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English and Spanish Mini CNC Plotter With CNC SHIELD, Arduino and Step motor 28BYJ-28

by lolivet Jul 1, 2018
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Me pudieras decir las medidas promedio de cada una de las piezas.

Muy buen proyecto!!.... una pregunta... porque hackear los motores?.... por hay he visto otros que no lo hacen... es por algo en especial?

Muchas gracias amigo, te comento, que los motores, fuero hackeados para poderlos usar con driver usando una shield cnc para arduino. al tener 5 cables el step es un motor unipolar, osea que cada bobina puede ser independiente y para ello se usa un tipo especial de IC mosfet, para controlarlo. pero para esta CNC se usa un motor BIPOLAR. y para ellos, nada mas es de romper el pin comun (tierra) de todos, para poderlo convertir en bipolar y que se conviertan en 2 bobinas separadas dentro del motor.

Saludos amigo.

Una pregunta las fajas y los engranes de los stepper donde los compraste aquí en Guatemala o de dónde las sacaste .?

Que tal amigo, muchos gusto. saludos desde Jutiapa. podes buscar en facebook la pagina Electronica y Robotica Hi-Tech. ahi te venden ambos.

What is the diameter of rods?

3mm they are bike spoke (from te wheels)

Sorry for my english :V

Thank you very much :D

I would love an English Summary of this project. My Spanish really sucks :-)

im really so sorry, but my english sucks too xD.... and i dont want traduce it from google. cause. it fails a lot.
but im working on english version.

I used google and manage to get this out of it (English is not my native language either). Please feel free to use it if you want.

Welcome to the Hi-Tech Electronics and Robotics tutorial to assemble our own small CNC machine for plotting or
mill PCB boards

First we must have all the printed pieces which must have the following order:

1 pcs Splindle Holder
1 pcs Y Slider Rail Unidos
4 pcs Yaxis Rail Holder Mod
1 pcs Y Motor Mount
1 pcs X Motor Mount
1 pcs Soporte para Lapiz
1 pcs Z AXIS MOTOR Couplingmod

NOTE: All parts must be printed at 50% infill with a resolution of
0.25mm (Layer Hight), 2 perimeters, 3 Top Solid Layers and 3 Bottom Solid Layer.
If you want us to print it, it would be for a price of: Q410.00

List of electronic and mechanical components of the CNC

1 pcs CNC Shield with Arduino Uno R3 and 3 Original A4988 Drivers (Q350.00)
3 pcs Stepper motors 28byj-48 hacked (Q45.00 C / U)
1 pcs 9V Power Supply (Printer Source Q85.00)
1 pcs 2 meters of toothed belt GT2 with 2 toothed pulleys (Q100.00)
2 pcs 608z circular bearings without printing (Q30.00 C / U)
28 Screws with nut M3 (Q2.50 C / U)
10 Screws with nut M5 (Q2.75 C / U)

NOTE: for the circular bearings, look for the pulley on the thing that you like the most.

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Assembly instructions watch the video.


tanks a lot bro. tank tankt tanks

en un par de dias, subire un video de la maquina trabajando. espero les guste, y revienten su pulgar arriba. gracias.

Obviously it's not the sturdiest, most accurate thing in the world, given its simplicity and majority plastic, but how well does it perform. Is it a viable CNC machine for a garage based workshop? Or is it more for design experience and education purposes?

hi, tanks for comment, it have both purposes, to educational experience and garage based workshop, im lefting the sketchup files, to change the holes diameters, so you can make this with biggers steel rods, like 8mm. here in my country is to hard to get 8mm steel rods, so i take what i have to hand, and make it. it works perfectly for Plotter, Laser, or PCB design. but im working to gets this more stronge and smooth as at possible. the speed is not the best, but it work . the accurate is 1mm. and it use GRBL. so you can upgrade what you wants about the proyect.

tanks for your likes. i hope it can help to yours projects. saludos amigo

PD... sorry for my english O.o

Makes me wonder if you can using a 256 stepping driver to improve the accuracy even more for those simple motors.

You can try do it. im using CNC shield for arduino Uno. and put. DVR8825 Step Driver. is the best i know. i have some problem with the Vref. but. using a Multimeter, i can take a perfect Vref and Amp out... I put the files for you can upgrade to Nema17... im from Guatemala. and here cant buy. and buy it out from guatemala (EEUU) it cost tooo much. like 100USD for each motors (the parcel and tax. are to high here).

Sorry for my english.

Un trabajo muy interesante que muy posiblemente construya. El link del video no funciona seria muy interesante verlo así como un video de su funcionamiento. Un buen trabajo.

Gracias por tu comentario amigo, fijate que aun se estaba subiendo el video, cuando cree este post. Pero ya debería estar funcionando. Cualquier cosa en el post deje el Link directo a YouTube, para que lo puedas ver. Saludos.