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Piper 1 version 2 3D Printer

by Piper3D Jun 19, 2018
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hi, is it possible to use metric screws,for the assemble, instead of inch screws?

Please check also https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2999885 which is more suitable outside of US at least for Europe. And yes you may use M4 screws instead of #6. As mentioned at https://piper3dprinters.com/?page_id=16

Piper 1 version 2 UK edition (19.9mm OD)
by Piper3D

Is there any clever way to fasten the M4 nuts inside the Z rollers? The holes are slightly too big and the nuts slide freely.

Duncan Weir has been using a glue gun to fix M4 nuts in the hole. You may read more on his experience at https://totalwasteofplastic.com/piper-1-v2-3d-printer-build/

I getting a bit confused! :)
I'm from in Belgium.
Here we have only 20mm pipes.
Those STL's, are they to use with pipes of 20mm?

Best regards


Piper 1 version 2 3D Printer
by Piper3D

you need to use stls from UK version https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2999885

Piper 1 version 2 UK edition (19.9mm OD)
by Piper3D

There are 2 files in the folder (3xcornerLeftv2 and 3xcornerRightv2) That are not mentioned in the description or assembly page. There is a 2xcornerv2 that description says we need 2 of, but I don't see 3xcornerleft or right mentioned anywhere. Can someone please advise me here?

In the description, I mention only parts which need to be printed in multiple copies. For the placement of those 2x =corners left and right check the very first picture at https://piper3dprinters.com/?page_id=27. those parts in the back of the base on the left and right sides.

Thank you! I misunderstood. Thought the 3x implied printing that piece 3 times. Much appreciated!!

Hi, I'm trying to build this printer but I'm kind of lost, is there a document with a step by step instructions? because on the video of the build log they show a printed document but I couldn't find it anywhere. Regarding the conduit being used, here in Argentina there are two types of EMT, lightweight and heavy, what is the wall thickness of the 1/2 inch tube that is needed? Thanks a lot!

All instructions are published at https://piper3dprinters.com. You will need either 18mm OD (outer diameter) pipe or 20mm OD. For 20mm check UK version.

Thanks for the response, as soon as I have all the parts I will make a youtube video in spanish with the build so more people can build it. I believe in open source and since you guys are sharing that's how I'm planning to collaborate.
Regarding the conduits what I'm lost with is the width of the walls of the tubes, there are a lot of options (0.9mm/1.25mm/1.6mm/2mm...), if you could measure that for me I would appreciate it. I don't want it to wabble by building it with thin tubes but I don't want it too heavy either... Thanks!

Measured pipes I have, with not perfect cuts, the wall thickness is around 1.0-1.1mm

Great, thanks a lot!

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I had to print the y mount at an angle to fit on my 170mm diameter Kossel Mini delta print bed. This is “enable tree support” in Cura.

Clay, I am sorry I did not get back to you. It looks amazing :) like art. I was busy releasing Piper 2 and with other staff.

No worries. I also tried increasing the bed size slightly past the diameter of the bed since only the hanging bolt-tabs make it too big for my printer, but it was squishing inwards a little (wierd delta kinematic? Dunno) and the torque at the edge caused the bed to rotate and make a stair step effect. Had to add cut up bike tube to the plate mounts to keep it from rotating.

Would it be possible to split the Y mount (the static ones, not the sliders) in half? I’m attempting to print this on a Kossel Mini with a 170mm bed and they’re just too wide. It’s that or I have to print them standing up with supports.

Might be better to have 4 separate 90 degree junctions instead of 2 long pieces? Separate y stepper mount mount? That would also make it easier to scale the design for larger size print volumes.

Hi Acidrain69, if you will rotate YMount 45 degrees around Z axis it will fit your bed. Just checked this in Repetier Host myself.

Nope, kossel uses a round print bed, it’s 170mm in all directions except z.

Fast solution you may check what WarHawk8080 did by adding 2 more holes. And you may split Ymount in half. 2 extra screws should make it more stable when assembled. It may work as a temporary solution. But after you finish printer I would recommend printing this part again as a whole.

Oh... Let me think what I can do

It was a 5 hour print, but I was able to get it to print with supports, standing up sideways at an angle so the 2 lower mounts (not the Y mount rails, the other 2) aren't over each other and they both got their own support section. It came out.... surprisingly... OK? I'll put a picture up.

Not sure how you feel about releasing the model, but I could probably do it. I was thinking about slicing it at a ~45' angle with a hole in the center, so I could put a nut and bolt through it to reattach. I wasn't able to split the STL mesh; I'm only familiar with openscad and onshape. Onshape will let me split parts but not meshes.

question on the pipes: here https://piper3dprinters.com/?page_id=16 i count 8 different pipes, but in the picture are 13. So what pipes i need 2 times ?

X, Y, Z rails, Base along Y axis, and Z support.

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Please note that 4 parts had errors and were changed to fix errors, you may need to download new parts. Fusion played tricks on me.

Oh wow...it uses the electrical conduit as the smooth rods...NICE!
Can't reach https://piper3dprinter.com though :(
Ah it's https://piper3dprinters.com/ with a "S"

Also...try making those Z wobble pieces..if the screw isn't straight but the nut isn't physically connected to the gantry it won't cause wobble as the piece only lifts the gantry

Anti Z Wobble for Anet A8
by saschai

That Anti Z wobble is a great idea I have to think about it.

Thank you Brian, it was my mistake :)

I see that the Y holders only have 2 holes in em...did a quick whip up in tinkercad...made em 3 hole for extra rigidity and holding strength
Didn't want to remod...without your permission...this is for your review...plus it's not "perfect" so I called it a "tweak"
Same CC license as your release

Thank you Brian. The third hole would not hurt. Top parts of Y belt and motor holders are under constant tension from the belt anyway.

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