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Rat Trap - Slim Version

by mackedusan Jun 25, 2018
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Newbie question:

Is it normal to have the occasional file that just absolutely won't print? I've printed the small parts for this trap before, but last time I tried, the arm wouldn't print. The printer would go round and round the outline, but no plastic was being put down. Then it would "fill in" the outline, but without plastic being put down. I aborted it 3 or 4 times, cause it just wasn't working. I went back into the slicer and spun it 90 degrees on the Z axis and tried to print it again. Perfect the first try. I'm using FlashPrint that came with my Inventor II. I wonder if it's just a hiccup in the program?

Impressive design. I'm mostly concerned about the trigger (printing now). I'm using the orientation you posted it at (vertical) which would lend the most strength to the hook mechanism but makes for a very "messy" FDM print. Any ideas on re-design options for this one piece to make the overall design unparalleled?

It should be no problem. Use 10mm brim and bottom support. No support in-model. Bridging should be no problem.

I got it to print ok but it wasn't ideal. Finished the assembly and the only other real problem I had was that the collar would not fit the slot at all. Even when I sanded it, and the slot, down it was too big. I tried sizing it down in the slicer and re-printing at 98% and 95% and the 95% version worked fairly well. Trap has been set, now just have to see if it gets the rat(s) that I know were near my house!

Nice design but seems pretty small. Rat I recently caught might just get his head inside!
I'll have to see once it is finished printing.

That's the whole point. Head and neck is going to be in the noose area, rest of the body on the outside.

Thanks. After looking at it more now that the print is about 75% done I can now see the opening is much larger than it would first look.
Makes perfect sense now how you have it working!!

Thanks again and can't wait to see how it works!

Don't forget to put a nail in the top :-) D 2mm, L 25mm to be exact.

Will do. Take no prisoners!

Rat Trap - Medium size - NO support needed

Probably scaling to like 50% will work?!

Any plans to make this design for mice? I think its more convenient without the string, just set it and leave it. I also like spike action, more gore :D

The one recommendation I have at this time would be to redesign the Bolt and Plate so that they are a shaft in shaft press fit. I was not able to get the plate to affix to the Bolt due to the bolt's shaft not being long enough so I had to affix the back side of the plate to the bolt instead. For this I used CA glue. I think a shaft in shaft press fit would be much better and eliminate the need for the CA entirely unless someone just wanted to glue it.

Also print orientation is everything. I tried to pull a fast one by orienting the Trigger so that it printed horizontally, but this created a weak spot at the trigger set point due to the layer lines being in the wrong orientation. However printing the trigger vertically required a far longer print time and far more support structures.

If this thing works I'll be dropping you a tip and so far it's looking good.

what is the wall thickness or number of shells used on the main body?

3 wall thickness, 1.2mm

Saw this on Mouse Trap Monday!

Welcome brother!

Excellent trap design. One of your best. This one looks to be the modified version yes?

I will upload the new design tomorrow, stay tuned ;-)

Can't wait to catch me some rats! Is the new version already up here?


Thanks mackedusan :)
Looks sweet with the new release mechanism :)
Will report back :)

Kanskje du burde lage musefellene også med denne releasen? :)