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Removable shopping trolley token for Australia

by rekrapd Sep 5, 2012
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Works perfectly in every trolley I've tried so far in Australia. Thank you!

made one in Melbourne Australia thanks mate

Cashiers in supermarkets in Spain all have one of this made in metal, so they can free a trolley for you if you lack change. When I looked it up I was happy to see many people had had the same need before... ;-)

works perfectly! thanks mate.

I get the point of the coin-operated mechanisms, but when retailers are encouraging us to use contactless debit and credit payments locking carts down to coins is a little perverse... I could really use one of these (one sized for a Canadian quarter, and one for a "loonie" $1 CDN coin) on accessibility grounds. With the rise of debit and credit payment at grocery stores, I rarely have pocket change handy but often require a cart now that an injury has made it difficult for me to navigate the store easily with a backpack, cane, hand-held basket, etc.
What denomination coin or size token is this slug designed to substitute? A customizable version for different regions (with different coin sizes) would be highly desirable.

This specific Key-chain Token is based on a coin with a diameter of 25 mm (radius 12.5 mm) and a depth of 3 mm.

You can find coin diameters on Wikipedia and use 123D Design or Tinkercad (or other 3d modelling program) to make an equivalent Trolley Token.

Cheers - Adam.

Made it and it works perfectly. I was printing them at a "men's shed" night recently and I couldn't keep up with demand. I was the source of much amusement. Small things amuse small minds hey !

I'm really glad that they don't have those stupid trolly locks where I live. We just pay more for our food so they can afford to hire someone to go around a return the trolleys for us (unless we're nice). Still I'm not sure why your wife can't bring the kids with her to return the trolley and then put them in the car after. Is one of them too young to walk on their own?

The clue was in the word "baby".

I had no idea what a trolly lock was, but i found a video. http://youtu.be/k7Ek-BkOfo4http://youtu.be/k7Ek-BkOfo4

In the US, Aldi's, a german grocery chain.

It is a global chain based in Germany.

Here in SA the coin thing is not a deterrent (and therefore not common). They take the trolley, coin and all and disassemble the whole assembly somewhere else - with extra parts left over to build a custom recycling trolley 8-)

Instead the car guards come to collect the trolley from you, and I tip them the R5 to take it back for me. Win-Win.

I might make one for when I go to Germany though

Do they not have trolley parks around the car park that you put your trolley in after you have unloaded your shopping and then some supermarket person goes round and collects them? I don't get what the chain is for - are you ment to lock your trolley up after use? I saw an American once tow his lawn mover along the street with his car =-X please don't tell me thats what you do with your shopping trolleys! I agree with Dogbert, but obiviously I don't have any need for one here in Auckland, though we do have trolleys with automatic wheel clamps if you try to take it outside the carpark

Some stores require a coin deposit to take/use one of their shopping carts. The concept is to a) get the customers to bring them back, saving on staffing rounding them up and 2) prevent them from being taken, when loose in the parking lots. Where this is method is scarce, it chases away customers, to their competitors' stores.

You absolute Legend!!!

I was thinking about making these for a while after i saw a trolley boy use one similar.

Thankyou for designing and posting! It's these little things that make life easier that really show what thingiverse is all about! :)