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Delorean clock - Back to the future style

by Premium95 Jun 27, 2018
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Any explanation why the middle yellow screen turns off every once in a while (once a week)? Though it was a connections issue, checked everything. Thing that solves it every time, is removing the powerplug and re-inserting it.

I also noticed that the clock is running a little ahead. About 2 min in about 3 weeks. Any way to prevent that? Besides re-uploading the code.

Hi all, thank you for sharing. I have a problem, I only have the 3rd lines that are displayed. From time to time, little things appear on the other lines. I checked the connections several times. I think it comes from a lack of power. If you could help me thank you.


Which screws did you use ?


Hi, there is no screws just glue

Please, can you re-post an updated circuit diagram showing the correct wiring for the Red, Yell and Green 5mm leds?

Just hoping someone may have had luck connecting a ESP8266 to this for NTP perhaps already?

e.g. https://www.geekstips.com/arduino-time-sync-ntp-server-esp8266-udp/

I've just finished printing and painting and looking forward to finishing it off.

Hello !
I'm the alone to have a power issue ? When I plug 5 screens it's ok, but if I plug more, it seems I'm out of power...
I've tried to use a power full USB adaptor but without luck

Any idea ?

if the voltage is applied through arduino, then remove the protective diode from the board, just put a jumper in its place

Thank you
I've made it to work by connecting the power plug to the 5v pin of arduino

Hello everyone,
Where can i find the right Aduino code please?


The same thing happened to me... Your not the only one...... Its in the files part when your download for 3-D printing

No problem man hope you get ur thing working

Comments deleted.

Could you rewrite the code to fit and adafruit seven segment shield
Thats the link above
Let me know. Thanks!

What's solution about led off ? ppl said about " .Quick note , try removing those 2 capacitors (Or replacing them with 100 pF) if the display doesn’t work." But i am not so good with solder ...

Any ppl had try to put a internet connected module ? ?

Hi. Where it is possible the project completely?

Hi.....I can not understand how to connect the red and yellow LEDs. in the diagram there are 2 LEDs for each clock and only one is connected, how should they be connected? does anyone have a more detailed diagram?

I wondered too: They are not connected, always off.

Hi.. i'm building my 2nd clock for a friend, the first one is working fine.
But on the 2nd one, i have trouble with the clockwire on green from A1, i can sync to display on D5 and it shows the current date.
When I connect through series in the display to the display D6, everything stops working. I have narrowed it down to when I remove the clockwire on the D6 display and restarts, it all works again. Why can I only get one display working?

I have of course looked for shorts, and I have also replaced the displays to another. But same on all. I can only run clock on one display.
Any ideas?

Im also having exactly the same problem, I can only run one of the green displays at a time, all three work on there own but as soon as I connect the A1 wire to more then one display none work.

I’ve been looking at building this for a long time now. But I’ve got no experience using arduino. Is it as simple as copying the code and pasting it into the software & uploading it?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Yes but you have to click upload and select board in the "tools" tab

Hello, question, when I use the 5 v 1 amp plug, one segment after a while it turns off(the green month and day) I changed the segment, I also moved them around and still does it, I changed the nano and same,change the rtc clock and same, but funny thing is that when I plug it on the computer usb it does not turn off, i had it for 3 days now.. You guys think it might be the code?, any suggestions?

I am having a very similar issue. Only it's the current time clock in the green row plus month/day and time in the yellow row. If I unplug the clock and then plug it back in they all light up perfectly. Although they seem to pulsate ever so slightly. They stay lit for several hours and then they go out. I bought the exact power adapter suggested. Could it be possible it just isn't getting enough juice?

Doubt it, I made three (two small one big) and all three at one point one segment goes off,i left them alone for a week(off) i just plugged two of them and they stayed on for three days..I did use all kinds of power sources(batteries,amps,usb,etc) I got fed up,All l can think of is crappy segments..Quick note , try removing those 2 capacitors (Or replacing them with 100 pF) if the display doesn’t work.

this is really useful! after removing the capacitors, the displays are working. Thanks!!!

YESS, i removed the two capacitors and now work! (probably interference from the flux capacitor ;) Thanks Hewito!!

No problem!, everybody here has been just as helpful with me.

The displays all work. If I unplug and then plug it back in, all the displays come on and stay on for hours. However, sooner or later I will notice one or two segments have turned off. Unplug and plug back in and everything is fine again for a few hours. Just makes me wonder if 9 of the displays, plus the am/pm led's, plus the rtc are just on the border of drawing more power than the usb can provide. Not an electrical engineer so i'm probably just talking out of my ass.

Try and buy another power adapter, I noticed those cheap ones have sometimes a weird way to deliver the power, try that.

Love it! Am a huge fan of BTTF. I'm printing it right now. What (paint) did you use to get it to this metal like material?

Ho everybody,

Is there a way to reduce the luminosity of the red, yellow and green led (AM/PM leds)

Thanks !

Hi, you can change the resistors. Use a 510 ohm, 680 omh or even 1 kohm. Higher resistance will lower the luminosity (current)

I will like to thank everybody here, great inspiration and lots of great minds.


There is a you tube link,you can see it there..Let me know.

Class video. The project is interesting to me. Scheme of connection, firmware file.

I would like to see your project

Wow thats looks and sounds great !

Hi Guys, I can't get the clock screens to work. I feel like I've plugged everything in and the screen modules are well powered (I have the little green LED on the back that lights up) but nothing on the screens.
I uploaded the code on the Arduino with no error but nothing happens.
The clock is connected to my computer with USB.

Thanks for your help.

Hello, I worked with the arduino code for 4 days because my knowledge is almost zero. I was able to figure it out and I am sure its the code that is not working for you.Everybody here has been super helpful but since most are experts,it seems they all figure out a way to make it work, and it seems there all of different.. Try this code(you might have a delay since i put it to match a soundboard I installed and also it has the rtc re commented).

Which sound board? You have a Link to the parts and Sound file maybe? Thx

Hi, Thks for your help. I may have found the problème. The RTC module i bought is not the same and when I unplugged it the screens works... I ve juste bought another one to check...

Comments deleted.


someone knows the font used for the labels?


So i am now having an issue where only 2 of the led's in the green row light up. All the others light up with correct info including red and yellow. I saw someone comment below having the same issue but am confused how he fixed it. It seems like he is only using one row from the explanation. Anyone else experience this?

Here is the list from aliexpress with small displays..
Power Adapter DC 5V 9V 12V 24V 1A 2A 3A Adaptor 220V To 5 V 12 V Volt Charger Supply Universal Switching EU US Plug 220V To 12V
375PCS 3MM 5MM LED Light Emitting Diode Beads Resistance Lights Bulb Lamp DIY Kits
4-Digit LED 0.36" Display Tube (decimal), 7-segments GREEN, TM1637, disp. size 30x14mm
Nano V3.0 ATmega328P 5V CH340 16M Micro Controller Board Module for arduino Nano 3.0
I2C RTC DS1307 AT24C32 Real Time Clock Module 51 AVR ARM PIC FOR arduino

Comments deleted.

OK. A few things with this...
1 - The back plate doesn't have a hole for power. The attached .stl is a new back plate with a hole for a standard USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 type B socket.
2 - If you want the LED panels to fit flush after you've soldered header pins on, you'll need to dremmel a bit out of the panel.
3 - Other than glue, there is no way of securing the LED modules to the panel.
4 - In this clock, the top and bottom clocks don't change and the LEDs are hard-wired. Using a DS3231 or DS1307 RTC, you could display Alarm 1 and Alarm 2 times and state (on/off) on the 7-segments and LEDs.
5 - After playing with the LED modules, I have found that the clock and data lines can be multiplexed. The wiring diagram shows 3 clock lines and 9 data lines (i.e. a total of 12 pins) for the 7-segment modules. It is possible to wire them up using only 6 pins - three clock lines and three data lines. Add the I2C RTC and an I2C port expander for the six standalone LEDs and a few buttons and you only need 8 pins to drive the whole lot. This makes using an ESPxxx a viable option.

I am thinking about re-designing this with a more friendly panel (screw/clip in modules, larger cable ducts) and software that enables all three rows of clocks (with a demo mode to show the BTTF times, of course)...

I'm just thinking on an ESP8266 version by using a MCP23017 for digital port expansion.
However, due to the fact, that the ESP8266 has only one A0 line, is there any reason against to combine the A0-A2 lines to the A0 of the ESP8266? Or is there any other way to multiplex the clock lines?

The clock lines don't need to be analogue - you can use any available pin(s).

Does anyone know if it is possbile to use the TM1637 display with a MCP23017 ?
Trying here, but without success. Normal LED operations work perfectly on the MCP23017, but when using the pins for the display, only strange symbols in the serial monitor?!
Has there a special library to be used?
Thanks for any hint!

Ahh, Ok. Thanks for this info!

Thanks very much Nicholas.

I'm ready to go with the build, however your multiplexing achievements have me wondering - if we can use an esp8266 potentially, we won't need the RTC - this isn't 1985!!! Instead, it could access an NTP server and have always accurate time! Especially if you'll be using it on wifi already for environmental data which is also a great idea.

Unfortunately I'm not quite skilled enough to code this myself, but there appears to be NTP examples for the esp already out there, and if you or someone else can make it happen, I'd love it if you could post up the code.

I had the same thought, but decided to keep the RTC for two reasons - firstly for the alarms which can be stored on the RTC, secondly having one will mean that it shows the correct time from when it is plugged in and finally, it will carry on working eventually if there's no Internet available.

More modifications. This time I've added space for a DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor. I figure if this is going to connect to the house network, I may as well collect some environmental data while I'm at it. This does mean I can display temperatures on one of the rows (probably internal current (from the DHT22), external current (from an external sensor on the network) and external forecast day high (from an external weather service)). The pics show a small chunk of board I was using for sizing and include a screw hole. I decided to remove the screw-hole as the module was a tight fit (and cheap to replace if I screw it up), so a blob of superglue on the back should be more than sufficient.

hi! great news!
waiting for the newer software I'm starting to print the parts!


where did you get your type b adapter, I can't seem to find one for a reasonable price.

Aliexpress. Search for "USB type b panel". Depending on the end you want they start at about GBP0. 75 (USD1?). I just bought the cheapest and cut the other end off. Watch out because some don't come with screws.

This sounds great. I'm still waiting for the ordered parts, but any upgrade using an ESPxx, incl. time sync from internet, would be nice.

If you use esp-01 you can auto update time from internet...

Hi Guys can you help me with this problem?

The error is the file TimeLib.h no such the file or director but this file there are in the same folder.

Pleas help me

Best regards

i have the exact same issue. need help with this please. not only that, but only 2 of my green led's have power lights on when plugged in. either to usb or a regular adapter.

Hi, here the "TimeLib.h" is in the folder "Time-master" and not in the folder of "DS1307RTC-master".

ok. can we start at the top? when i unzip the files for the arduino from Delorean_clock_libraries.rar, where do i put them? from comments in the thread it reads like unzip the files, plug in your board and hit upload. however there appear to be steps missing and/or there is the assumption everyone trying this has done this a million times. if you could give a noob style guide starting with unzipping the files that would be awesome.

Well, I'm also a noob on Arduino. I just started with this project, too. :)
But I think you must add the libraries via the sketch menu, then the libraries should be at the correct place.
See screenshot (sorry for german language).

Thank you for that. Even in German I was able to figure it out. Here is what I did:

  1. Un_RAR'ed the Delorean_clock_libraries.rar from the files which created a bunch of folders
  2. Created .zip files from those folders except arduino-tm1637-master - you need the one posted further down in the comments or you will get an error code.
  3. In Arduino 1.8.7 I went to Sketch>Include Library>Add .zip Library and then added each .zip file
  4. I was then able to compile the sketch
    I am not however able to upload the sketch. I now get this error:

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x1e

It makes 10 attempts and fails. I have tried:
different usb ports.
different usb cables.
plugged in to a usb hub and directly in to the computer.
i have the latest drivers installed for the board.
i have the correct board checked in arduino and it is trying to use the correct com port.
suggestions appreciated


Changed the processor to ATmega328P (Old Bootloader) and it uploaded and all but one green led works. seems the time led in the green row won't come on. everything else seems to work like it should. so now i just need to figure that one out.

Hi, where can I find the Arduino code? Thanks.

The file code is in the thing filr

The code and the libraries are in the file provided to download.

donde esta el código para arduino?

Comments deleted.

hello to all ... I can not turn on the red segments ... does anyone know how to help me? the greens and the orange light up and work regularly

I just added my make, thank you for sharing this fantastic project ! I really enjoyed building it.
Still having the issue that the someway the RTC does not store the time (I un- and re-commented the set time code in the INO file) as every time I remove the power of the clock time needs to be set.

I also have some issues fixing the displays, they do fit snugly but I need to glue them to keep them in place. But long story short I love the design !

Hey, i ordered the wrong 7-segement displays (the smaller ones) but did not want to send them back, so I made a "mini-version" for the smaller displays. It is OK for you to remix and upload the mini-version?

I was hoping for this, as I also made that mistake with the red version of the displays, where did you order the yellow and green ones cause I would love to make the small version too !

Sure! give me the link when it'll be uploaded.

Hey, this is the mini Version of your wonderful Dolorean Clock https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3156787
Perfect for the smaller 0.36" Displays. I also added some screw mounts for the backcover. Thanks a lot!

Delorean Clock "mini" - Back to the future Style
by moclub

This is great. I made one using only the current time and it works well, but I'm not happy with the accuracy of the RTC module. Could this be made with something like 8266 wifi and update the time automatically from the internet? Can anyone advise on this?

does anyone have any close ups of the wiring to the boards? specifically how you are connecting it all to power. thanks

For power and ground I broke up a cheap electronic breadboard and routed all the 5V and ground connections to that. This kept it a little neater and only required a single ground and 5V cable to power all the displays.

yeah that's probably the way to go. thanks.

How to change green1.printTime(tm.Day, tm.Month, true); to a value without " : "?

Comments deleted.

Is anyone noticing the present time doesn't increment as time passes?

Is your clock module properly wired ? Mine had as well a plastic protecting the battery, so I had to remove that to make it work.

Thanks for responding! Turns out, it was the clock module. I bought another one, and it works perfectly.

Cool to hear !! :)

One thing, I am not clear on is the AM/PM LED wiring. The 2 LEDS without resistors are wired how?

they are not connected, always off.

well that makes perfect sense :)

What orientation did you print do you print the display parts, Top Bottom and Middle, Face down to the bed I assume ??

You can tell by looking at the pictures. The display windows go face down to the bed

I cannot get the present time bar with the green led to show the date. I have no idea how I messed this up or what I am doing wrong here so any help would be appreciated. I attached the picture of what I am seeing.

looks like your first green display is upside down

Comments deleted.

Did anyone manage to solve this problem? I can't seem to get rid of it.
Commenting out the line or removing it does nothing - I still get the same error.

libraries\arduino-tm1637-master\src\SevenSegmentExtended.cpp: In member function 'void SevenSegmentExtended::printTime(uint8_t, uint8_t, bool)':

SevenSegmentExtended.cpp:34:3: error: 'turn' was not declared in this scope

turn colon off and on again


exit status 1
'turn' was not declared in this scope

Got rid of the library from "Arduino" folder in documents, edited the .cpp file separately and added it again to the Arduino software.

Sorry but, what about the PM red and yellow leds? there are no numbers of connection! I can read only D12 and 13 for the green leds!

Because you don't have enough output on the Arduino Nano, that why I connected the red and yellow leds direclty to the 5V.

Tried Nemoros library and it worls for the code.

Now very noob question, but does any one can add photos of the wiring or detailed plan, as I struggle to understand how to figure out things are wired and connected

Want to make this for my wife as a surprise

Many thanks.

Yeah I could also use some help on this as well.

Comments deleted.

How can I set te actual time and start the time module?

You'll see some commented lines at the beginning of the code, these lines are used to upload the hour of your computer in the clock. Once your clock is updated re-comment these lines in such way as to avoid that the arduino search for your system hour when it'll be disconnected from your computer.

so it should get the time by it selve right?

Comments deleted.

I finally got round to assembling the parts and wiring up, having printed out only one of the housings and with code modified to only use the middle row, i.e Green row - current month/day/year/time.
First odd thing is that when I applied power the power led lights up on two of the three LED displays. Even odder is that after uploading the code it was only the one with no power led illuminated that worked - this was the time display (Green3). I swapped the four display cables between displays and ended up with all three working correctly! However, after powering off and on again (Pulling the USB cable) only the time display worked again.
I am powering it all from the USB connector into the Arduino, with all positives joined and all negatives connected together.
I am wondering whether the USB connector can provide enough power for the whole set up.
Can anyone confirm (as also asked by Nemoros) whether this can be powered entirely from the USB cable.
Many thanks. It's a great design and looked fantastic when all displays were working!

hi, are the displays clock well connected to A0,A1 and A2 (three by three) ?
I already used the current from the USB only (500mA max) it works, but the displays blink a bit, it's better to have a 5V/1A power supply.

Hi. Yes, they are all connected via push fit cables (Elegoo Dupont Wires) after having soldered the included pins to all components, so maybe it would be better to switch to all solder connections. The other thing is that I have all common positives and all common negatives joined in two solderless connector blocks so I could solder these and use shrink wrap instead.
Now I know that this is how you power it I will tighten up on my wiring and try again tomorrow.
Thanks again. Once I have it all working I will decide whether to leave the front face of the panel as default or use a thin plate I printed out of transparent filament. I think the displays should be visible enough behind it, and the wood filament used for the rest looks good.
I hope to upload my make photo once I get it all sorted, so thanks again for your help. Great design, great support. What else can anyone ask for :-)

Hi again. I got it fixed, but I had to do some recoding and re-wiring. The arduino wasn't providing the clk signal to all three displays (on my single green row) and could only manage any two of three. I recoded to use A0, A1 and A3 for each individual LED panel and it then worked perfectly. Not really sure whether the problem was with the rating for the clocks on the Arduino but I wanted to note my results in case anyone else had the same issue of only two out of three LED displays working.

I am now having the same issue you did with only 2 out of 3 of my green led's lighting up. I am confused how you fixed it. Are you only running one row of led's?

I can now confirm these worked perfectly. Great value.

Thanks so much for that!! Have ordered all the parts. Just need some grey PLA and I am set

is it possible to power this clock only over USB?

hey, I already used the current from the USB only (500mA max) it works, but the displays blink a bit, it's better to have a 5V/1A power supply.

Comments deleted.

I Tried one of those two libarys (i downt know witch of the two worked) and it workt

thanks, that did it, i first imported TM1637-1.1.0 but had the same error, i imported arduino-tm1637 and it compiled and uploaded without question. i have been trying to beat thing for 5 or so days, i code frequently so have no idea why this one nearly beat me

could you send me your Code of the clock, the one here isnt working and i deleted mine...

Comments deleted.

hey ! I'm sorry to read this. can you try with that library

hi, i replaced the library with that one, still had a couple errors, 2 files it said did not exist so i added them (SevenSegmentExtended.h and TM1637Display.h) which did get me past those two errors but then i still got the error in the attacted file, i would love to build this, always wanted one but it does apear that i am not the only one getting the same error for some weired reason, it would be great if you could come up with some idea as to what is causeing this problem
thanks :)

Comments deleted.
  • I uploaded a new code in "thing files" you can try with that one.

  • Try to make a copy of " arduino-tm1637-master" library in "c:\user\USER_NAME\Documents\Arduino\libraries"

Hi again, I did as you said, i still get an error but its now just \ arduino-tm1637-master\SevenSegmentExtended.cpp:34:3: error: 'turn' was not declared in this scope

turn colon off and on again

in the thing files

I added the librarys then got this error
arduino-1.8.0\libraries\TM1637\src\SevenSegmentExtended.cpp:34:3: error: 'turn' was not declared in this scope

turn colon off and on again

as an update, i did a fresh install on a seperate computer, loaded only the librarys from this project and added the missing TM1637Display.h but have the same error, how did others over come this problem?

same error here !
tested online editor and on my computer

anyhelp or solution ?

no idea, i too tested it online with the arduino online coding thing, 1 laptop and 1 pc but same error, many said they used the librarys in the thing files only but i dont see how when one file is missing and one just dosent work.

Hey, I get an error wen i try to upload the Code to an Arduino... does anyone know how to fix it?
Arduino: 1.8.5 (Windows Store (Windows 10), Board: "Arduino Nano, ATmega328P"

\files\CODE_delorean_clock\CODE_delorean_clock.ino:7:27: fatal error: TM1637Display.h: No such file or directory

include "TM1637Display.h"


compilation terminated.

ive installed all the libaries in the download

Thank you :)

that file was missing in src so i added it from github but it lead to a different error after that

Okay then i try to Download it from there and try it that way Thank you:)

new error
\Arduino\libraries\arduino-tm1637-master\src\SevenSegmentExtended.cpp: In member function 'void SevenSegmentExtended::printTime(uint8_t, uint8_t, bool)':

\Arduino\libraries\arduino-tm1637-master\src\SevenSegmentExtended.cpp:34:3: error: 'turn' was not declared in this scope

turn colon off and on again

Comments deleted.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

  • Sent from 3D Geeks: Thingiverse Browser for Android

this is so cool! i will make them.

Anyone know why I get this error when i click verify in arduino ide:
sketch_aug07a:11: error: 'SevenSegmentExtended' does not name a type
SevenSegmentExtended red1(PIN_CLK_Red, PIN_DIO_R1);

I've attached the entire error code.

After installing and trying different libraries I got it to work. Is there any list of the libraries used for this?

do you have a list of the very same librarys that you got it working with as the librarys in the thing files has one file missing and another says it is not declared in scope, i really wanna make this thing but help here seems abit non existant.
stefi :)

hi, in "Thing Files" that you downloaded, there is an archive "Delorean_clock_libraries" , that contain theoretically all the libraries that you need.

This looks amazing. I’m currently printing it, after cutting the main sections in half to fit on my printer.
Does anyone know if there would be an option to use 14 or 16 segment displays for the month to closer copy the original (Oct instead of 10 etc)?
The displays do exist, but I can’t find anything on a similar board to the displays used here.

Great design/build it looks great. Was wondering if you could give a brief explanation on what you did to get that finish? I see you printed in black filament, but then the final result has a worn metal look to it. Thanks!

thank you, I used metal spray paint and I finished it with "Ironbreaker" Citadel paint. And a last layer with "Lavis" to have that worn effect.

Great project and I just ordered the parts. A few questions regarding the finish:

Which metal spray color did you use? Black?
Did you use Ironbreaker "Metall (chainmail)"?
And what is "Lavis"?

And how did you mount the boxes? By screws or did you glue them?

Awesome design and I am super excited by this! I do have 2 questions though. The first is I see some capacitors on the diagram of assembly. Do I need to add those in as well? I didn't see that in the list of things I needed to buy.

The second and more ignorant question is if there is any instructable or documentation that I could look at that would explain how to do the Arduino part of this build. I am completely new to that side so it would be great to have any ref or direction on what to look at.

Great work! Thanks!

hey !

  • You need 4x 270 ohm resistors (no capacitors needed)
  • For the arduino: You just have to buy it, download the arduino software (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software) and upload my code in the arduino.
    You'll see some commented lines at the beginning of the code, these lines are used to upload the hour of your computer in the clock. Once your clock is updated re-comment these lines in such way as to avoid that the arduino search for your system hour when it'll be disconnected from your computer.

You actually inspired me to post a print that I had for a while now but never got around to uploading. Thanks again!


Back to the Future Delorean

Oh yes...I meant resistors. Thank you for getting back to me. I ordered everything from AliExpress for about $19. Cant wait to try it out when I get all of the parts eventually!

Guy ... this one is f*cking awesome ! Love the model, the build of the parts and all datas you give ! Working so great and easy to make !

/ The only issue i have is that the time is set with the good process but i have 16 hours late ! (it's 17:48 and on my clock it's 01:48) how to add 16 hours to this ? /

EDIT : i find it in the comments " tm.Hour = Hour;"

Comments deleted.

hi ! when I uploaded the files (on 06/27) I uploaded the wrong code with "tm.Hour = Hour" commented but it was a test code. So, you found the mistake, is everything fine now ?

A tip for edit the code to show real time in 24 hours format ?! And to hide ":" between day and month ?

Edit : founded for 24h format but cant hide ":"

the only way to remove the ":" is to declare the display with "SevenSegmentTM1637" not "SevenSegmentExtended" after that you can use "XXXXX.setColonOn(0);" in the setup, this function remove the ":". I did it for year displays. And after you can use "XXX.print(XXXX)" and not "

How to change green1.printTime(tm.Day, tm.Month, true); to a value without " : "?

Thks !!! and to use a point (.) and not a (:) ?!

unfortunatly it's impossible with these displays. I wanted to use the dot that you can see at the bottom of the segments, but you cannot control it.

Yes ! No problems ! Thks a lot for all the great job !


Good job!
Can I ask for files with stikers?
It will be very helpful

thank you ! you mean "destination time", "Present Time"... stickers ?

Yes, It will be very helpful :)

You just have to download all files and the stikers are in the "Labels.pdf" file.

I'm sorry I did not notice.

Mine is almost finished, code compiled fine using the latest libs, however when setting the time, it sends the correct date year and minutes it does not send the hours... Do you have any thought why?

Maybe because "tm.Hour = Hour;" is commented at the end of the code.

Great project, thank you! :)

Would it be possible to get ahold of model file(s) - the one(s) we can open with modelling software (for example Fusion360) and tweak/remix them? STLs need to be converted... :(

Thank you in advance!

thx, I made it with solidworks. What format do you need ?

I'm not familiar with Solidworks, in fact I just started 3D modelling and I currently work in Fusion360, but I think any general (open?) format that can be used by most 3D modelling tools would do.

BTW, I was able to convert Bottom.stl to model in F360, but it's a PITA to do it manually for each part when I just want to do a small addjustment here and there.

Mainly, I want to decrease the width of each level, so I can print it on 210x210 bed.

I would also REALLY like to print this! I have an Ender 3, so printbed is 220x220.
If you make new stl files I would love to get them!

This is a response from someone else, but Solidworks files directly would be great if you don't mind uploading the files. I imagine step files would also be nice to have as a universal file format option.

Hi. I've got most of the parts - just waiting for the RTC - so I tried loading the required Libs to see if the code will compile. I am getting an error telling me that tmElements_t has not been declared. Does this mean that I have an incorrect library, or a library missing? I have SevenSegmentTM1637 in my Libraries as well as TM1637 (Though this one does not show as TM1637Display). Do I have the wrong TM1637 Library? If so then who's should I look for.
Many Thanks. I really looking forward to this. I have the case printing now in wood filament.

Comments deleted.

Hey ! In wood filament it'll be great ! you need TimeLib.h to declare tmElement . Download the Lib in attached document

I have some success but only by trial and error so I'm not really sure how it managed to compile. I had a duplicate Library which also used TimeLib.h so I deleted it. Then the only error I had was in TimeLib.h at the line :

define dayOfWeek(time) ((((time) / SECS_PER_DAY + 4) % DAYS_PER_WEEK)+1) // 1 = Sunday

(don't know why the font is so big!)
The error was saying that it was a duplicate definition so I commented it from TimeLib.h and then compiling was successful. Maybe I'll have a problem when the RTC arrives and I build it but for now I can't do anything more.
Any idea why commenting this worked? Maybe you know if "dayofWeek" is defined in one of the other libs?
Anyway, thanks for your help. If I get it to work I'll post a pic :-)

I had some libraries conflict issues at the beginning too but I can't remember how I solved them. Here the libraries that I used.In theory they're the only ones that you need

That's great - many thanks. Sadly my wood print went wrong before there was enough height to get the parts fitted so I'm about to edit the gcode to start from where it failed. Fingers crossed :-)
Thanks again for all your help and for a great design.

Yeah. About 3 hours printing to go! Looking good so far.
I had already installed Time-master but I overwrote it with the one you attached. I put includes for Time.h and TimeLib.h at the top, but Time.h only includes TimeLib.h so is probably not necessary. The first error I now get is "Error: redefinition of struct tm" and later it tells me that tmElement_t has not been declared. I removed incluse for Time.h but get the same. I do a bit of Visual Studio programming but not C# so this is making me struggle a tiny bit. I will attach the error messages as it will be clearer than my descriptions!

Edit: When it refers to redefinition of struct tm, it seems to be doing this in DS1307RTC.h. Is there an issue with the order of the includes?

this looks great and my wife would go nuts over this. would you by chance be willing to put together some kind of tutorial on how you program the different clocks?

hi thx ! To program the different clocks you just have to modify directly the code (Available in "Thing Files").

This looks awesome. I have a 12 x 12 x 12 3D printer and wanted to know how much wiggle room there is in that scale and if it's possible to shrink?

Merci ! you can't change the scale because the displays fit perfectly with holes, but you can try to split each strip in two and glue them after.
That way each piece should not be over 11 cm.

What Glue would you recommend for PLA? Thank you for your great response time.

I usually use "Loctite super glue", it works. but I don't know if it's the best way to glue PLA parts.

This looks Great. I would actually like to use a single strip as a year/month/day/hour/minute/second clock display. Is it simple to adapt into a single clock and ignore the past and future displays?
Thanks for sharing a great design!

Thank you ! what I suggest it's just print one strip (Top.stl or Middle.stl or Bottom) and to wire just the green displays.

Fantastic! I can always comment out the code for the other sections, as I'm not sure whether it would throw an error if the expected hardware isn't found. No worries - I can figure it out (It's part of the fun :-)
Thanks again.

The parts from banggood are very expensive in comparison with aliexpress.

search for "5 color TM1637 7-Segment 4-Digit 0.56 "LED Display Module on aliexpress, they will cost about 1 euro per piece.

In your picture D8 is used twice, did you mean D6?

Very nice clock, just ordered the parts, thank you for sharing!

Yes I mean D6 ! I updated the schema.
You're right it's cheaper on Aliexpress, I didn't know.
Thank you !

omg, I can't wait for this.

Can't see a link of the 'list of what you need'

I've some trouble with my internet connection, I'll update the list asap