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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

miniVICE Y-Series - Modular miniature holder, painting and hobby system

by chito Jun 25, 2018
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Extra Parts Option examples...
EDIT: Amazon link withdrawn. Though they quote 8mm length, it's 10mm total when you take the plastic-covered portion into account and cannot be used
https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Panduit/F80-8-M?qs=sGAEpiMZZMvz8LftK4jerkG41QbQWCBOggTPLdori6A%3d -> Mouser, non-insulated copper, no plastic to cut off, qty 1 or more.


Rubber bands:
Local office supply appears to be the best bet.

Comments deleted.

This is very close to a design I've been working on, but not yet successfully completed. (Mine is attempting to use a single/central screw-tighten mechanic rather than rubber bands) Thanks! I'm putting my own on hold for now while I try this out.

a mi me pasa lo mismo que a misterducky, no se donde conseguir eso, ni nunca supe de su existencia, o por lo menos no lo conozco por ese nombre. me podrian ayudar?[

puedes usar esta versión si quieres una que no use los pines

miniVICE X-Series - Modular miniature holder, painting and hobby system
by chito

This is incredible. I just printed out the first pieces of the chuck and holder assembly. Just gotta find the ferrules, magnets, and bands.

So I am making a few for friends since I got so many extra metal/magnetic bits. But I can't figure out how the square base attachments work. Can you post a pic or diagram of how this one should look/attach?

square base adapters updated

Just remember that this is still a wip. Ive already added updates and more parts. The square adaptors haven't really been tested because i dont have square bases lol. At the moment they wont allow you to hold the mini upsidedown unless you use something like poster tack. If you still want to use them you print 2 of the size adaptor you need. It will turn your square base into a round one, then simply put the whole thing in the appropriate sized mini holder

I want to add an inclined grip to the adaptors like the collets to securely hold on to thw square bases but I first wanted to see what peoples initial thoughts were. I might just added them. So just wait before you print them. Keep an eye out for an update in the next 24hrs.

Comments deleted.

well, it doesn't hurt, probably does something to help the pins stay in place. I found they stay in place quite well even without the magnets installed. you could always just super glue the pins into place on the collet. I was thinking about printed pins but they the orientation would need to be lying down so that it doesn't rip. also, the metal pins are smooth and will just work better with less friction on the chuck driver

So am I correct in my interpretation that the only thing driving the chuck rotation is the pull of the driver knob magnet? If so, why not use a stronger magnet like an N52 to ensure a strong twist?

The magnets only job is to hold the parts together. It isnt for the pins. If the magnet were any stronger or larger then it would be to difficult to remove the holder from any of the other parts. I have a few magnets of different sizes and strengths from other projects and this size/strength was the best fit. Just strong enough to hold everything together without having to fight to pull things apart

I searched using the terms you used ( Cable Ferrules 2.5mm^2) and cannot find anything that looks like the pictures you posted. Can anyone help with a link or two for a vender in the USA?

search without the "^2" that's just to indicate its 2.5mm squared (2.5mm²) the cross-section size.
element14 has them as Bootlace Ferrule

Cable Ferrules, Ferrules, Pin Crimps, Wire Sleeves

Try a combination of these names if
you’re having trouble

I can only find pins with plastic caps. Looking at digikey.

I bought them with the crimp cover on as well. You can just cut the crimp cover off. be careful not to cut into the pin itself which has a lip on the inside of the crimp cover

OK, will see if I can find a vendor that sells less than 500 of them, then. Thanks for your help.