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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Suzuki SJ 410 Body / Karosserie 1/9 SCX10 Chassis

by domi1974 Jun 11, 2018
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Excellent design Domi! Looks great. I'm printing the body but but I am modifying the files to add more details, with the limitations of the STL.

Would you please share the following f3d file? SJ410-_Windschutzscheibenrahmen

Kind regards!

Hi, very nice print. I hope you didnt make the grid because I made one for the long wheelbase version... :-)
As attachment you find the requestet file.

It's a little late, it's done!
Thank you very much for the file, so I can edit it much better.

i cant seem to find the file for the front floor board where the seats attach maybe post a link? other wise this is a great scale body man its awesome

Hi and thx for the Question. I couldn't find it too. I added the Files a few Minutes ago. Pls. post a Make when you have.

Thanks for adding the file printing now

great model! love the grille from the long wheelbase version aswell. gonna make one to look like the samurai i used to have. i was wondering, is there any chance to get a hold of an assembly file, i would love to open it up in fusion so i can design myself a chassi.

I am happy that you like the SJ-Body.
If you open the STL-Files, one after another, in Fusion, they should be at the right spot in the model.
As Chassis you can use a SCX10 Chassis or you use mine I made for my Jeeps.... Check it here on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2737503
If you have any questions or ideas just tell me.

RC Jeep JK Chassis complete scale RC Car kit 1/10

I posted a Make. added some details and changed a little bit to make it more personal. im building it more like a model than a Rc right now and i scaled it down to 0.7, but i will probably make it RC at some point. love the model very well done! super fun one to build and add to. i will be adding more stuff to it.

when I open in Cura, all the files open up to large, what is the setting to set the scale correctly?

Hi, its made in 1:1 size. If you use 10% it works fine. Some use 9% for other axle setups.
Happy printing.

hello i printed this and took pictures along the way i cant figure out how to post pictures. thank u for this build by the way my boy and i did it as a project together for hid rig

Hi, that is nice to read. If you want to show your Project pls post a make. it can be found on the right hand side in the menu. There you can upload you pictures.

This is a fantastic design im currently printing 2 of these one in 1/10 and the other in 1/12. I was reading and saw someone ask if ypu could design the grill woth the Suzuki in it and was wondering if you’ve done this. Also would you be able to make a opening hood with hinges at all?

Hi and thx for your nice comment. Hope to see your make soon :-)
I made a grill with the "S" in it. But I guess a forgot to add it to this model. Pls go to the LWB there it is https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3100783/files
I guess I can make some spaces for hinges. Making working hinges at that size is not that easy. It is possible to add some non working ones. Pls tell me.
Little Hinges can be found here it you need some (exemple) https://knupfer.info/shop/

Suzuki SJ 410 Body / Karosserie Long Wheelbase with Longbed SCX10 1/9 Scale

Awesome thank you so much. Your support with your designs is fantastic i will definitely put up photos. I was on part 4 but i put the peices in one print and the rear panel warped so im on 2 haha. When printing the doors would you print with the outside down or up? Found the grill man you work is epic thank you

Hi, the doors I printed outside up. Giving the "Doorbody" the same orientation as the rest of the side parts. That makes them all look the same. And yes that takes some more support but in the end it looks better.
Sorry for the late reply.

Great I like it. As you asked for the hood. I used some Magnets to close it. Later I will post some pictures.

Looking good. Im mirroring the dash to resemble an right hand drive just waiting on some parts then ill resume printing. Was wonder if you had any plans to fill the the back of the cab to make it a mini ute style ill post a pic of the area i mean

Hi, sorry was offline for some time :-(
You mean a closed cabin right? I have never seen that before so long but I can make a draft. I guess it will be later that week.
I would use these Pics for reference. https://forum.aev-conversions.com/forum/aev-for-sale/preowned-aev-wrangler-brute-double-cab-for-sale/12363-2005-tj-brute-rubicon

Just a rear cab with window like in this photo looking to seeing your draft

I added some new files to the Thing.
One is if you already printed the body (one Part) and one is made of two parts if you want to print it all new. Here is what it looks like.
Just tell me if it needs more work on that.

Comments deleted.

Epic work man your designs are on point. So whats the file name i need to print as i have already made the body


SJ 410 - Cabinwall_Addon

Thank you very much for your support I’ll start printing it now ill let you know how it goes

That will be possible :-)

Also are you using a scx10 chassis? Can you post up so photos on how you mounted your leaf springs

Here is the cab back I modified the stl file so the back sat flat on the print bed just to make life easier for me. I had to do some filing just because ive used a resin to asemble and it looks great keep up the good designs ill post up when i have my chassis ready

Hi, very cool. I like that it turned out that nice. I am curios about the final result. You wrote you want to use an axial frame. should fit perfect. What kind of axles and tires do you plan to use?

It sure did. Im going with a scx10 chassis and using some old hg p402 axles that ive got laying around as a start, using some 3d printed rc4wd wagon wheel look alikes with super swampers. Then next im making a exp cage to protect the roof from damage should receive my rails and leafs sometime this week will keep you posted also im using your front mounted hsp gearbox mount i ran this on my rubicon its fantastic

Sounds fine. Can you post a link to the Wheels? I am curious wether the super swampers will suit the body. Being lager than 110mm I think they might be to tall for the car. But we will see.

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3225762 Heres the rim link. Yea am going to mount my axles and see what the clearance is then might go smaller.

mangels rim 1.9 + traxxas TRX4
Comments deleted.

wow sick work bro cant wait to start printing

Nice that you like it. Hope to see some pictures when you printed it. If you have any questions pls. ask. Happ printing.

ok im to the front fenders im having a hard tie finding the passenger fender i downloand the one foe it and its a back one thanks for the help

did you use supports for the doors

Hey man fantastic print iam printing a purple zook now, could u do me favor and do me a list of the .sti in english iam having problems translating iam going to put a make soon

Hi, I already made a list where I translated it. You can find al PDF File and download it.

i simply have use google translate... take about 15 mins you can do it too, im pretty much sure :P

are you able to make a remix of it with long bed version? if possible, also different front end grill? i really love that body!!! whats your next project ?

:-) a long bed version should be no problem. unforunatly i have no drawing to take it from (e.g.the dimensions). Do you have one or know a link where to take it from? I think it is only streching the back of the car if we are talking about the two door Version. Which front grill do you mean? The one with suzuki written on or the one with the three horizontal bars and the suzuki "s" in the middle?
Next Project? the cj-5 is almost finished an online too. some time ago i was trying to build a mercedes g class.... maybe that :-)
If you have any other ideas...let me know. the only limit is the time.

yes exactly what i mean :P the front grill with the Suzuki logo :) and yes as far as i know le long beg version is only the back streched :P and the rocker streched too i think what kind of drawing do you need ? i got all orignal manual from suzuki dealer :P ( i'm samuai lover! :P )

Hi, take a look at this. Does it fit for you?

With some guys from a forum for model cars we tried to find out whether the front grill fits to the SJ 410 hood. One ment that in France there where some models. Are you from France? I am thinking of designing an other hood too.

yes im from quebec canada and yes the hood was diferent too
i will take some time and share picture :P we should make a facebook group it will be easier to comunicate or add me on facebook Jim Marchand ( my picture is ALF and old movie caracter ) https://www.facebook.com/jim.marchand.3

Do you mean like that? The WB is +400mm (+40 cm) an the bed ist +200mm (+20cm) in the back.....

damn! you are a real artist!!! :O :) i'm all exited now!!! XD F**K yeah!!! that exacly what i was meaning :D :D

Hi, what would help are two pictures/drawings with dimensions from one side and a picture of the front grill (also with the dimensions).
How much more is the wheelbase of the long bed?

do you plan to share the cj-5 you had in the buildthread ? amazing work!! really love it!

Hello S3k7,

I guess it will take some more time but yes I'd like to publish it when it is finished or at least in a state of work that will allow a stressless print.

thank you really amazing work :)

Parabéns pelo seu projeto, muito perfeito vc teria as rodas?

Olá, infelizmente não posso falar português e espero que o Google traduza bem.

As rodas e aros que eu tinha desenhado apenas para a ótica ou para alinhar as peças. Mas também posso ajustar isso. Eles simplesmente não são funcionais ... Ansioso para uma informação se eu entendi a pergunta corretamente.

domi. I speak both english and poortuguese, and yes you understood his question right and google translate, translated your answer almost perfectly.

PS. brilliant model.

Hello, I added the Tire, Rim and Axle to the STL-Parts. If you print the body or the axle it would be nice if you show it as a make.

i am printing it right now you can be sure i will post pictures! :) seriously i cant even descibe how much im impress by your model :D really nice work keep going!!! :D and thx for sharing :) do you have any facebook page ?

Hi, no I have no facebook page. I usually publish at Thingiverse, rockcrawler.de and sometimes at make it rc. Mayby I should think about it...

it would be cool :) , just for info the parts Motorabdeckung dosent sit flat in cura i need suport is there anyway to just rotate the part about 5 deg in cura? other than that all the parts i have printed so far are perfect :) amazing work! :)

i found a way to set it flat its ok :) all those parts a perfect to date :D :D

Hello, I use the function lay flat on printbed in cura. If that does not work in the rotation menue you can switch off the option that cura only uses 15 degree steps. I guess it is called snap in or so. I will check on the computer tomorrow and give you a precise information.
Added a picture how to lay flat in Cura 3.3.1

i found it thank for your precious time :)

I am curious how it looks like :-)

i will take some picture this week i will post them here :) onece again thx for sharing your amazing work!! this print went perfect all the way only the doors can be hard to print as i have print most parts upright on the build plate in order to get best result on the curved part :) other than that the hood is a bit smaller than other parts but easily fixable in cura :) i printed the model at 9.5% in order to get the perfect fit for cc-01 or mst cmx :)

Holy shit this is awesome! I’ve got a full-size sj70 and this is a great base to make a replica! Awesome work mate.. just wondering how wide the body is ? Cheers
Also to get the right size I have to scale every part at 10 percent?

I forgot: I want to use Yota Axles.

Hello thx that you like it. Is is scaled to fit 275mm WB. With the drawing I used the width was scaled too. The parts are made in mm that is why you have to scale it down to 10%. I found no way to save it in 1/10 of size.
If you make one pls show. Maybe you are faster than me to make an interieur?

This is amazing Im definitely going to print one for my boys rig thank you so much for your time making this. Just one question for the scale size do i just put 10% in the scale section in cura? THANKS AGAIN

Hello Knoxracin,
Yes just Schale it down to 10%, some scale it to9% because they say it them is less wide. I guess Independs also on the axels you plan to use. Would be nice to See some pictures in a make of the Body. Greetings Domi1974

I will pot some as i go. Thank you

maybe a dumb question lol but how do i post pictures lol

Hi, you can use the function + Add file to add pictures here. Better you press Make in the Ribbon where you also choose the Field to Download or the comments and fill in the Form.
Good luck

question did u have to print the window frame with supports or can u get it to lay flat thanks

Hi, I printed it laying flat.