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Puzzle Cube (easy print no support)

by WildRoseBuilds Jun 24, 2018
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very good stl file,prints very well all the time,love the way it stretches the filament across the gap,no support needed. very clever design

Printed it and put it together know I can not get it apart.

i was mind boggled at first then i finally got it together then accidentally took it apart.. dang! now i gotta figure out how to put it back together

very clever,works well

You don't really need a high resolution when printing this. I printed this at low resolution and it slides perfectly.


  1. love this file. It printed amazingly on my printer
  2. It took me an hour and a half, but I finally got it put together(not exactly sure how)

Now it is time to figure out taking it apart. Amazing file. love it <3

I'm surprised to see a remix being promoted over the original. Seems a bit odd asking for tips displaying others work.

I am impressed. I printed this as i downloaded it (no size or orientation adjustments) on a FlashForge Finder (UK Edition) at 208 degrees Celcius on the lowest preset with ziro 1.75mm pla and it printed perfectly with no supports (bare in mind the flashforge finder is not good at printing at 90 degree angles over bridges shorter than this without stringing and drooping) thanks for sharing!

what editing software is that

Printed at 0.1 with support under bridge on CR-10S and it came out great and slides easy.

Hey! Amazing design! I must admit I remixed it although you did not allow remixes. Nevertheless: I hope you like how I gave your Cube a face!^^
The Print needed support under the bridge by the way.

Thanks for the nice design, it is a little tight but think it will loosen.

Are you sure there's no supports needed? There's an obvious bridge to print... (I must admit I've still don't tried to print it, but for sure I'll need supports)

i didn't use supports and it cam out great jrust me

I printed it out today with my A8 and I did put a support under the bridge, the support was very thin and pushed out very easily. I have put it together but it is a little tight and still trying to get it open. I have only just put it together so I need a little time.the video shows it opening easy.

How can the same file have 2 or 3 different sizes. When you have only 1 file, eg. your load your STL filr into cora or whatever you are useing, one piece of the 3 loads, you prepare it and you have your Gcode file which you transfer to your printer. You make that one, when finished you load the same file maybe with a different colour if you want it to look nice, then before you print the 3rd time check your old ones and one might be correct.

I got it together, can’t seem to separate it now...

Takes a bit of fiddling to break it apart but if you slide it a few times it will work real easy.

Thank you for taking time to share this and giving others enjoyment. My very first print job and worked a treat. Thank you.

If a corner keeps peeling, could a hairdryer help while printing?

Looks beautiful! :-)

I see that you've deleted a lot of the comments that may have been helpful here... Can you post a picture or something of how it goes together?

one of the corners keeps warping and peeling up no matter what i do. help

Glue Stick, Lower Nozzle, slow down print speed. 60c bed temp the entire print (I keep mine at 64c).

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i cant get this together help:(

I printed this puzzle cube, and it's not very smooth.
It kept getting stuck.

I printed with PLA, and 30% infill.
With Ender 3.

please help ):

level x axis or y axis or even your bed might not be leveled

Comments deleted.

It printed beautifully. I was amazed at how well it bridged without strings. It's a true test of your dexterity and your printer's ability to retract.

Comments deleted.

My printer is very cheap, so it wasn't as smooth to put together or pull apart as shown in the video. It still works great though!

Can anyone provide their bridge settings for Cura? I've never used the bridge option before and would like to try to print this neat design. Thanks.

Comments deleted.

A lovely piece. Easy to make on Makerbot Replicator+--raft, no supports. Took a little bit time figuring out how to put the pieces together, but when they clicked into place the satisfaction was complete. Very enjoyable.

How did you do it? Got mine printed beautifully but can't figure the puzzle out haha

Comments deleted.

What printer did you use to make that?

Comments deleted.

Amazing you designed it t print without supports. Nice job!

Perfect print with ABS and Flashforge Creator Pro

printed as written, no issues, came out great!

Comments deleted.

So much for posting my model 10 days before this...

Everyone loves this puzzle. I even printed it at 50% size on my Ender 3 and it worked.

Did you end up needing supports? Going to be trying this tomorrow on my Ender 3 and don't want to print it twice. :D

FYI for anyone else who finds this... I held my breath for about 2 minutes while it stabilized the bridge, by my ender 3 did just find printing one of the pieces without support. I'll come back and update this if I run into problems with the other 2, but no news is good news. :D

Im brand new to 3D printing. I've made a few rudimentary designs. Your puzzle is impressive, I like it a lot.
Mine is Black, White and Florescent Yellow. It took me an hour to figure out how to assemble it and even more to disassemble LOL.
Not too bad for a retired old man though. Keep up thee good work and thanks!

Ken Ratcliff

:-) Same old man here, Ken. Still trying to get it apart! :-)

Printed on my stock anet a8 using hatchbox pla with .2 layer height 1.2 wall thickness and at 60mm's print speed. fits together pretty tight, gonna take some sand paper to it to smooth out a bit and apply some lube to the mating surfaces.

Printed on my Anet A8. Came out perfectly, even though I often have problems with tolerances with this specific filament. Now printing a second one for my coworker :-)

Printed one on an unmodified A8 - perfect.

Increase the thickness of your bottom layer or increase the amount of said layer(s)

Currently printing the 3rd and last part. Will post a make when one.

I enlarged the pieces by 5mm and I noticed a opening in the bottom of the parts. On Cura this is also visible.

Very strange. Any ideas?

Use "Lines" instead of "Concentric" as shell pattern

I already tried that, but Cura doesn't comply. :-(

But that has nothing to to with the design, that's just great!

In addition to being a wonderful puzzle and fidget toy, this was a surprisingly fun test & motivation for improving dimensional accuracy. If any of your three axes are out of proportion, it really shows in the assembled version. (I also printed different parts of the same cube on different printers, which forced me to make them consistent with each other by actually aligning them with the physically correct rather than just proportionally correct dimensions.)

All-in-all, this has become one of my favorite models.

Comments deleted.

Printed on my cheap finder and came out perfect first try!

My favourite print so far. Very clever design.

Yes it is a copy/remix of Pacific Puzzle Works Sideways Cube Puzzle, but that was noted in this files details. So, in my opinion, no wrongdoing. :)

this is sooooo cool!! its actually my first print on my new printer!!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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3DPN Fan. High five.

Awesome, Thanks

Printed on Anet A8. Works great. Neat! Good Conversation Piece! Thanks

I just printed this in PLA, 3 different colours, on a Creality CR10 S without supports.
It worked like a dream!
Thanks for this cool thing!

not really a puzzle but good job

On the homepage! Nice! -robotrndr

Printed on a Monoprice Mini Delta sliced with Cura and they mesh perfectly.

Nice test for trying settings ... as I'm new to 3d printing.https://youtu.be/XIgLBtIOqOU

Comments deleted.

An excellent design. I printed it with my Monoprice Select Mini V2 using the most up-to-date version of CURA (for MAC). and had almost no clean-up and no issues re fit and finish.

This is one of the rare designs that ...I don't understand how the designer could 'see' the clearances to allow it to assemble. My compliments. I am printing out 3 more for my kids.

While the design is fantastic, I had issues printing without supports. I have a FlashForge Creator Pro and decent filament.

What song is that in the video?

I printed this cube puzzle on new a8 wood 13 clone and finally fitted it together with some bending. Now to take apart.. if possible. Brill design.

I tried printing this on my Ender 3, but constantly have issues; from nozzle crashing into the build surface to clogging due to the nozzle being jammed into the part itself. The odd thing is that I print many other parts, with the same filament, Cura profile/settings, etc... but have no issues with those parts. After trying multiple times to print this really cool looking puzzle, unless someone knows what the issue is (corrupt download of STL files?), I am giving up on this.

It's simple and is really really cool. Thank you for this thing!!!

Comments deleted.

I am printing one with an Ender-3 with stock cooling fan. The bridging is no issue at all. I have printed 2 of 3 pieces so far.

Ahh nuts! Now I /have/ to get a range of colours for my i3 Mk3! Only been producing functional parts so far in basic black & white colours (and the Prusa silver).

I don't blame you, that Prusa grey/silver is beautiful! I can recommend their pearl blue and green PLA as additional colours =)

Mind bending and very well designed. I've presented this puzzle to lots of people with great success. I particularly love the fact that the puzzle challenges thinking and dexterity.

Comments deleted.

Great puzzle. A buddy of mine created an alternate stand that allows you to display this fine puzzle in a partially open view. You can find it here. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3065489

Display Base for Puzzle Cube

Is a bridge something that is automatically created or is there some setting that I need to turn on in cura?

In Slic3r, there's an option in print settings for "detect bridging parameters". Check that box.

in the settings search window of cura if you type in bridge there should be a toggle option for it i think. it basically detects bridges and adjusts fan and speed accordingly! happy printing!

Thanks for such a clever design.
I printed it using support,because it only added 5 minutes to the print, and I can sleep better.

The result is very nice.

It was a little tight, I slid the pieces together, and now, I can't separate them anymore !

Any tips on how to separate them ?
I tried inserting 3 knifes on long 45 degres angles, but somehow I can't figure it out how to reopen it. :(
No, it is not fused together...

sorry for the late reply, there is a very specific place to hold and direction to pull i'm sure if you watch the video and determine those locations you can get it apart! looks like you got the extra difficult version of the puzzle ;) good luck!

Ok, success, I separated them, sanded them a bit, and now much better ! :)

Printing it without support is a gambling on an FDM machine.
Relying on a 22 mm bridge...

Possible with fast machine and strong material cooler but does not make too much sense.

The model is cool anyway. Great job. Thank you!

No. You are wrong (if you want to start a flame what I do not wnat).

Most stock printers do not deal properly with this bridging. I have printer which is able to do it and have another one which is not.
It depends on the external temperature (actually here is 35 deg Celsius), depends on the material cooling, depends on the speed.
Yes you are right it is possible if you have enough money, time, etc to play with and you want to be proud that you are able...
It is far more complicatred then slicer settings. Please look around what types of printers people have and what quality could be achieved.

And you can easily make many people feel sick because of their printers are not able to do it. If you want ...

Oh man, how wrong you are...... Slicers and FDM have come a long way, LoL clearly from all the makes, this prints just fine without supports.

i prototyped this with my stock $200 ender 3 just fine!

Owwwww... how to get this timelapse ? this is amazing :-)

You aren't allowing any remixes?
That's a shame, I put a really nice rose on it.
I posted a make anyway

So we don't need supports right ? , just want to clarify , the Time lapse is awesome !!!

OK you win the puzzle category. I thought this was just a normal 3D puzzle cube but no, it's designed to slide apart on its own!

Saw this on reddit.. hopefully someone didn't steal your video for that juicy karma!

I’m a 3D Printing Nerd fan!

...and another 3DPN fan here! Just posted my make. Thanks!

Great design. I like it! It prints well without support. Three pieces slide into each other smoothly for a cube! Thanks!

I found it on 3D Printing Nerd as well.

Very cool.. had to do some sanding on mine to get the pieces to slide easily, but it works great now. Found out about this Puzzle Cube from 3D Printing Nerd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-_MMAEgKtw

Is it 3DPN's file?

No, it's not his file.. his video just talked about THIS thing.

Thankyou! The stock clearance is .3mm you can scale it up to increase it or maybe investigate some over extrusion? good luck High five!