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3D Printed Functional Electric Guitar Project !!!

by the3dprintzone Jun 25, 2018
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Hey buddy! This looks amazing, can't wait to get started on this wonderfull project you created. Just one thing: i'm left handed. I'm thinking abou mirror-fliping all of the parts so it will come off lefty, what do you think?
And if it's not too much truble, could you help me with some links for left handed parts? Thanks a lot man. You Rock.

Hey @Naor623715! Thanks for the comment and I really appreciate the compliments on the design! Yes, I think mirroring the parts would work if you do it correctly. The only part which you will need to find is a left-handed guitar neck. Should be pretty easy to find, you can check Amazon or other online guitar stores. Best of luck! Post some photos of the guitar once it is finished, I would love to see it! And please share this project with others! ROCK ON

hello, how did you create the cut outs to slide into place for this model?

Hi @Thanatophobia. I am not entirely sure I understand what your question is, but each of the 6 pieces slide into place with dovetails. There are cutouts in the model to house the electronics inside of the guitar. Hope that helps!

This is what I meant, Dovetails. Thank you so much. How did you cut each piece with dovetails? Was this a manual process or is there a way to have a bunch of pieces (shells) "dovetailed"? Thank you for any help

The dovetails are built into the model, you dont need to do anything other than print the model. Then the pieces will just fit together and you can add some epoxy or super glue to hold everything together tightly.

Hello, I am in love with this project and I will be making one for myself very soon.
I am wondering, do you think it's necessary to have it printed on 100% infill or would it be fine with 40~50% hexagonal infill?
thanks for great project though

Hi @Gori_B, thanks for the comment! You can print it at lower infill but it will not be as strong and it the weight will move farther from a wood guitar. Cant wait to see photos of your print and when it is all done!

I have just started this project and will be posting my make as soon as it's complete!

I have everything printed and the tolerances are way off, not sure what's going on. While trying to install the pickup ring, the hole measurements from top to bottom are off by 1/8". Same with the bridge. My printer is a Monoprice Maker Select v2, using PLA for this project. Not sure what to do with this at the moment, I feel I've just wasted a lot of filament to this point.

Not sure why it would be off by 1/8th of an inch. Did you accidentally scale the model? Could it be that the pickup dimensions are off?

It's acting like it's rescaled, i checked my files and everything looks fine. I am slicing with simplify3D, which shouldn't make a difference. I received the neck today and that doesn't fit either. Very unusual.

That definitely is very unusual. It sounds for sure like it is not scaled correctly. Not sure if it has to do with some setting in simplify3D. I use Cura for everything so I am not familiar with simplify3D. Unfortunately it sounds like you might have to re-print. I would hate to see you waste any more filament, so definitely check the dimensions in your slicer or CAD software to ensure the hardware will fit correctly. Maybe you can paint the one you have now and use it as a wall hanger or something.

going well so far, waiting for another spool of filament which should arrive tomorrow

Awesome work. Thanks for this.
This is definitely my next project.

Only thing is the neck is out of stock in amazon, plus I’m based in the U.K.
Is there a size standard I can look for as a replacement?
Scale is 25.5, but do you know the neck socket measurements I need to get a neck? Or will any tele neck fit?
Thanks again!

I have the Flashforge Finder 3D printer and I can only print 140x140x140, is it possible to print this on it somehow? I'm fairly new to 3D printing and design software so I'm not able to cut or size things properly.

@mfaez123, this guitar was designed for a minimum print bed of 200mm x 200mm, so unfortunately it will not fit on your flashforge finder. If you scale the guitar down the hardware will no longer fit. Your only option would be to cut it in software and then print it in smaller pieces. Doing so will create additional seams and will probably yield or fracture when you tension the strings. Wish I had a better answer for you.

@mfaez123, this guitar was designed for a minimum print bed of 200mm x 200mm, so unfortunately it will not fit on your flashforge finder. If you scale the guitar down the hardware will no longer fit. Your only option would be to cut it in software and then print it in smaller pieces. Doing so will create additional seams and will probably yield or fracture when you tension the strings. Wish I had a better answer for you.

Thanks for posting this.. I've decided to give this a go. Just finished playing with your files to add some flair to the design .. it was a solid design to start with.. well done. Did you string it up with light gauge strings? Any issues with the body flexing over time and bending? I was going to run ABS but without having an enclosure on my Prusa I3 I'm not getting consistent prints so I'll run PLA on this for now.

Hey @MarekN01, the modifications you made to my design look great, nice job! Also, I appreciate the compliments on the design. Using PLA I definitely got some body flexing over time. Using lighter gauge strings is a good idea, and if you can get the ABS to print well then I would go for that. It would also help if you have a printer than can print this in 4 pieces instead of 6 so you have less joints. Looking forward to see how yours turns out!

The body's LP styled, but did you go with the fender scale length of 25.5?

The length of the guitar body is 17.75 inches

I'm referring to the scale from the nut to the bridge.

Yes, the scale length is 25.5

Congrats for the design and the sharing. Could you give an idea to the total price of the finished product ? Thank you !

Thanks @Joachim_ for the comment! I estimated $20 worth of filament and $40 for all of the hardware. The most expensive components are the guitar neck, wiring kit, and pickups and the price varies quite a bit depending on the quality you choose for these. I got the neck for around $30, wiring kit for about $40 and pickups for $50. So all in the project cost should cost around ~$180-$200 (but of course could be more or less expensive depending on the components you use).

I have posted all the information and links to the parts I used on my website (scroll to the bottom): https://the3dprintzone.com/guitar/

Might seem like a lot for a 3D printed project, but in the end you will have an awesome 3D electric guitar that is sure to be a conversation starter! Plus it is fun to make! Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.

Any chances for a body-in-one-go for those of us with large volume build printers? :D

its probably more durable printed in pieces and assembled

Hi @bolsoncerrado! What type of printer do you own? The guitar body (in total with all 6 pieces) is pretty large, ~450 mm x ~330 mm x ~50 mm. So you would need a 3D printer that can print up 500 mm to print the entire body in a single piece.

CR10S5 (500x500x500) ;)

Wow, NICE! That is awesome that the print volume is so large! Currently I do not have all of the 6 parts merged into a single file, but if I get around to it I will post the merged file as well! Feel free to merge the part yourself and print the body as a single part if you want! Also, I would love to see your guitar once you print it so make sure to post your make and upload photos! Rock on!

Awesome design...gonna definitely give this a shot. Great work!!

Thanks @mam1627 ! I really appreciate the comment! Rock on!

Hey man, I love this design. Would there be anyway that you could add a curve to the outside frame? I'm hopefully going to be getting my new 3d printer with a larger print bed soon and would love to print this out!

Hi @Craiggers88! Thanks for the compliment and feedback! The print volume requirements are 200 x 200 x 175 mm, so the guitar can be printed on relatively small print beds! Currently I am working on another project so I dont have time to dedicate to customizing this guitar, but feel free to make modifications to the STL to customize the outsize curve to however you want it!

My current printer is the M3D Micro, I can't even print a phone case =P. A bigger printer is coming soon =) I don't know any easy way to add the edges in TinkerCAD, but I guess I'll see what I can do.

It will definitely be nice once your new printer comes! I have never used TinkerCAD before, but I am sure you can find resources online to learn about part modifications. Best of luck!

Nice job! Those are nice prints, you obviously have trained your printer well. I am collecting as many guitar projects I can find and yours is the cleanest yet. I just started building a core xy for the sole purpose of building guitars. It will be able to do up to dreadnaut acoustic size. Twin hot ends so I can use desolvable supports. You sure are right about learning print skills when you tackle these projects. Good luck with more endeavors. Mike.

Hey Mike @mcsxr2! Thank you so much for the comment, I definitely appreciate the feedback! That is awesome man! Having dual extruders for desolvable supports is definitely a plus! And I couldnt agree more...the best way to improve your design skills is to take on a project that will challenge you to be creative and learn new skills! Good luck building your core xy and I hope you take on this guitar project! Post photos when you are finished, I would LOVE to see them! -The 3D Print Zone

poor guitar skills...I wish I sucked that bad lol. Love this!!

Hahaha thanks! Let me know if you decide to do this project! Might not improve your guitar skills..... but will definitely improve your 3D printing and creator skills!! Lol

Epic bro.. Very nice work. Thanks for sharing this. Will begin the journey of printing my own.

@GnarShred Thanks man! Awesome! Cant wait to see how it turns out! Add some creative flare to yours and have fun!

Nice job on the design. I have experience building electric guitars using traditional materials, this will be a fun project.
Thanks for sharing.

@sanamtisse Thanks for feedback! Prior to designing this 3D printed electric guitar I had build a wood kit Les Paul, so that is part of what gave me the confidence to take on this project! Have fun with the build, and post photos once you finish, I am excited to see it!

Lovely work, well done.

@widsa Thank you! I hope you enjoy the build! Let me know if you have any questions! I am excited to see how yours comes out!