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WellFan - Mean Well LRS-350-24 ultra silent PSU mod for Ender 3

by OderWat Jun 18, 2018
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What about the electromagnetic noise? PSU's are metal cubes not without a reason!

I am not an expert but I doubt that you get a noticeable amount of extra magnetic shielding from a thin aluminum case. Also you get a whole lot of psu inside plastic cases. Laptop or USB Power Adapters for an example. It will shield low energy high frequencies I guess. So it may disturb an amplifier or other devices which are sensitive to this. But I doubt that anything has enough energy to go far enough into the room to really cause a problem and the printers electronic seems to work just finde. Anyway. You could put metal on the inside of the printed cover if you are concerned.

Hello and thank you for making your design available for printing. I love it and I'm about to start printing however I have a doubt that I hope you can solve:

About these "multiple prepared cable tunnels at the lower side". I see the oval shapes for the cables however they are not full holes, there's a wall at the bottom. Do I have to open up the holes I want by drilling them?

Thank you

Basically yes. I did cut one out with a knife.

Thank you very much :D

Hopefully if somebody has the same question, they can see this.

Love the design. I plan to run this with a Noctua A8 instead of the Arctic F8 like a lot of people seem to like here. I'm actually a little surprised that I am not seeing it as a standard since compared with the Arctic F8 Pro with 33CFM @ 24dBA the Noctua A8 is 32CFM @ 17.7dBA and Noctua fans have been nothing short of amazing from my exp. At 17.7 dBA I don't even care to throttle the fan speed lol

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non adapter sur ender 3 mais en la modifiant un peu sa va parfaitement.
l'alimentation est en 24V sur mon imprimante du coup obliger de mettre un abaisseur de tension pour me mettre en 12V
sinon niveau esthétique rien a dire va comme un gant

Wonderful idea!
I may have a stupid question but I wonder if the PSU stock fan on my ender pro was assembled properly: In what direction does the air flow go? i.e. does the fan push air inside the PSU or extract it to outside?

The stock fan on the Mean Well PSU draws air into the case for positive pressure.

Has anyone checked the voltage going into the fan from the board to confirm it really is 12v? Wouldn't be surprised if it's a 12v fan being fed 24v.

This is my concern as well. Running a 12v fan at 24v will release the blue smoke pixies pretty quickly on most fans, not all.

Hi, I can confirm that the LR-S350-24 is factory fitted with a 12V cooling fan (as shown in the 5th gallery image), replacing it with a different 12V fan will not release the blue smoke pixies :-)

User 'blaupunkt' makes a valid point below about checking that the air flow of any replacement fan is sufficient to keep the PSU cool, stating the stock fan has an airflow rating of 45CFM and that the Arctic F8 Silent only provides around 16CFM.

I'm using an Arctic F8 TC which is rated at about 31CFM and everything seems fine, after a +8hr print the PSU case is still cool to the touch and the fan (which is wired with a temperature probe to control the RPM) has never spun up to full speed. For the most part the fan runs quite slowly (and therefore silently) speeding up just a little every 20 seconds or so as it pulls the temperature back down, even then you have to be right next to the printer to really hear it as the stock 4010 part cooling fan is louder.


New on the 3D prints here.
Is any problem to print this on PLA? Seems it heats on the PSU, I wondering... if ABS is not better ...
I'm on the middle of the prints, thanks for this mod.

Should work with PLA .. I used PLA+ but it should not nearly get as hot as that this makes a problem.

Thanks for the info.
I will post some pics after the update was done.

Just printed and built this up. Works great! If your printer is calibrated correctly the parts should fit perfectly the first time. I printed mine with the exterior of the case facing up so as to get a smooth finish on it instead of having it inverted on the glass bed. Used Hatchbox PLA and 3% supports and it worked fine. One thing to be careful of is the throughput of the fan you select. The stock fan has a 45CFM rating. The Artic F8 does 31CFM and the Artic F8 Silent only does 16CFM and 16CFM is not enough - the fan will never turn off. I found this one on Amazon and it seems to do the trick. The fan cycles on and off during the printing process and is far more quiet than the hair dryer that comes with the stock power supply. "uxcell 80mm Standard Case Fan Low Noise CPU Cooler 80 mm Computer Cooling Fan with 3-Pin Connector" it has an airflow of 38CFM - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075CXX68T/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Scroll down a bit and threefifty has an image with the pinout for the fan. Make sure you get the polarity correct or you are going to have to order another fan. Make note of the way the original fan is installed and mount the new fan with the blades in the same orientation.

Where did you find the airflow rating for the stock fan?

At the time I googled the part number for the fan that shipped with the Ender3 Pro in October 2018. Part number FD126015-SL1 made by DOCENG. But googling now, I can't find anyone that lists the CFM metric for the stock fan. I have had the fan listed above installed for a month or so and have done nearly a hundred prints. It works just fine, turns on and off and is pretty quiet. You can still hear it but it's no where near as loud as the stock fan that I could hear eleven houses over. Another posting here had some concerns about heat for the cover. Not even a problem. I used regular PLA and nothing gets remotely warm.

Hello, work sure with a Arctic F8 Silent fan ?

Fantastic design! Easy prints and the PSU is seriously silent now.

For anyone who purchases the Arctic fan listed in the description, I've attached a picture I found online showing the polarity (it's the one on the left side of the picture).

Hi there, love this case over TH3Ds flimsy one.
I bought the standard Artic F8 80mm fan by accident and it has a 3 pin JST connector. The meanwell PSU has a 2 pin JST socket.
I had to crimp on a 2 pin JST connector but my fan has not spun up yet. Do you know the polarity of the 2 pin connector on the PSU's board by any chance?

I changed the polarity of the crimps and spins up fine now. Thank you!

Thanks alot! Made the same mistake..

Hi Super Arbeit.

Aber Part 3 wozu und wie ist das mit Part 3 gemeint.???

Könntest du das bitte erklären ??

Part 3 ist der Deckel für hinter dem Schalter / Buchse Teil. Die Kabel sollen durch ein oder mehrere der "vorgestanzten" Löcher. Kann man aber natürlich auch anders machen.

Awesome mod.
I'm going to use this PSU on another printer and stumbled across this mod.
Can you add which switch / plug was used? Thanks!

How could this be printed on the Ender 3? The only way I could get all 3 parts on the bed is as attached image.


One after the other?

Cura doesn't let me print them out at the same time. Do I have to print the top first and then the bottom afterwards?

Why do you want to print them all in one step? If that is not possible, just print them after each other. I don't understand the problem here!

Ok. Will do that. Just misunderstood the meaning of "It also will fit on the Ender 3 bed even if the resulting part is bigger than the print area."

Hallo Ich habe mal eine wichtige Frage. Kann ich den 12v Lüfter direkt ohne dc Wandler an das Netzteil anschließen? Und muss man den 2 pin Stecker drehen? Wo ist da plus und wo minus?

the regular ender 3 PSU also has a 12v fan but the pins are feeding 24v. is the is same with the meanwell?

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I don't understand all this fuss about the fan. The original fan is a 12V fan (as documented by my image). So obviously a 12V fan is what the circuit was designed for.

I measured the fan voltage of the ender 3 pro psu (meanwell lrs-350-24) while heating the hotend to 235 and the bed to 75 degrees and moving the z axis up and down a bit. After a few minutes the fan turned on and the voltage changed from 0 to 12-13v. So a 12v fan should work, but i cannot say if the voltage goes up when the psu is under a higher load.

Merci pour la conception du boitier et la mise en ligne du fichier .f3d, j'ai pu le remixer pour intégrer un Noctua 60x25.

Bonjour !
Dans quel sens est monté le ventilo ? Il souffle l'air vers l'intérieur de l'alim ou il l'extrait vers l'extéreiur?
Merci !

Le noctua est mieux ? Est ce que cela réduit considérablement le bruit ?

Carrément, c'est le jour et la nuit avec le noctua.

Super merci, par contre les alim ont changé, les perçages ne correspondent plus au modèle récent, tout comme les décrochement. Je vais créer une pièce supplémentaire pour palier à ça.


Meanwell PSU is 24v but is also using 12v fans just like the regular Ender3 no brand PSU?

Are you using the F8 or F8 silent fan? Any instructions on how to open the PSU to replace it with the new fan?


you're rebuilding the entire thing, not just adding a fan- at least that is how I understand it

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Any chance a panel could be added for where the cables goes out to wire 1-3 XT60 connectors into the wall?
Something similar to this used on some other PSU mounts: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3139013/

Ender 2 PSU Cover XT60 Cap

The Ender 3 Pro is built with the Mean Well LRS-350-24 PSU that also uses a internally mounted 60x60x15 12v/2wire cooling fan. This case would probably be perfect for this printer. I plan to try this one out since I'd rather have an internal mounted fan over an externally mounted one.

Please someone make this compatible with original PSU. There is only one mod like this, but the mounting is outside and it's look weird.

What size is the 80mm fan? Depth wise...... 25mm?

Yep. This is a 80mm x 25mm fan. I updated it in the details too.

Will this fit on the original PSU wich comes with the Ender-3? Don´t have the chance to disassemble the printer to check the mountings etc.

No. This is for a Mean Well LRS type PSU.

Are really all 12V fans of 80mm useable? I thought the fan had to have 24V?

The original fan inside the PSU is a 12v fan.

Do you mean that the original fan inside the Meanwell PSU that comes with the updated Ender 3 is 12v? The first run of the Ender-3's didn't have a Meanwell PSU.

The Mean Well LRS-350-24 fan is a 12v fan. But no Ender 3 comes with a Mean Well PSU.. That PSU cost 1/3rd of a the printer.

That has changed.

There is a version of the Ender 3 which is called "Ender 3 Pro".
I think it has this PSU

I can confirm, my Ender 3 Pro does have the meanwell LRS-350-24 PSU

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