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Floating Cup Sculpture

by HappyMoon Jun 26, 2018
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Seems as if someone likes to simply publish a 1:1 copy:

Floating mug sculpture
floating mug

5 Ideas for combining mug to liquid:
1) Super Glue (obviously) - BUT if you add something like Baking Soda (I've even used plain old Flour before!), then the Glue will harden much faster!
2) Heat Gun - I've used this technique to combine multiple parts of printed PLA that broke off, etc. Just try to keep the heat specifically on the 2 areas that you are trying to fuse (5 seconds or so on part 1, then ~5 sec on part 2, etc). Just don't keep it in the same spot too long or it will deform!
3) Soldering Iron - Can be used to precision heat parts of PLA in order to "fuse" together.
4) Hot Glue Gun - Used regularly, OR, can be modified to be used with PLA rather than Glue (similar to 3D Printing Pen).
5) 3D Printing Pen
6) Bonus Idea - Using Dremel (or other Rotary Tool), can break off a piece of unused filament and stick it in a Dremel. The high speed rotation will allow the piece of filament to act as a weld to essentially... weld... the plastic (PLA, not sure if others work as well) together.
Good Luck!

There is an account on instagram offering yours and many others’ designs for sale. Just thought you might like to know. Sorry for posting in a comment, I couldn’t find how to message you directly. https://www.instagram.com/p/BujrYyKnRde/

Everybody a gangsta until the cup starts pourin

Printed the splash and stream, and then the innermug separate. Was going to just glue them...but seems like there will be a pretty obvious seam that will take away from the illusion.

Any good suggestions for how to print them separately, but still match up well? Thanks!

Prints really well, but gluing the stream to the other parts is SERIOUSLY difficult. For connecting to the splash, I ended up drilling a hole in both pieces and putting a steel pin to align the two pieces, then glued. Connecting the stream to the "inner cup" part didn't go well at all. Tried: hot melt glue (didn't hold, so scraped that off); super glue gel (couldn't hold the pieces in position long enough so the glue just blobbed up). Finally, I took a soldering iron and "welded" the parts together with some PLA filament. The joint done that way looks pretty bad, though.

I suggest that if you ever modify this design, please add some alignment holes at the mating surfaces of the parts that are to attach flat to each other, so some plastic pins can be inserted to align and strengthened gluing.

Ooops... Was 200% scale too much ;-) ?
Thanks a lot for this STL, fun to make and fun to have.
I just used Superglue to assemble the white parts and hot glue inside the cup.

Looks great!

question: what weight of the mug should we aim for?
three walls / 5 infill makes it around 48 grams, do i need to go 2 walls? the top of the handle becomes quite ugly then unfortunately...

What were everyone's support settings? To build plate? Everywhere?

Can the "innermug" and "stream" pieces be printed in vase mode to save weight?

I also want this. For me, it's hard to glue the "innermug" and "stream" pieces. Sometimes they don't fit well and I have to glue them again.

Hello, I find your model very beautiful! what software do you use to draw these models ???


Perhaps you want to take a look at this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3432823

I used the free software "blender 2.79" for it. It takes some time to learn, but when you got the basics, it really starts bringing you forward.

I made a fluid simulation (takes time) and modeled some cups.. this is a WIP, so be patient :-D

And the upper model is really beautiful.

Fluid Cup V2

Hi there, thanx for the model and especially for the complet streaming part. :-)
For my own purpose i scanned in and used a different cup though. Scanned in bc it is a cup used in that little cafe my printout will be shown.
So more to promote my own 3D workshop ;-)
Hope you like the change.

The secret here for a correct "balance" is to print the splash part with a infill >70% and the mug model with a infill of ~5%. Keep this in mind :)

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this.

I can't download the file :/

Looks very good

Great design I love it, and my friends too :D I've printed 3 times scaled to 50% and everything was fine. Then I've painted mugs with diferent colors.

I did remix with supports for people who has problems with glue lol

Comments deleted.

TIP: make sure during printing that the mug part (and its internal splash part) is not going to be too heavy.

Fantastic model! Would it be possible for you to make the splash and stream one model? I tried using tinkercad, but after export it really messes with the smoothness.

Thanks! A new file called 'Stream+Splash' has been uploaded :)

Awesome!! Thanks so much!

Hi this looks really awesome!But should I print them separately?

Thanks! I think its a bit easier to print separately although it will require glue to attach the pieces :)

I've printed several of the pieces, and while the individual pieces look great, I'm finding it hard to keep the pieces in alignment so I can glue them together. There are no good places to apply clamps, and there are no pins to ensure alignment of the parts while the glue sets. If I were redoing this thing--and I might, I would add alignment features on the glue surfaces.

If anyone has successfully glued these things together, how did you keep them aligned and clamped for the glue-up?

Best trick for instant glues like crazzy glue is through Baking soda at the clue part and it will set(harden) instantly. No hold required something an old ham radio operator told me about years ago

Not sure if you figured this out yet or not... I've been noodling how to glue the inner water + mug to the stream for a while and haven't come up with a good solution yet

You want a solvent weld so that clamping isn't necessary. Best bet is an epoxy or acrylate adhesive which will give a solvent weld for initial holding. Contrary to internet lore, PLA is soluble in things (just not acetone).


Looks great. Can't wait to print it. I will post my results. Thank you...

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out :)

Hey I see that you are a great designer with helmets and many other things. Is there any way you would be able to make a black Panther helmet from captain America civil war. if so than that will be amazing thanks anyway for all of the great designs.

Thanks! I did make files for the helmet a while ago and didn't post them, so I will try and find them and possibly update them a bit :)

I know you may be really busy but are you still going to upload the Black Panther helmet from Captain America civil war