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Simple Filament Spool Stand V3.2

by FablabMoebius Apr 12, 2014
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Bel design di merda.

Nice design.. However i consider a standard spool size like Hatchbox.. If you print this out and dont resize ... It wont work... Measure your spool BEFORE you print.. I am sorry I did not. Just saying. Good luck :-)

I found it kind of hard to actually change the Filament Spools since its such a tight fit. Otherwise it helped with one of my biggest problems. Good Model

Dittos. Printed this out, did not measure first, and my spool is sitting on the table. Definitely measure before you print as this is too short for a typical filament spool.

very simple and good design, i made it and works good...!

pretty and simple
just need thicker part where it connect together, something like 4mm instead of 1 layer!!!

Be sure to resize BEFORE printing folks. Much too small for most spools I've used. 1st print is going to the recycling.

Couldn't get the print to work successfully. The lettering on the stands kept bunching up. It would be nice if you had a version of the stand file that didn't include the lettering, or put the lettering on the outside of the leg.

try to flip it up, so letters from above

Yeah, that makes more sense, duh. Thank you!

Comments deleted.

What should I set the infill to?

20 % is usualy the best option

I resized the legs and the logo kept jacking up my print. Tried it twice and gave up and made my own holder out of closet shelf and rod holders. Cist me $11 and fits several different reel sizes.

If the logo is messing up your print, you might want to take a look at leveling your bed. It worked fine for me with ABS (though the logo wasn't exactly pretty)

2 hours of printing, and the legs are way too short for every spool I have, such as Hatchbox filament. Also, it's extremely strange that the "3DMakeMe" logo is on the inside of the legs.

Remember to scale the sides to fit your spool. if your spool has a diameter of say 300mm, your holder needs to be at least 150mm, so make that 160mm so you scale it by 160%

Don't forget to scale the bar the same amount.

Sorry it doesn't work for your filament. The 3DMakeMe logo is due to a former website i used to manage about 3D printing and that is no longer maintained.

Is it possible to make these stackable?

Good idea. We'll try to work on something...

after almost 3hours printing : the sides are too small... useless for me then, but nice design anyway.

Comments deleted.

Hi there, thanks for the great design - this is a really nice stand. Would it be possible to get a design for a bar (less tight design) that is shorter (i.e., 80mm)? Thanks!


I wanted to make a holder for a spool that's 178mm (7") in width with a 25.4mm (1") hub hole. I scaled up the sides so that the spool won't hit the ground, but I'm afraid if I scale up a bar so the length is right it may not fit through the hole in the spool. If I scale one of them up will it still fit? Or could you possibly make a bar 178mm long? Thanks! Great job!

Hi bquackenbush,

If you scale up sides & bar with the same form factor, it will fit. What is your form factor for the sides?

I scaled the sides up 140% to make them 14 cm high. I just want to make sure if I scale up the 130mm bar 140% (to be 182mm long) it'll still be small enough (diameter wise) to fit though our 24.5mm hub hole.

ok it will not : the bars are 8mm in width and 18mm tall so at 140% the bars will be 25.2mm tall. So it won't fit. Why don't you give a try at my other spool stand : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:320376. You just need an 8mm bar ;)

Spool Stand V4 (for 8mm bars)

If you just make the stand taller, without changing the other dimensions, the bar will fit. I used Cura.

Great job!

I would like to second the request for the source CAD file(s) for the bar though. I'm using this with 2.85mm PLA spools which tend to be thin but with a large diameter. I've increased the side stands to 150% in order to get the height I need to keep the spools off the ground but if I increase the bar by 150% it becomes too long to manage and the spools tend to slide back and forth during printing. Not to mention it becomes difficult to fit on any but the widest build platforms!

To compensate I've tried increasing the Y and Z by 150% in Cura and leave the X as normal (so same length bar but the rest is enlarged to match the sides). Everything comes out well except the notch in the bar stays too thin to slot into the grooves in the side stands. If the source file was available it would be trivial to adjust everything to fit any sized spool. Any reason not to share?

And incidentally, what does "less tight" refer to? It is not clear from the documentation and comments whether this refers to the width of the bar or the size of the notch?

Thanks again for your great work!

Ok so if i'm correct you need sides with a height of 15cm right ?

Some problems seem to be exhibited by the 130mm STL when it comes to scaling as well:


This issue is fixed.

Hello, how would I be able to increase the size of the stand so that it is 13 cm high rather than 10 cm?

there is a face missing on the back of the bars

The slot between the bar and the stand is now far too tight when printing with PLA.

The previous design (with the round slots) was tight but not too tight.

Schwa you were right. it's a little bit to tight. I've fixed the issue. Thx for your help !

Have you uploaded the new files yet?

Thanks for the design. So simple yet useful

Yes i've made the default bars less tight and i've also added versions even less tight ! Thanks about the design, i hope it's helpful to others.

Hi Schwa ! can you check if your printer is well calibrated ? Because i don't have this problem (or maybe it's me and i have to check my calibration too ! ;) ).

Can you upload the cad file to the bar? I would like to make it shorter. Thanks.. great job.

Hi aparvin what length do you need?

oui alors il faut agrandir à 120% et c'est parfait. Ah merci pour les barres rallongées, je vais essayer ça.

Following Potzi's request, i added 2 new bar length.

Potzi, j'ai rajouté 2 longueurs de barre à ta demande.

ah oui bonne idée ! j'y ai pas pensé :-)

ah oui l'agrandir pas pensé tout de suite lol. Alors après agrandissement il n'y a plus assez de place sur l'axe, il faudrait le rallonger un peu.

parfait pour les bobines de 16 cm. pour les bobines de 18 il faut faire un adaptateur.

En agrandissant le modèle ça ne suffit pas ? (style 120%)

C'est fait. Merci pour le retour !

il faudrait penser à précisere que c'est pour une bobine 1.75 mm ;)