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Another Ender 3 Tray

by Holspeed Jun 12, 2018
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May I suggest to reinforce the sidewalls? I printed it first in PLA and the sidewalls distorted inwards causing the drawer to sag.
Printed in ABS and sidewalls are still too weak for just the weight of the Ender 3 tools.
I didn't want to redesign the whole thing, so I printed sidewall reinforcements in 3mm thickness and glued them with an ABS/Acetone-mixture. Now the thing is solid and sturdy.

So, I have the ENder 3 pro. Do I print the drawer1-pro or drawer2-pro? Do they both fit??

Just finished printing this and a printed it with out a raft so it lifted on one corner from the bed on my ender 3 so i would probley say print it with a raft or brim apart from that awesome print and fits perfect to my printer. Oh and it was my 2nd print ever as today is my first day with a 3d printer

Funny, same thing happened here as well: Front right corner is lifted (should be backside once it is installed) - it is still printing (at 50% right now) and I am looking forward to this.

If only I knew that once you start 3d printing, the first 10 to 20 prints will be to upgrade your printer. My kids can't wait to finally get something printed for them ^^

This design is too wide to use as printed on the newer Ender 3 Pro printers. It is exactly 3/8" too wide. Reduce width and it will fit between center axis and control box. My printer's center axis is centered and should not be moved. Safest method is to reduce the width of the tray then it will fit.

Managed to finish my print and realised that it doesn't fit. Well, lesson learned , measure first - then print...

Gosh darn I just saw this.....

Thank you for this. I am very happy with it. I wanted to share some of my experience with the sizing in hopes it could help others. After I thought I measured my Ender 3 correctly I scaled it down to 112.8 mm, similar to what I saw here. That result was too small to fit. I then remeasured and decided full scale looked appropriate. Full scale was a tight fit, but after a short struggle I got it in. I first though the read left support snapped off during the struggle, but it seems to be ok. Overall I think it is great. In hindsight I think for my printer I should have made it just barely smaller.

Good simple tray. One of my first prints. The notes helped me get sizing right first time and ive been using it for some time now. I might recommend the version with the partition to anyone else looking at printing though as the plain version has the annoying habbit of vibrating all my hex keys and makes a concerning noise while printing. I've gone for gluing a rubber mat into the base to stop it.
Still: i want to leave this comment on a positive and that rail slider is gorgeous. Nice work!

Thanks for posting this quality design. The version for the Ender Pro fit perfectly but I had to partially dismount the belt roller. Nice job :-)

Purchased my Ender 3 December 2018 (for reference sake) and used the "drawer1-update.stl" file. Measured up the printer before printing and it was approximately 114.8mm. I scaled the x-axis down in cura by -2mm and printed it. Bingo, perfection. Fits like a glove and there's no issues sliding in or out.

Thanks for a quality design!

thank you for posting this it really helps

Hey guys,
could you please tell me what settings did you use?
i tried 4 times and still i have separation lines and gaps on the floor lines.

Thanks I must have printed the wrong file in error, I will try again

I have just built a latest model Ender 3 and printed your tray, it is great but is too narrow to hang off both rails. I printed the drawer2_update and it is only 104 mm wide and it needs to be 115mm wide. Any chance of an update please??

You printed the Pro version. Please read the Thing Details.

it is tooooo hard to install. dash it.

Printed this using Cura 3.6 and the default ender 3 setting. Came out perfect..Thank you!! Fits great!

Looks great!

Printed for a recent Ender 3 (Nov 2018). I have exactly 115 mm between the axes.

As others experienced, it is quite tight and does not slide too easily (file drawer1-update).

Maybe removing ~1 mm from width would work better. Can you tell me what should be the witdh of the drawer base, to check if my printer scaled it correctly?

Nice addition to the Ender 3 anyway.

Width is 114.8mm. Sounds like you are printing slightly oversize.

Comments deleted.

New Ender-3 bought August 2018. Printed tray, print looks great. However it does NOT fit. This isn't the Pro model Ender-3.

After printing, the tray measured 115.3mm wide. The space in the printer measures 113.9mm.

I can make it squeeze in there bending the tray but it won't move.

I printed drawer1-update.stl

So not only didn't you read the section marked IMPORTANT, your printer is producing oversized models - sorry but this is not my fault.

Chill. No one said it was your fault. Sharing information.
I used my measurements and scaled the width in cura to the size I wanted and reprinted. Fits pretty well.
Tray is ok although the sides bend more than I’d like making it feel a little flimsy. A simple tray sliding on the table may be easier. In any case I’m using it ok.

I just printed this out, works great. Thank you so much for your efforts! Makes a nice addition to the ender. :)

My ender 3, which says mfg year 2018 not sure of version is 11.5cm

Just as it should be Merin, thanks for that.

thanks, So i can print the update version 2 ?

If you have the double sided tensioner then yes, either of the update files will work for you.
Here's an example: https://cdn.thingiverse.com/renders/14/c0/0f/ec/f3/8ce1c6c5cd3689374bdd1dd857976c68_preview_featured.jpg

Waste of filament, "ender 3 pro" model was WAY too tight. (As it said in description)

Sorry to hear that. So is the gap between the extrusions too small or did it print oversize?

i am sorry can i have more informations about printing step
i use cura v3.5.0
grazie ty

Hi pippo,
The model is quite basic but if your printer is not setup correctly (badly levelled bed, loose wheels, binding z-axis, etc) then it wont print well. I'd suggest using a smaller print (Marvin or a 20mm cube) to learn with.
The Cura 3.5 Ender3 profile currently (Oct 2018) has some bugs, both in the Start G-code and also the Extruder settings. I'd recommend using the CR10 profile for now, adjusting the build plate size (from 300 to 235mm) and ensuring the filament diameter is set to 1.75mm.

Ty so much!
tell me! where i can foundCR10 profile ?
now the plate size and ensuring the filament diameter it's OK ! but if i found all settlmenent it s better for me! ty

Settings -> Printer -> Add printer -> Other - Creality CR10
This information is shown in the setup instructions on USB stick supplied with the Ender3.

Comments deleted.

I have Ender 3 v3 purchased in September 2018 and the width is 115mm measured.

Thanks for that Daniel.

Printed the Drawer2 file yesterday. The drawer fits perfectly, easy movement in and out. Thanks so much for this design, it's really useful!

The updated file fits into the Ender 3 (September 2018) at 100% scale, but it cannot be slided very well.

May I know which one you printed? File name and date of upload please? Thanks!

Hello there! I printed the Pro version for my Ender 3 Pro. I thought you should know that it does fit, but just barely, and it requires a lot of force to slide in and out. That's fine for my purposes since I don't plan on moving it, but I thought you should know. I think maybe shrinking the sides by one mm should loosen the fit and make it easier to slide.

Hi Andrew,
Did you measure the gap as noted in the IMPORTANT section at the top of the description? Anything below 104.8mm will be too tight. If the measurement is 105mm, like it should be, then the issue is with your printer/slicer settings (printing the model oversize). Taking 2mm (or even 1mm) off the width will make the drawer too loose on most other machines.

Hah! Well, there's egg on my face. I failed to measure it properly before, and my measurement is 104.5mm. Guess I'll stand as a warning to other people to follow instructions properly!

Unfortunately, it doesn't fit the pro, nice print though,

Hi bomb721,
Presumably the only difference is the wider Y axis extrusion, meaning the drawer should just need to be 10mm narrower. If you can measure between the extrusions to confirm it is actually 105mm I'll do a version for the Pro.

Comments deleted.

Hi Holspeed
Yes correct it is 10mm narrower (105mm), if you could amend the design I would be very grateful

Pro version files have been uploaded - drawer1-pro and drawer2-pro
Untested, use at your own risk!

It is a perfect fit, thank you.

Great, thanks for letting me know.

Also have a new E3, 5 weeks old. Fits perfectly , thanks for the tray !

Thanks for that Woodstock1. Not sure what to think at this point although QC has never been Creality's strong point.

Dosnt fit on my "new" ender 3 - printed the drawer2-update. Way too tight, bends a lot during installation. And its impossible to move, but still a nice tray.

The print itself is awesome, sliced with std pla settings in cura, 0.2mm. Took about 5 hours.

Hi 8lade,
I'm sorry the drawer isn't a good fit, however it was designed for the 115mm gap between the extrusions that, as far as I know, all Ender 3's have had up to this point.
It's possible that, for whatever reason, Creality have changed the offset for the Y extrusion, and if becomes common place going forward I'll be happy to do an additional version to accommodate it.
Could you please let me know the exact distance between the 2 extrusions (both at the front and back in case the slot for the Y extrusion has been milled on an angle).

the front gap on my unit is 114.11mm. The printed tray itself was about 115?mm. (now it's 114.11mm :) )
The gap on the back is 115.00mm.
Looks like the tray print came out too big for me? Never had any issues with other parts.

Check the corresponding gaps on the left of the Y-axis - one of your extrusions (most likely the Y) is slightly angled.
The tray is modelled at 114.8mm (0.1 clearance each side) - if yours came out wider it's a printer or slicer problem.

It did not fit in my Ender 3. The drawer is modeled 114.8 mm wide and the gap in my printer is 114.0 mm wide. I think it should have been modeled to accomodate a bigger tolerance. But thanks a lot for making the skp available so i can resize it myself!

Hi Sebastian,
The model was based off my machine which has the 20mm Y-axis extrusion positioned exactly in the centre of the 250mm base cross support, leaving a gap of 115mm to the legs on each side.
I'm sorry if yours is a little off centre but a 1mm allowance would make the draw too loose on most all other machines.

Lovely drawer. Fits perfect. Just need a lid now if you can design one please

Tray looks awesome. Exactly what I have been looking for. Though it looks as though there have been some changes to the Y-axis tensioner between yours and when I got mine. The Y-axis tensioner on mine seems different to your pics (I've attached a pic of mine). I'll have to give myself a crash course in Sketchup and try and modify the position of the front guide tab on the left so it will still pull out sufficiently. The end of the tensioner bracket is 33mm from the end of the Y-axis bar.

Hi Gavin,
Yes, my Ender 3 is a bit older, with a single sided tensioner - thanks for bringing it to my attention and providing the measurement. I'm working on an update now.
PS: you need some cable clips ;) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2960375

Ender 3 Cable Clips

Cheers for the reply!

I actually had these printed off but hadn't installed them before taking the photo: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2989832
Which means I'll either need to remove the one on the side, or look at modding your design once again. Something along the lines of shortening the width of the tray, removing the back slider on the right and increasing the length of the remaining one to reach the rail (or having it not as wide at the bottom as the top).
If it's something you are able to modify without too much trouble I'm happy to provide any measurements you need ;-)

So many mods and choices!

Ender 3 LCD ribbon cable cover

The files section has been updated with new STL and SKP files for the newer version Ender 3's - untested but should be plenty of clearance. Unfortunately you'll have to remove the side cover (have fun getting that off!) and run the ribbon over the top like I've done if you want to use the my designs unchanged.

No worries. Thanks for providing an alternative so quickly. The side cover shouldn't be that hard to get off.
I'm more worried about the belt tensioner. I hate those T nuts!!

Because the lugs only sit on the rails, rather than being captive, you might be able to flex it into place without removing the tensioner - you can certainly do this with the front right hand one, I think the left will have enough flex to do the same (although I wont be responsible should the tray break trying LOL).

9.5 hours later success! It was quite easy to put in without having to remove the tensioner as well. Pic showing the drawer open a little obviously.

Thanks again for modifying the original for the newer version of printer :-)

9.5 hours? Should be less than 2 hours with .2 layer height - it's not a miniature!
Happy to be of service, glad it worked out.

I haven't played with speed settings in Cura much so it's probably set to something quite slow...

Actually its probably closer to 2.5 hours with default Cura settings (I tend to print a little faster) but certainly nothing like 9.5. There are so many great things to print and we need all the time we can get - check those settings. ;)

What temps and speeds to you usually print at (PLA)?

My normal settings -
Temps: 210 nozzle, 60 (stock) bed, with eSun PLA
Speed: Cura default (60/30) but generally bump up the outer walls and top & bottom layers to 40.
.2 layer height, walls and top & bottom layers: 3 or 4 depending on the model, 15% infill

4hours and 42 min here - What am i missing here? Using CR-10 profile for my Ender 3. Is what not OK?
(Ultimaker Cura 3.4.1)
Need some input before pressing "Print" :D
Just normal black PLA...

Hi exetico,
4 hours is probably about right for the newer divider model on stock CR-10 settings (latest Cura might be adding a little time too, not sure on that one). You can speed things up and possibly get back an hour, but like most things, the slower you print, the better the quality.

Thanks Holspeed. I appreciate the input!

Cheers. Will compare to what I have been using.

Thanks again. Will let you know how it goes once I get a chance to print it.

Printed the version with the divider last night. It's a cracking addition to my printer and nicely tucked out the way. Best design I could find for the job! Thanks.

That's great Col. I didn't actually print the divider one as those little blue side cutters fit neatly in the open one.

An excellent addition to my Ender 3. Printed great. Thanks!

No problem Jeff, thank you for the feedback!