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IKEA Skadis Pegboard - Paint Bottle Holder

by TheRooster Jun 15, 2018
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Hi. I want to hang my superglue bottles at skadis. The bottles have a diameter of 30,5 mm. Do they fit?

Nope. These fit bottles that are ~25mm diameter.

Made a bunch of these.
The 25.5 scale fits Scale75 bottles, but had to scale them with 1% in order to fit Vallejo and Army Painter bottles.

Printing with a 0.4mm Nozzle in 0.1mm layers

Thanks for the great design, great work!

Hi Gnyf,
You might want to print some calibration cubes or something to check your printer. It sounds like your printer is printing a little under-sized.

Have you thought about making something similar for GW/Citadel pots?

What are the dimensions? The pots are bigger than the bottles right? So I'd have to come up with a new pattern/spacing.

Sorry for the slow response.

GW / citadel - 32.5mm wide at the bottom tapering up to about 31mm before the opening. Its about 42.5mm high but I think they make taller versions as well.

Can you show picture of the back with the Universal Hooks attached? I think I've mounted them correctly but they are very snug. And it doesn't allow much clearance when trying to put the completed bottle holder on the Skadis pegboard.

I attach the hooks to the bottle holder first, then attach the whole assembly to the pegboard at once. If using multiple bottle holders, then start from the bottom left and work right. Then move up and start from the left again.

If the hooks are snug to the pegboard and/or the bottle holder, your printer settings might need to be adjusted. You might want to measure the thickness of the hooks with calipers if available.

When I attached the hooks to the bottle holder, they kinda snapped into place. When the assembly is attached to the pegboard, it is a little snug, but that seemed to be on purpose for secure attachment. I didn't need to force anything too hard.

I've added a picture of the back of the assembly to the main set of images. The hooks are attached.

Awesome thanks. I had it correct but accidentally worked from top left to bottom right. Hopefully I can remove without breaking.

First of all I just wanted to say that I love this design, so big thanks for sharing it! But one thing I've noticed after printing it is that it doesn't quite fit the Vallejo dropper bottles for the Game Color or Model Air series of paints. It seems to be just a millimetre or so too narrow to fit them so I'll have to sand them a bit on the inside to fit I think. It seems to fit the Army Painter dropper bottles perfectly however.

I also found that I had to file down the universal hooks and the holes on the back of the bottle holders to allow it to fit as they were just a bit too snug to fit them in otherwise.

I might see if I can make a remix of this in the future so it can easily fit the Vallejo bottles as well. Thanks again!

I posted a new version with 0.5mm wider pockets for the bottles. You might try that set.

Based on your comment about the hook and holes though, it sounds like your printer might be over-extruding or need calibrating. The hooks and holes are very slightly press-fit (no clearance) but I didn't have to sand anything and they insert easily. If you have calipers, the holes on the back for the hooks should be 4.5mm wide and 10mm tall. Likewise the hooks should be 4.5mm wide as well.

Cheers! I'll give them a go when I next have time to print them.

I checked the holes on the back of the holders with my calipers and they measured 4.5mm wide and 9.5mm tall. The hooks were about 4.8-4.9mm wide and I printed them flat so my Z axis might be slightly off or like you said it may be over extruding. I'll see if I can tweak it and try again.