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Fillament Welding Clamp

by easyrider1984 Jun 28, 2018
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Printed this some time ago but have just used it for the first time. It was very easy to use and seems to have worked well, though the "weld" hasn't got all the way to extruder yet. I'll know more in a half-hour or so.

I used a hot-knife blade to heat the filament ends for the weld and it worked fine. Lots of flash that had to be trimmed, filed and sanded to get everything <= 1.75 mm, but that was expected.

This seems like a good and useful tool - maybe not an everyday item but when you need it, it's a blessing to have it available. Unless it jams in the extruder, it will have saved a four hour print job.

EDIT: Job completed and the weld passed through the extruder without complaint. Life is good.

it works great, thank you

Is this what I need to print?
1@Clamp-L (depending on size)
1@Clamp-R (depending on size)
1@Pivot insert
1@Filament locator (depending on size)
Is that right?

Also, is it best to print these in the orientations shown? Is it recommended to use supports?

2@Pivot insert
Print with default orientations, no support.

Argh... Just finished printing the set this morning. Now I need to wait and print another pivot. Good thing it's small and quick to print. Thanks for following up! Are there any diagrams or videos explaining how to assemble? I think I get most of it, but not sure where to put the pivot inserts

Can't seem to get the nut & bolt to work together. Printed it 3 times. Anyone else run into issues with the nut and bolt screwing together?
Love the theory of this. Hope to get it working. Thanks!!

I had the same problem when printing the nuts at Normal 0.2 mm layer height in Cura. When I changed it to High 0.1 mm layer height the nuts looked perfect and I was able to screw them together easily.

Nice design. Useful tool.
Thanks for sharing.

Hello Vincent,
Thank you for sharing this tool. What a great idea. So simple and efficient!

Can't use it,can you add me 微信,catter1234

That is a very very good idea. Love 3d prints that help make 3d printing better. Thanks.

Бесполезная модель. Спайка либо слабая, либо кривая и застрянет при печати. Не подходит для выполнения из PLA, всю модель приходится дорабатывать после распечатки (видимо разрабатывалась для ABS с большой усадкой). Инструкция не о чем, видео нет.

Anyone actually tried this yet can confirm if it actually works?
I'm running a kossel with a bowden extruder, would have to be a pretty strong weld to survive the tube...

I successfully used in on my Ender 3, the joints feel very solid when done right.

Fillament Welding Clamp

I have tried it with anycubic 4MAX, the welding joints are good. I attached the printing photo.
I welded the fillament with a soldering iron, set to 250°C

Someone please post a video of the process!! :D

I printed this the other day, and I ran into a problem. The fusing process seems to go fine, forms a strong-feeling joint. However, when that joint got to the extruder motor today it seems that it just broke in the hotend and is not extruding. Is there a way to strengthen the joint any more? I heated up a knife until it was just under red-hot, and made sure the ends had plenty of overlap (I'm not using the middle piece, not enough overlap for me)

Are you using a long range extruder? Maybe the welding joint can hardly survive extrude gears, short range might help.
I'm not sure about the perfect welding temperature, maybe too hot would make the material decompose and weaken the joint.

My printer is an i3 clone, so the extruder motor is basically right on top of the hotend. As for temperature, it could be too hot like you mentioned. Next time I'm going to try and use heat to smooth down the excess, instead of just cutting it off. Maybe it will add some additional strength?

do i need to print some parts more than once? how should i assemble it? idk what to do man

you need to print the blot and nut twice

Cool idea.
Bevor I will print it, can you please tell me how to get off the middle peace (picture 2) after successfull welding?
Ok, easily if you just have small pieces to weld.
Many thanks.

The middle piece should be removed before welding. With it you can easily fit the fillament into correct position.

can someone make a video of this thing in use ?

has anyone tried acetone welding it with this yet? just dip a q-tip in acetone and touch both ends of filament and it should bond without any puddling like heat. if it works that is.

If it is PLA you should try 99,9% Cloroform to weld, the cloroform works great fot pla welding, but for this purpose idk if it will work

maybe it can works with abs, some doubt with pla

No doubt - it absolutely does not work with PLA.

génial, on va pouvoir utilisé les chutes, ça fonctionne nikel.

can you upload video to youtube that explains and shows the whole procedure ?

I am in China and youtube is blocked by the great fire wall...
If you can find videos about hot plate welding, this tool works about the same procedure.

Can you use another video host? vimeo etc or as I know there is youtube analog in China/

Make a video explaining how it works.
It is not easy to see how it works.

Well I tryed my "second join" but when I try to remove fused filament joint breaks..any suggestion?

Welding strength depends on temperature and pressure. (mostly temperature I think)
Try to use hotter sheet metal, do it faster.
Also notice that if the fillament is melted too much on the sheet metal, there wouldn’t be enough overlap length to form the pressure.

Thank you, good project. I'm printing it and I'm looking forward to join all filament pieces I have.
Just a suggestion, if you round corners on handle it may be more ergonomic

Thanks for the advice. Radius added.

This is great. I am thinking about printing it.
But how do you precisely "chop off the excessive material around the welding joint"? Can you give me some pointers on that?
Thanks a lot
for your great design.

That's a good question.
I'm working on designing some kit to make it easier.
For now I just chop it with utility knife, carefully and slowly.

Any chance you could be make the alignment locator to fit 3mm filament.?

I really love the design especially the spring.

As you wish.
3mm version uploaded.
I don't have any 3mm fillament so I can't test it. If there is any problem please let me know and I'll fix it.