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Ender-3 Side Spool Mount

by DrStreet Jun 19, 2018
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Added another version with a little larger holes and a slot to slide it into the 4040, 2040 or 2020 extrusions. This part will work with other printers.

Worked fine for me - thank you!
Had to enlarge slightly the holes for the spool arm mount (M5 x 8).
Then used some M4 x 14 / captive nuts to fix to the bottom extrusion (they came stock but didn’t seem to be needed elsewhere)
See photo. Think I need your filament guide next!

I have posted several Filaments guides. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2873157 Been kind of out of it for the last three months. I have an issues seeing. Will be getting a laser treatment next month after several months of shots in my right eye. Take a look and see if that is what you are asking about. Sorry for the long reply back.

Ender-3 Filament Guide

Thanks yes I have printed the filament guide now. Best wishes for the eye treatment.

Which slicer are you using? I'm trying Slic3r and it is missing the majority of the object and trying to pint in thin air.

Just plain old Cura 15.04.6. I have the newer one loaded but since I have been using the older one for years I find myself sticking to it.

You should not have any issues using the 2 screws and hammers nuts that hold the spool holder now and add 2 M4 8MM screws with hammer nuts. Most of the time they have it flipped and the screws and 20MM slots do not line up. Kind of hard to describe which way it goes but i f you look you can see that it does not does not line up. If you put the screws and hammer nuts on it and slide the part on the printer from the back it will be the easiest way to mount the part.

I still can't fit the original hammer nuts into the extended spool mount. On the end that gets bolted to the printer the bolts do not line up with the slots on the extruded bars, so I can only use one hammer nut and bolt to mount the holder to the machine.

The holes didn't accept any of the screw receiver parts I had on hand. Should probably put what screws / receivers should be used with this. I tried for a while to shove the OEM Ender 3 mounts in there to no avail. I moved on to a simple filament holder and kept the spool on the top, but I still would love to be able to use this design.

Can you post the source file so that I may extend the holes to fit the t-nut that came with the Ender 3

dont you want to use the t nut to mount the adapter to the frame?

Very useful object, but it'is such a shame you can't use the original Ender 3 T-nuts cause the hole is too narrow. Why don't you spread those holes?

Worth noting you can't re use the same T nuts the ender came with :(

Doesn't seem like you tried hard enough.. I was able to use the two Tnuts it came with.
Use two M5 8 screws with two M5 nuts to hold the spool.
Use two M5
12 and the two Tnuts that came with the printer.

I have a kit of hex screws which I've been told are a handy item to have if you have a 3dprinter.


Hope that helps.

If you want one that uses nuts that came with the printer I made one here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3358803. I am working on a side version too.

Ender 3 Bottom Perpendicular Filament Mount - Using Stock Bits

Made the long one today. Turned out pretty good. Needed to modify the nut holes to get the nuts to fit in the nut sleeve area. I would probably like to add a gusset or use a smaller fill setting to eliminate the small amount of bounce. But that’s me just being a perfectionist. This was a fun and education buidl and thank for posting it.

How difficult would it be to extend this? The section where the existing metal holder mounts - could it be extended out away from the printer body by say.. 2-3 inches? I only ask bc I have 2 ender 3’s and one of this is almost perfect.. the newer one seems to have a shorter metal arm for the filament spool. Such an alteration would correct this.

Not really sure what you want changed, guessing that you want it longer? I am adding a longer version I hope that will work for you. I do not think it will work much longer that that. Print it will high infill 80%+ to make it stronger. You can mount it out or up give that a try.

my apologies if I came across unclear. what I was wondering is if it was possible to extend the mounting interface for the spool - outwards by appx 3 inches. attached is a quickly edited render. let me know if this helps. I grabbed I think the high model to do this change to. the height of the lowest one is perfect, just need the mounting interface extended as my ender 3 is a pain and the gantry tries to get in the way.. when I get it out of the way of the gantry, the mount for my filament runout sensor gets in the way.. so it seemed logical to simply extend the spool out to the side a little more. should clear everything up.

OK, I still think I am missing something or we are not on the same page. Lets try this. If you take the longest version I just posted. You can mount it vertically which will raise the spool holder higher and if you flip it and turn it 90 degrees it will move the spool outward but be lower just a little bit higher than the 2020. If you mount it the outward direction it will make more room for the runout filament sensor you have. It will also move the filament spool away from the X motor. Let me know. Also one one final note there have here in Thingiverse.com an extension part. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3143622 This is a riser for the spool holder. Maybe that is what you want. Sorry but still not sure what you are trying to achieve.

Creality Ender 3 spool holder extender

This works fantastic, now my printer fits in the location i want it to be.

No problem. Always feel free to change and make any mods you need to suit your needs.
That is the beauty of having a 3D Printer. You can customize anything for your needs and personal likes.
Like the old saying you can not please everyone. I like chocolate but others might like strawberry. It all a matter of taste.
I make something and think of 15 different ways to change it. I just go with what I think works best, hold up to stress and prints well.

I remixed this and gave you a shout out, please let me know if this is Okay.

I should have asked before hand, and I can take it down if you would like.

Please let me know. I will also note to check out your other designs for the Ender 3.

Your designs are top notch, Thank you!

What length screws do you need to hold it in place?

2 each M5 8 MM and 10 MM screws will work. Sorry it took so long to reply back.