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Ender 3 Adjustable Z Stepper Mount

by Hangtight Jun 13, 2018
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Very nice design, thanks! I removed and bent the extruder motor bracket to a correct 90*. It was still giving miss alignment on the Z-rod, this fixed my issue!

Please provide some models or make a version with room for a stepper damper.

If you want a silent printer, the dampers is not the way the go, just upgrade the control board with decent stepper drivers, and then the loudest thing will be the fans, I you change those out for silent fans you will hear yourself breathe while watching your printer.

Comments deleted.

There are good reasons for the damper esp. on the z axis.
For example I am waiting for a dual z-axis kit. For this the upper end of the lead screw has to be fixed in a bearing. So you will have the tension problem of 3 fixed points on the lead screw. By setting the motor in a damper, the lower end becomes kind of the loose end.

What you're failing to take into account is that stepper dampers could be installed by my mother without her glasses. Messing with stepper drivers or upgrading anything on the control board is far more intimidating to a lot of people. And the dampers DO help a ton. They were my first real printer mod and took my printer from "Screeching Harpy from the depths of Hell" to "Yeah alright, I can sleep with this in the room"

I've got my eye on the MKS Gen L

Thanks for this optional mount. However, after I printed I noticed that the mount is nearly 1/8" taller than the motor height, meaning there is a gap between the bottom of the motor and the top of the aluminum frame. I was expecting the mount be be slightly shorter than the motor which would allow the bottom of the motor to firmly sit on the frame and then the mount would apply pressure onto the motor when tightened. As your z axis increments up, it applies downward force on the motor, and unfortunately this mount suspends the motor in air with 4 screws and may allow flexing. Possibly another version could be made or a remix.....

It doesn't flex. At all.

i will give it a try.
i hate support as most of the time they fell off...which is the best orientation to avoid them?

i was thinking to increase the top thickness to be able to re-use the original screw instead of a new pair.

can you give me complete screw list because i cant find my screws that came with the ender 3

M3 X 10 socket head x2-4 to bolt the stepper into the mount,. M4 X 10 and M4 Tee nuts X 2 to bolt the stepper mount to the extrusion.


Could you make a mirrored version available for those of us that want to install a dual Z lead screw?


Cura>Click item>Mirror>Click arrow

I think you can mirror it in your slicer. At least you can in Cura.

Thanks - I found the option in Simplify3D - Mesh -> Mirror Mesh -> Mirror Y


nope, not is a mirror piece, have a little gap for the screw that holds the profile of the base

Ender_3_Adjustable Right Side_Z_Stepper_Mount

and one for dampers lol?

I'd not considered it, but I'll give it some thought.

Scrap that, apparently the flex of the damper messes up extrusion torque.

My damper on z axis works just fine.
Much better than before.

The m3 bolts are too long. How were you able to use the existing hardware?

Regular M3 Alan head bolts. 8mm long as I recall.

The original motor screws are too long what did you use instead?

There's an air gap all round, it's open one side and vented the other plus two sides still heatsink to the frame. The Z doesn't run any hotter using this mount than in free air.

wouldn't this insulate the motor and make it even hotter?

Not author, but the Z stepper doesn't get that hot normally. All it does is lift the nozzle every few seconds for some microns. X, Y and E do a lot more and get hotter. I'd say it shouldn't be too much of an issue here.

Actually not true. The heat production in stepper motors is inversely correlated with the amount of work they do. since they always use about the same wattage; when moving a lot, more of the wattage goes into the motion; when stationary, all that energy is dissipated as heat.

Works perfectly well on the Ender 3.

this didn't work for the ender2

Having spent some time adjusting the Z Stepper I'll be printing this next