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100% 3D Printed Chair - Full Size

by The_OS Mar 16, 2019
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As much as I like the idea, it is clearly very unethical to use a FDM/FFF plastic 3D printer for large objects. Also, it's not the first of it's kind.

I'm confused about the unethical part. Please explain your reason why you believe 3D printing to be unethical.

For my own part, I would greatly applaud consumers manufacturing furniture in their own home instead of buying and having it shipped from countries with potentially poor human safety standards and protections.

I'm not talking about 3D-printing in general, but FFF/FDM processes for large objects and/or surfaces.

I'd tend to agree. Mass manufacturing is efficient, this is clearly not.

Please don't call it "first of its kind." This is an article from 2014: https://3dprint.com/3882/3d-printed-chair-laarman/
This article was after his first printed chair, made on fdm printers(ultimaker)

Hello! this is amazing! I love the design. But I have a 200mmx200mm print bed so I cannot print. ive seen some of the other links you gave people and they are nothing in comparison to yours. You should consider splitting up your design into more pieces for smaller printers. Just an idea :) Thank you!

Great job! But shouldn't the seat-backrest part be printed on its side to provide maximum strength?

What concept needed to be proven?! The concept of 3D printed furniture?? It was obvious without any proof.
But you made 10 times more expensive chair than IKEA offers for this simple design.

It's a concept about consumer-grade FDM furniture, and automated production of it at home or in a fablab.
Maybe it was obvious but it still haven't been made before, or it haven't been made public.
We're working on a cheaper 1 kg stool design, made for production.

for me this is a 500€ chair hahah

I'm printing on the CR10-S500. Plenty of room... I thought about scaling it up, but after using the caliper on my butt, I think I'll just fit lol. I have the CR10 started on the 4 retainers too.

Luckily I can buy 1 KG of Inland cheap PLA for $14.99 plus $1.25 in tax, so it should be affordable. I'm using dark brown. Thanks for the design! I'll post the make when done.

It's great !

Thanks for the pics !

So you're using sevral 1 kg spools to print the 2 main parts ? How many did it took ?

I'm looking forward to see your make. Could you please post the settings you used, the technical details and your feedback on the design ?


what is with people with small Printers?

The Biggest limitation will be your printer's extrusion rate, (nozzle and melt speed and travel speed), because if you are using a .04mm nozzle with a v6 equivalent, then this will take a LONG time to print.

Assuming print time is not an issue, then the simplest solution it to import the model into your preferred cad, and cut it up, preferably with taps, then depending on the filament acetone weld the pieces together, or use supper glue, or epoxy.

I’m glad your design made it to BOW.
I really hope more people will appreciate the work that volunteers put in to this site (such as all the work KryptonicLoser puts in).

Thanks for the shout out man!!!

Yes thank you for you work KryptonicLoser !

I'm only wondering do you choose the covers of the BOWs or is it just the last one added ?

what 3d printer is that in the pics? It's huge!

That's a Creality CR-10 S4 !

There are only a select few who can actually print this. :)

Yes but there's still 2 800 people in the facebook group "Creality CR-10-S4 & S5 3D Printer".

you should consider saving plastic replacing parts with other renewable materials!
As a design it is good, but as functional it is pessimistic


You can consider this design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2275866 it's made out of reycled plastic bottles and printed nodes.

TrussFab Chair
Comments deleted.

first great job i love the idea of this chair. it's nice to see more functional models. however i like so many people have small 200mm by 200mm printers. i'd like to see something we could also make as this is printed in only 2 pieces we could never make use of this design. interlocking parts would be sweet! keep it up great inspiration!


Thanks !

There's an interlocking puzzle design here https://www.bitsandparts.org/ but it seems that both chairs shown are for kids.
Or there's this design I like https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2275866 it's made out of blastic bottles and printed nodes. Then they're making a table, a structure and even a boat like that, it's pretty amazing.


TrussFab Chair