, than here is the solution to salvage your boat, stl file provided.

Designed with FreeCAD and printed with CR-10 full infill and 0.2 nozzle with PLA.

Result is here:


I hope other people find this usefull.

How do you mount the motor? Has someone made a .stl file of a motor mount for this?

Can someone split this in half, or is that not a good idea?

This boat turned out awesome :D. I wanted a camera for my FPV aswell. Now I only need to test in water ;)

This is cool man nice. I put it on my ender3 and had to scale it down to 64% to get it to fit. I did't print it yet don't know if I can find the parts I need to make it work that small. Sure I can though. Anyone else printed it scaled down.

Hi ! Just need to know if we have to activate the vase mod before printing ? Cause in Cura at 0.30 and infil 20% I've got for 2 Day and 9 Hours, can you help me for the settings please ? ^^

Hi could i print this on a ender 3. the router seens to be y 60cm x 8.4cm z 42.38
what scale factor should i use?

Comments deleted.

the hinge in the stl only seems to have one half! in the preview they are both there, but when i open it/print it, i only see/get the half that slides into the rudder

Love this Airboat design, spent a week making three more for my friends too. Thanks for the design. Hope you don't mind but I have created a waterproof hatch and some downforce generators as mine was letting in water around the hatch and struggling to get the nose up in the water without extra weight being added on the rear. The links are below if anyone finds them useful:



Waterproof Hatch for RCLifeOn's RC Airboat
Downforce Generator (Spoiler) for RCLifeOn's RC Airboat

hi, i also have a cr 10 printed and want to print this, the only question i have is it it possible to put a stronger motor and bigger battery on this boat?

Hey what did you guys and gals use to bind the hinges together? paperclip seems too big.

Awesome boat and it goes amazingly!

I have alot of 2205 2300 kv brushless motors but none of them had the little stand to fit on the motormount so for those who fancy i designed a motor plate with sinked in holes which you give a 4mm support to cover the inner circle and you got a perfect mount

tack Simon

Hey what Motor mount did you use?

I create a lid for the lips compartment that can be used until RCLifeOn uploads his original. You can find it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2998893

I included the STL and the Fusion 360 file. I drew the design by importing the STL for the boat and using it as a reference.

Compartment door for RCLifeOn Boat
by jpasqua

The LiPo hatch can be found on the split version for now guys ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2989465 ).

RC Airboat Split

thanks! i needed that

Great design. Thanks for sharing!

also enjoy your youtube channel, keep it up!

can you supply files for the door?

Hey Simon,

Has the door issue thing been fixed ?

Printed fine on my Prusa MK2s after I cut it in half with slic3r. 27 hours with .6 nozzel at .3mm

Looks pretty cool. Can you update it with the RC lipo door cause it's missing. I see on the video that it should be printed with the main body and maybe cut out after but it is missing.
Thank you for the great job and thank you for your youtube channel.

Hello RCLifeOn,

How can i print Rudder STL file ? There is space between the printer bed and the rudder.

Thanks ;)

It lacks a file, for the opening of the Lipo.

looks like a bunch of fun, unfortunately it won't fit on my printer sounds like an excuse to upgrade.

Very cool, good work,
but has the modification of the lower engine bench as in the video or is it high without modification?

Hi man, yeah the modification has been done. The motor mount now only fits 5 inch propellers.

ok, thank you.

i want to print this badboy but is there no door for the lipo? :S

Yeah also noticed the lack of door. Could take the model into fusion or similar and just measure the opening? This is queued up as my next print!

yea ofcourse we guys can fix it areself but yea rclifeon is a awesome guy and the stl is probably somewhere so yea would be nice i think if he uploaded :D

Incredible design. I might try cutting it in half to print it on my Prusa MK2.5.

did you manage to print it? i am also limited on print space.

I'm going to split it into some smaller pieces. If it's cool with him I'll post the remix. Not sure when I'll get around to it, but I really want to build one of these. My Bed is only 205 x 180 x 180. I'm hoping it will print in 4 main hull pieces, plus the motor boom and the hinges and the hatch door. We'll see...

Yup, totally making one of these! Can't wait to post up the results. Thanks for the awesome share.