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Ender 3 - Safe & Silent Board Chassis Cover incl. Fan Guard

by OderWat Jun 28, 2018
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Would there be any issues. If I print this on PLA?


Great design, thank you ! I tried using it with a mks gen L case (that uses the stock cover) because i was trying to fit a quieter and more powerful 60mm fan. however the 60x60x16 fan is too "deep" and touches the tmc 2208 stepper driver heat sinks. could it be possible to adapt the "roof" part to add a little recess (5-6mm should do i guess) so the fan sits a little higher ? that would be awesome. thanks have a good day

M3x15 Pushclip For 40mm Fan

Just as an FYI for anyone else... the screws that came stock with the board fan on my Ender-3 don't work with this mod. They're M3x10 screws, and are designed to screw into raised metal fittings on the underside of the stock metal cover of the enclosure. Since this model doesn't have raised fittings, just holes, the M3x10 screws aren't long enough to secure the fan. They can't reach the holes, and even if they did, there's nothing to secure them to!

So anyone who prints this, be aware, you're going to need M3x15 (or a similar length) as well as M3 nuts to secure the fan onto the underside of the cover. You might be able to jimmy something else together if you've got the spare parts. Wish I'd realized this before I spent the hours printing this piece, but there you have it.

Just spent 7 hours on the first piece, now the last... can we use the original bolts?

I think you can. I already had exchanged the ones from the fan before though. 7 hours? That must be a beauty :)

No the original bolts are too short because the stock metal frames have two raised posts.

Maybe try these?


M3x15 Pushclip For 40mm Fan

my damn bed is warped so it sadly it lifted off the bed at one end :(, only just realised you could put the flow speed up by using the dial when it's running lol, thanks for the model

Hi @OderWat,

Very nice design, I have to upgrade the @Admant77 version to this one.
Could you please adapt it to fit a 60mm fan to be quieter than stock 40mm ?
After modding the psu from 60mm to 92mm fan would like to do this for chassis.

As well, can you explain how to get the two pieces together ?

Many thanks

I just added an (untested) version for a 60 mm fan. For getting the pieces together you may consider some drops of glue.

BTW: I replaced the hot-end cooling fan and the motherboard fan with 40 mm Noctua 12v fans which I connected in series to the same connector the hotend fan runs of. This is very quiet and both fans will run when the printer is on. Normally the board fan is attached to the cooling fan speed, which is totally pointless.

Nice! I liked the original, and you made it even better! Now I like the newest revision.

Would you consider a suggestion for the flat plate: to round/chamfer the left edge on the top side also, similar to the front edge? The right and back edge can stay as-is (or you can do them too for consistency, but entirely up to you) but the front and left edges are the ones we most likely see or touch :)

I added some rounding to top edges of the plate and made some insets for the nuts. Later ones let you unscrew and change the fan even after glueing the roof onto the plate.

Wow! Didn't think you would get to it so quickly! Thank you! now to print it :)

Hi. Thank you. The rounded edge on the front was not even planned to be there. It was a left over from the rounded edges for more silent operations as the opening was still at the front. But I see what you mean. I will add the same to all of the edges. I wanted to round the cable hole on the right a bit anyway.

Well most people like to have options. I think you should have both, then you can see which design is most popular. Lol

I don't consider this as reason actually. Having options is fine and dandy. But I believe there should be some reason for them too.I also would want to create a new "front facing" version then. The first one had some problems, like being a bit thin and having quiet low tolerances for sticking the parts together. I also did not like that the indents where going up to the edge of the plate.

well I'll be one of the few to have both designs to post after printing lol

I was wondering if I want to keep both on the site. But I don't see any reason for using the earlier one. What do you think? Should I make both available?

I think this is the best design yet.. well that's my opinion. lol

Thank you. To bad I just completely changed it ;-) Hope you will like the final one too :)