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Bite Me - Ice fishing Auto Hook Setter

by DukeT Jun 24, 2018
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Looks like the tension knob is missing in the 2/23 update.

added it back in

I am thinking about making this to accept an accessory automatic jigging system with a 6v motor and gearbox. If anyone is interested let me know I'd appreciate it some input or ideas. I am currently waiting on some parts to be shipped from China, I couldn't find the correct motor and gear combination from Amazon for a reasonable price. I ordered a 10rpm gearbox, that should be able to run on either 4 aa batteries or a larger rechargable 6v battery.

Did you look at RC hobby servos?

No, I'm not that familiar with RC components but am open to suggestions.
The following link is the same size gear motor I ordered https://tinyurl.com/vqznopr. but the version I ordered is 6V and 10 RPM

What's the difference between foot and FOOT_2? Is that just a V2 or are both used? And are supports only needed for the holder piece for inside where the aluminum tube would go? Thanks.

There is a right and left foot. They have notches to clip to the square tube. Supports will be needed for the feet and for the hook lever.

Ahh of course, because they're mirrored. Thanks. Printing two for my twin nephews' bdays.

What is the elastic band used for and where?

The bungee is used to keep the front legs folded out so they cannot fold in easily.
It is not critical but it keeps the legs from folding in and falling in the hole.
I just drilled holes in the front aluminum tubes and tied knots on the ends.

Love it. This one I'll try on the ice this winter.

Напечатал pla пластиком. Осталось скрутить болтами.

выглядит большое спасибо за размещение

awesome design!!! i live in the western states and the warmer fishing season is coming up soon. how can this device be used in warm climate fishing? i can see it being adapted to a boat which i am working on doing. but how can it be used not on a boat...???

What kind of filament did you use for this?

I used PLA, you may be able to use others if you wanted to.
But PLA seems to hold up fine in the cold.

I am new at 3D printing and not so interested in designing. Great design though. I really appreciate it. One problem that I ran into was that I bought tubing before reading the comments, and the inserts in the feet would not fit, as I used tubing that had a thicker wall. I managed to convert the file into a sketchup file and printed them without the insert. Is it critical to have the insert? Or would the design be better to just remove the insert?

No the inserts in the feet are not necessary. It will work fine without them. I probably just need to remove them from the file

Comments deleted.

Nice design. I would recommend making the legs fold a bit more forward so they align with the line holding mechanism. This will allow larger fish not to be able to tip the whole setup and allow the ends of the legs to be centered over the hole instead of on the back edge. This would ensure stability with the whole setup. Take a look at the Jaw Jacker how the legs fold forward a ways. It increases the overall length when setup which creates stability.

EDIT: Just loaded this to print. Seems that the plug is off scale. I loaded it in Slic3r and thought it did not load because it was so small. Scaled it 1000x and still looks to small to be one inch.

EDIT: Took mine fishing. Everything works ok, but the catch for the line loop needs to be rotated down a bit more. My loop will slip off the catch depending on which pole I use due to different length poles. Longer poles it slips off easily, some won't work at all, but shorter poles it holds well, but without any length adjustment to the overall length, the only way to compensate is to change the angle of the catch. If I go longer overall so the catch holds well on the longer rods, then it is to long for the shorter rods. I used 20" for the main tube length.

Thanks for the input. I did change the safety notch and lever so you don't have to angle it down. I agree about the legs folding forward but I didn't want it to be that long. You can stop it from folding up if you put an elastic band on the front. You can see it in the pictures. I haven't had any problems with the loop slipping off. Maybe add some pictures so I can see what the problem is.

I updated a few parts so its works a bit better the safety, notch, and Lever. I also added a plug for the aluminum tube.

Comments deleted.

What length of #10 screws did you use? Great design btw. Will post once i have completed it

3) 2-1/2"
1) 1-1/2"
5 ) 1"
Note: on the 1-1/2" screw that is in the center of the tee.
I just put it down from the top into the aluminum tube, i did not go all the way through the bottom.
Please post when you are complete its always fun to see someone else build your project.

I bought #10 machine scews and nylon lock nuts from Home Depot but the lock nuts seem to big to fit into the hex shape on the notch piece. Any idea what I may have done wrong?

I'm not sure exactly what part you are taking about, please post a picture of your problem and I should be able to help you out.

The printed hex measures .320" and the nut measures .370". I can't seem to add photos from my phone but it's the notch piece that holds the trigger and safety.

The nut (. 370) is placed in the knob during printing, and the machine screw hex head goes into the printed hex on the side of the notch piece. Typical hex heads for a #10 screw are 5/16" or 0.3125"

DukeT, the hex nuts I bought at Home Depot measure .370" so I don't think it's going to fit in the "knob". Is there anyway I can modify your STL so the .370" will fit? I'm thinking .375" would give it a little clearance.

I printed the knob and I was going to grind the nut down to fit but I didn't need to, it fit just fine.

Glad to hear it worked out. Make sure to post your make and any fish you catch

Awesome Design, i made 6 for our ice fishing trip this January , everything worked out perfect

That's great let me know how they work out, and if you have any feedback to make it a better design.
There are a few changes I'd like to make but havent incorporated them yet.
Post some pictures you have time.

Great design! Thanks for sharing. I'm in process of printing now, but have a question about the knob. Apologies up front for the rookie question, but how do you pause the print to insert the nut without the hotend 'smudging' the print? Is there an alternative way to print the knob without inserting a nut?

Update: I've been researching this... google is your friend! Looks pretty simple to do this in Simplify3D. I can create two processes to handle this. No need to reply!

Pausing the print Depends on what program or printer you use. I have my computer hooked up to my printer with simplify3d and just pause it from the controls window,then use the jog controls to move the head. If you print directly on you printer it should have a function where you can pause the print and then have controls to move the head out of the way. Some printers also have a change filament command that will pause the print and move to the side automatically. Once you do that you just hit the resume command. You could just use a nut to control the tension but it will be difficult to adjust.

Do you want to share the original file? did you draw it in fusion360?

Yes I can upload the files. It was designed in Autodesk Inventor. I will upload. Stp files once I have some time

Thickness of the aluminum tube?

Size of nuts and screws?

number (#) 10 machine screws

Read it as 10 pcs :)

What lengths are you using on the aluminium tubes?

The main section on mine is 24 inches and legs are 6 inches. Although most people have found that the 24 inches is a little too long so just try it out with your poles to determine the best length for you.

Any recommendations as to how far back to drill the hole for the pivoting legs? It looks like about 5/16" or 3/8" from the end of the tube. At first I was going to drill them at 1/2" back but I don't know if they will pivot. If I don't hear back soon I'll try and post pictures of what I came up with.

I'm not sure the exact dimensions without looking at the CAD model. It's not critical it's exact, just put the legs in the printed piece and rotate the leg while holding it in place. Justify make sure the legs are flush against the front when they are folded out. You can always round the tube edges and or cut it a bit smaller if it does end up hitting an edge.

Printed with pla, petg, abs?