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Corner Brackets For System20 2020 / 2040 Extrusion

by mce076 Jun 13, 2018
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Can you share the .stp files or .sldprt files if you have any.Thanks!!

if there is ever 3030 m6 hole brackets, yay :p

Are you able to easily resize these for 15mm and M3, that way they will work with OpenBeam XL 15x15?


Does screw thickness matter? Do you think the thicker M5 screws would hold a brace stronger than a M4 or M3?

the different sizes were provided for convenience rather than an intention to take different loads.. there might be some argument for different sizes but i suspect the printed bracket would fail long before the screws would

These corners are suitable only where hard mounting is not required, for a 3D printer is not suitable.

Are they really useful and improve the print qualitiy? Can anyone see noticeable difference? I am just curious.

Wouldn't bother for strengthening a frame. I built a printer with printed 2020 brackets one time, then later switched to metal. Night and day difference. These are great for assembling simple things, but will do little to help the dynamic load on a printer.

Hi, this is a very nice to have it done for you, but this saves me a dollar a piece or ZAR 14.00, I bought 10 alluminium ones and it cost me a fortune here in South Africa, I wish I knew this earlier, don't worry I don't want you to change anything, it's just perfect how they are. I needed about 20 more thus it safed me a lot. If I had a credit card I would have donated. Thank you anyway.

thanks for the positive comments :)

Awesome collection! I mostly use 1010 or 1020 profiles. Any chance of a collection of these for those profile sizes?

i'll have a look into it next time i update the collection

Fantastic collection! Do you think you could add corner brackets (three sides)? (I'm using these generically to join acrylic sheets rather than for joining rails.)

sure i can add a 3 sided bracket.. what dimensions? (eg. 20x20x20mm with an M3 screw hole)

Well I figured out how duplicate and rotate the L brackets to make corner brackets, but am unable to merge the overlapping meshes in either Meshmixer or Blender. Meshmixer rounds off all edges due to the underlying voxel thing it does on "make solid". Blender's boolean combine does something incomprehensible, deleting the overlap and leaving a few random triangles behind. How did you generate these meshes?

I'm using M5 currently, and was thinking something like this https://i.imgur.com/gpNeBNx.png - I just duplicated, rotated, and aligned the pieces manually in Simplify3D. Honestly I'd love to get all variants put together like this in M3/4/5 and think it'd be a great addition to the collection. I'd do it myself if I knew how to do mesh editing, but I'm most interested in the M5 versions of 40mm Single Sided Round and 40mm Single Sided Square, and if possible, also 20mm Single Sided, 24mm Single Sided, 28mm Single Sided, plus all the Double Sided variants. The double sided, modified this way, could also be interesting for joining rails into a corner. Thanks!

i've added some basic 3 sided corners and a couple extra L shaped brackets that you might be interested in...

Seeing one of these installed on what looks like standard extruded rails, I assume these are suitable for Tevo Tarantula?

Yes, these will also work on the Tarantula as that also has 2020/2040 frame rails

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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This is one of the most useful prints! Thank you for taking time to create these and sharing the file and the variations

thanks for the positive feedback :)

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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This collection is fabulous!! Is possible with m5 screws please?

sorry for the late update, but i've now added M5 versions which can be downloaded here..

This collection is awesome. Could you make a version for m3 screws?

I have added M3 versions to the files in zip archive...

You sir are awesome.