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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

D&D DM Dice Tower

by Aenthralled Jun 18, 2018
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Do you need any kind of current limiting resistor on the LED?

I hope my nephew loves this.

Bottom printed out fine. The back rocks had the slot for the switch on the opposite side of the bottom tower. Now for the top... I have had 3 failures and now the 4th might actually come out. Still has 6 hrs left to print. The problem has been in the doorway where the dice are put in, with supports it creates a 1/2 circle support for the top of the door. This support alway fails..save yourself some trouble and print the top on a raft. Btw..anybody printing at regular scale should know that this sucker uses up some serious filament. Very nice design.

Is there an uncut version of this file?

Printed this on my Flashforge Finder 3D at 74% size, 5% infill, didn't print with any supports and 99% of it printed out amazingly well. The only part of this entire print that needs any sort of supports is the bottom ledge in front of the door where the dice roll out.

Bottom of the ledge printed out kind of stringy and crappy, but that's my bad. I managed to clean up the bottom of the ledge by sanding it and then mixing mod podge and flour together and using it as a filler.

Be prepared for a long print time. Top took 9 hours and the bottom took 7.5 hours, but it looks great and works fantastic. I am going to be printing off several of these for Christmas presents for friends this year.

Now I just need to find a guide on how to wire up LEDs. Never done that before.

Are there any specific instructions for parts and wiring of the LED lighting? I think I'd like to build this project.

This is AMAZINGLY painted! I wish I painted this well. I'm an EXTREMELY beginner painter.

Just finished printing the parts. Great result. As athex said, I'd like to know tray size. Or better yet if someone can design a matching tray and share, that would be greatly appreciated!

Nice work on the tower!

Thanks, I've added some more dimensions to my reply to athex, or you can use his tray - it looks awesome :)

I published a tray that works here, most of the time the dice stay in but sometimes they take a bad bounce out on the ramp. I plan to make a version with higher walls today and hopefully will upload that soon: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3003948

D&D DM Dice Tower Tray
by athex

Gorgeous! What are the print bed dimensions for full scale?

Thanks! This was split up for my Flashforge, which has print dimensions: 225 x 145 x 150 mm.

I printed on a 300x300 bed just fine, I think it would fit on a 220x220 as well

I just finished printing the pieces, turned out pretty good. You might want to publish stls with the supports that are required since I ended up with a lot of cleanup to do with the supports. Also Did you get a chance to measure the tray size? i plan to make a matching 3d printed tray. One final request is do you have the original cad so I can use the same brickwork pattern?

Hi, sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, I've had a crazy few weeks. When it comes to supports as I use Simplify 3D to slice my files I have always just used it to generate supports. Including them in the STL is something I don't really know how to do and don't have time for at present sorry.
The tray size shouldn't matter much as long as the slot fits in the dimensions I mentioned in the description "the tray slot should start at no more than 37mm high and be at least 54mm wide." The tray I made was overall 21cm long, about 10cm wide and had about 6cm wall height.
I used Fusion 360's pattern feature to make the brickwork by patterning a horizontal and vertical lines in a sketch. The number of sketch features nearly crashed Fusion a few times though so I found it easier to create the pattern from scratch than try and move it around to apply it to other faces. I also scaled the model afterwards so I don't have the exact dimensions I used for the bricks (not on my home PC right now sorry) but 11mm wide, 6.5mm tall with 1mm gaps between bricks should be pretty close.

Any chance you can releases the Fusion 360 file for this? I would like to build a try and attaches to the bottom and fallows the same patterns that the tower has.