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High Detailed Moon Lamp

by moononournation Jun 11, 2018
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Should I be printing this with infil on my Ender3? how about supports?
I was having trouble with the first layer curling up...
I'm trying with 100% infill right now, supports and a brim... we'll see how it turns out.

Great model, congratulation, printed and looks amazing!!!!!!!! IS there any base already designed for the 5 inches model?

Thanks in advance

Can anyone recommend a diffused, LED for the 5 inch model with 65mm base? I have some neopoxel rings but they are not diffused so I'm not so sure how it will work. I have about 15 hours on the print left before I can try.

You could always try using a strip of diffusion film or be creative and look for material like what would be used inside of graduation/wedding invites (the thin paper that looks similar to diffusion film).

I keep getting an "invalid file" warning when trying to open the stl files in Cura. Any ideas?

I am able to open the 2" but not the 5"

I think I ordered this off of Amazon. It is a quality item, I would order it again.

Hi Mrsburke, can you tell us more what you have ordered?

to guapoo abe loool primikoo talentito the moon

Hey there, thanks for the great moon you provided. what screws are the holes for? which size do I need for that?

That STL is tailor-made for a specific lamp base, you may find more details at instructables.

I see that you need to set the infill setting to 100% for this print. But for the number of walls setting, what should that be? I'm using a 0.4mm nozzle.

Thanks and can't wait to print out the design!

Hi Nickfrats, the model itself is a hollow object. 100% infill means print a solid wall. Other settings can leave default settings.

OOoo Thats so cool. Thank you:)

May I ask for a version with a 5.6 inches (14,2 cm) flat bottom and a maximum diameter of 8,27 inches (21 cm)?
I've trashed the glas of my IKEA Fado lamp and would like to replace it with the moon…

Thanks in advance! :-)

Progressive Detail Moon Lamp

Thanks but I can't find the file with the dimensions I asked for.

You may scale up a little bit from 5 inches.

Hello everyone! This message is especially for my fellow Americans. I have found the perfect light fixture to place the moons with the 28mm opening onto. I am going to make a remix of this object for the base that I have made and I will put all of the photos of the base as well as the light I used to make mine glow. Check it out! You won't be disappointed.

Hey fellow American, can you lead me to a place where I can purchase a light.

Take a look at my remix, it has the light and socket I used for mine. Both were bought at Lowe's.

Can someone tell me how i get a image like litophane in the moon.?im searching but i cant find a way to do this...Please help

Hey, I have few hudge layer shifts on Y axis on my new Tevo Tornado with new Marlin. Gcode was loaded on SD which was then inserted to the printer. The bed moves with no problems at all.When loading new Marlin there is only about 68% Arduino memory used. The Y-axis is realised by moving bed - it moves freely, belt is well tensioned. Before this print I've made retraction test for PLA used, and it came as pictured (no major shifts).

I've printed similar dimmernsions object like Fang Fan Shroud and they came very nice.
Pictured moon was sliced in IdeaMaker (layer 0,1mm), when slicing in Slic3er there were much more Y-axis shifts so the object wasn't even recognisable.

As this is going to be a gift for my astro-fan friend I'm meeting in two days could You guys suggest any solutions? :)

Ok, after inspection I've found out that wiring wasn't properly safed from pulling out from the main module housing and came in colision with radiator from Y-axis stepper motor driver ripping it off. Haven't got time to reprint the part jet to make sure if it was the problem. I've made some rewiring and secured radiators using small zip ties.
Some very nice list of layer shifting causes and solutions :

Which brand pla would you recommend for this?

eins3D fun+ PLA series :)

Talking to the creator.

I am using white PLA bought from 86duino.com for all the print out at the above photos. I just tried a few brands, I am afraid cannot give you a good recommendation.

But it worked extremely well

Is there anyway to get a step file of this? I'm looking to add an adapter to my desk lamp!

Comments deleted.

Has anyone attempted printing using a resin (SLA) printer?

I don’t know resin have white material, if it have, it is good to try it out.

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes there is white resin. I was also thinking of trying in clear/translucent, then painting white if it does not look good on its own. I will post a pic here once I get the chance to try it.

clear material is not preferred, it eliminates most shadow details.

This is awesome!! Could you do the same with the planet Mars? It would be really cool to print in light orange or red :-).

Is the object supposed to be solid?

So what infill % do you recommend? 100% doesnt seem quite right....

Hi Senix, the 3D model itself is hollow. Setting infill 100% means print a solid shell ;)

Comments deleted.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

Thank you so much! This is a really cool piece of engineering, and I greatly appreciate you went the extra yard and developed the instructables page. It took a few iterations for me for the moon, the process, and then finding a good lamp concept and making adapters for it. I will share my results soon, but I'm really thrilled with the 4" version and a warm LED light. I have a question though, you specify a 0.1mm layer height, but isn't this in fact related to scale? On the one hand, you have the fundamental resolution of the 2 moon source maps, so that defines the most you can actually achieve. But on the other hand, the print scale matters too. For your 2", 3", and 4" renders that I printed at 0.1mm, the first two have really noticeable layer rings that distract a bit...but by 4" these are practically invisible. I now want to print the 5". Since the 4" took 30 hours, I'm asking myself if 0.1mm is really necessary on the 5" model? So the questions are: a) do you agree I should be able to drop the resolution a bit (need to compute this) printing the 5" model if I'm happy with what I see on the 4" print?; and b) at 5" have we run out of source resolution yet in the moon data?; ok, and adding c) if not, do you think you can generalize the ideal resolution to print for a particular diameter moon?

PS: have you considered moving on to other solar system objects? :)

Do you have any good bump and color map for other solar system objects? I can generate one if I can find a good map files. (at least 8k and 23k preferred)

The USGS has some available here: https://www.mapaplanet.org/search/planetary-index Look for DEMs (bumpmaps) and global mosaics/basemaps (color or grayscale). Some of them have blank areas, but if you have Photoshop it's not too difficult to fill those in.

Hi biermeister, thanks for your appreciation. 0.1 mm layer is my setting for printing the sample I took photo here. Any layer height should be ok. I think the layer height setting very depends on the printer, my printer print 0.06 mm layer worse than 0.1 mm. I am using 0.2 mm layer height for printing 5 inches model with very good result.

Awesome design!
Could you upload a 12inch version?

Just scale up in slicer

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Comments deleted.

I've noticed most people, if not everyone, have used PLA as the material. Do you think it's possible to print this with ABS and still light up?

I haven't print with ABS, but I think ABS white filament should have similar result.

Comments deleted.

i think the 5inch moon file is a little bit bigger than 5inch.
because i am using a snapmaker, i need to downsize it to 95% for printing.

Yes, me too. I need scale down to 98% for printing it with Robo C2.

What type of filament did you use?

white PLA, you may find more details at my instructables:

Awesome improvements! The poles look great, now I feel motivated to make my moon overhead lamp.
I scaled the 5 inches one to 150% and printed the top cap as a sample. Yet, it might be a little too thin for a reasonably powered LED bulb (it will be a lamp, after all - see picture).

Since you don't provide the non-free files in your Instructables, could you upload more variations with different build parameters? Maybe shadowFactor 4, 8 and 12, and extrudeSize 0.4 and 0.6.


Hi lfs83, after viewed your print result, I don't think it is too thin. I expect the thickest part should pass through a certain ratio of light, but your photo show nearly cannot pass any light.

Hi, any chance you could post 8, 9 inch versions like the previous model? I would like to print it at 9" diameter, but scaling up 5" seems the shell is too thick.

Yes, I have nearly collected enough tip. After that, I can buy a better source to generate a bigger model.

Is there any way to slice the 2 inch model directly in half? Is there a rough dimension for the equator distance/similar?

you may simply use 3D builder or meshmixer to slice it, they both use center point as zero.

Do you have a link for the led lamp from a US site? I can’t get the site on instructibles to load correctly. I want to print the 5in version.

Great project. Thanks for working so hard on this.

I made my version of the stand for the GU10 bulb.

Thanks for the design! I was printing the 5" and 30+ hours into it I got a massive layer shift :(

I put a light in there and it looks pretty good but the contrast isn't as high as I was expecting. It looks much better when you photograph it than in person unfortunately. I was wondering if you print the 4" scaled up to 5" if the thickness would increase the contrast or if it would just uniformly dim the whole sphere?

Also, I printed with a 0.3mm nozzle. Would that affect anything?

Hi RJFeddeler, as mentioned in my instructables, https://www.instructables.com/id/High-Detailed-Moon-Lamp/, it is very depends on the printing material.

Here it is with regular white as opposed to warm white.

yes in the bulbs , warm white and cool or brite white.
leds and incandescent.

Thank you for your time effort and sharing ! I <3 it !

Hi, thanks for your very nice moon.But for the best result, i print layer 0.10 but how many Top solid layer, Bottom solid layer and outline/Perimeter Shells? Thanks

simply set infill 100%, other settings can leave default

does anyone have a Gcode for the 4inch one ?
my PC is struggling to export the tool paths on S3D.
how did anyone slice it ?

gcode is machine specific, someone would have to slice it for your printer.

Hi mosquitoB13, this STL is a big one and may requires gigabytes of RAM to make it. You can try another slicer if one cannot make it.

Thank you for your reply buddy. I left it for almost 24 hours and then it managed to get it sliced. Phew!
But I made a mistake. I have set infill to 20% instead of 100%. I don't know where in the comments or somewhere I read 20%
Will that be a problem? It's currently printing. I'm worried.

Im guessing its done now, so a bit late to comment, but Im leaving this for any other persons wanting to print it. You really need 100% infill as it is going to be a lamp. If you use 20% infill the infill pattern will be shown when you put a light it in.

your point is completely valid and thats what i was scared about. the good thing is that the print worked just fine and the details are amazing. guess cause the wall is so thin that a 20% would still turn out like a complete solid piece.
thanks tho !

Is it possible to scale this up to about 9 inches without losing detail?

I think it is good enough for 9 inches

How do we put the light inside the moon

Could you post links to the light sources that arrive on an english landing page? That would be awesome! Thanks :)

Would you create a Saturn Print ?

Do you have any good bump and color map for Saturn? I can generate one if I can find a good map files. (at least 8k and 23k preferred)

It`s possible to scale this model to 4" and print without erros?