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by virtox Sep 6, 2012
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Two failure exactly at the same spot, two third of the way throught... I'm waiting for my patience to rebuild a little bit before trying again..

I printed this was to see if my printer could turn out something that was not angular. The Anet A8 handled the smooth curves really well
but Cura said that this was going to be a 9:37 print. Turned out to be a 24 hour print! Can't say why the program got the time so wrong.

This light is a beauty, not only because of the shape, but because of the different filament choices one can use to create something really striking. I'm printing out the box stand now in translucent black.

Just a few of the settings for the Eno print, even though it really doesn't matter what I've chosen, Cura should not have been so wrong. It got the weight spot on though.

Cura 2.6.1
Res: .2
Wall thickness: .8
Infill: 25% Zig Zag
Print temp: 245c
Speed: 45
Cooling: 80%

Thanks for taking the time to produce a really great design.

very pleasing design, enjoyable to look at it
Thanks for sharing.

Comments deleted.

What printer are you using?

What does it mean when the comment section is flushed?

Nothing much, I was trying to defuse a hot situation by moving some comments out of the focus :-)

made in Rhino/grasshopper? Would love to see your source files...

I guess it's similar, I used some custom c++ code. Can't share more than this, as I need to make a living. And for what it's worth, this is "the" source file as it outputs directly to ply/stl.

cool. You could probably buy an inexpensive ikea lamp to put inside

Yes, IKEA Dioder and similar LED's now available work very well!

Flushing comment section ;-)

--- Dear Thingiverse users, this issue was resolved long ago, as I
had commented on Thingiverse as well long ago. I do not agree with his
amendment on that link, so my reaction is below. I consider this case closed.
Please leave this guy alone :-) --
My response to his "chain of events":
I am truly sorry about the blow-back from Thingiverse, that is out of my control.
Thingiverse decided to feature this design this week, so I expect this may have fueled a spike.
I will see what I can do.
But I find your comments and description of events, incorrect and tasteless. And I though we resolved this.
I would NEVER have published the file on Cubify, if the licenses under which I normally publish would be affected.
I am a designer who works hard for a living. I am willing to share but not "give away" my rights or business.
"I had reviewed the terms and conditions prior to purchasing the file,
and even had another person do so. At the time I was well within my
rights to print and offer this product for sale. I had viewed this as an
exchange of value – I send the designer money, they provide me with a
file in exchange for my money."
Seriously you paid a max of $5 or so for this file? (I think was actually closer to $1?)
You expect a full commercial exploitation form an investment that low?
It was NEVER intended for commercial use and I am sorry you missed this in the Cubify t&c.
It has always been there.
only thing I changed, as a result of your confusion, was update the
product description to make this clearer to users not taking the time to
read the official Cubify T&C.
And you original reaction: "I
had originally purchased the files at Cubify and assumed that since they
were purchased that the purchased file allowed for resale, similar to
distributing a physical item.
What would I need to do to acquire a commercial license to continue offering the designs in my shop?"
My response to that was:
"I understand the confusion, but it is comparable to other copyrighted
works like e-books.
In such case you would also not be allowed to print and then sell copies.
For your information:
I also had to "report" the items to Etsy, as I am required to report any
infringements to the hosting site as well.
But I specifically mentioned I would be contacting you myself to resolve
Should they contact you, you may show them this email that we are
resolving the issue"
Best regards,
Stijn van der Linden

Hmm no that is not me :-/ Thanks for the heads-up :-) I'll contact them right away!

that shit makes my blood boil!! we offer our work for the good of others...and some is always there to RIP you OFF!! good luck with it!!

I got a friendly response, it was a misunderstanding and will be resolved quickly! :-)
Thanks again for the heads up, really appreciate it! :-)

great work, I really love the shy light, but the 16mb file just won't import into tinkercad....any chance of a smaller file or low poly file?? I would love to print this...;) thx again Kerry

You can use meshlab to reduce polycount/filesize: filters->remeshing->quadric edge collapse decimation.
But tinkercad? What would you use that for with regard to printing? (curious/learning)

I just tied it same size, direct into printer, worked great..thx for the help...K

It should, as I testprint my designs on an Up! ;-)

its looks AMAZING!! I did it in crystal clear, as a prezzy for my mother in law...will snap a pic tomorrow...;)

Great info!! thx again!! I am learning, and find tinker great for chopping up and re-scaling STLs, its very quick and super easy to do, also I do my combining of STLs as my UP printers 'merge command' does funny things...

I made this a little shorter, printed it with natural PLA, and put it on top of the electronics from a conference give-away to make a cool multi-colored lamp. Video here: http://youtu.be/ygiFgISZ_9ghttp://youtu.be/ygiFgISZ_9g

I just made my own heated chamber for the Mendel90 specifically so that I could print this great design. My first attempts failed for various reasons (came unstuck; excessive stringing; ugly surface). Finally, I managed to get Kisslicer to produce some great looking gcode and tried printing it in black ABS. It finished OK but with terrible delamination cracks in several places.
Today, I tried printing it in natural ABS in the chamber at 35 C. This time it was a great success and looks fabulous with a multicolour LED inside it.

Wow, this is really cool! I'm not usually into some of the decorative stuff here on Thingiverse, but I might have to print this out :)


It makes me wonder if it could be incorporated into a polyhedron room-light. (mrule-style)

Oooooh, or maybe used for a sexy beacon-light.