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28mm Mars Warlord Titan (Extra Detail, Extra Weapons, Glory to the Omnissiah)

by AntomanElven Jun 10, 2018
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Hello, viewing the STL file from Cura, I see the Lucius head model doesn't show supports, will this print with support or it must be added explicitly by a 3d modelling tool? Apologies for the basic question.

Hi, If this were to be printed at the scale of a 40k Imperial Knight, what would be the percentage adjustment?

Hi! Sorry for being a pain in the ass but I have already printed the body parts in the original size from this collection, what resize should i use for the original collection to fit with this pieces?


do you mean titanic (6/8mm) scale or 28mm standard scale

My apologies, i have not explain myself well. I just printed the Vulcan body parts without resizing, this parts are valid for the 40k Mars Warlord Titan without resizing?

Many thanks!

yes for the 40k scaled titan the vulcan cannons will fit without editing them.

is it just me or are 75% of the files missing from the download now?

Seconding this, I can't see ANY of the body components except the head, and weaponry.

the hint is in the description. click the remix button to get to the original fileset.


40k Mars Warlord Titan
Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

Hello, there are Simple Torso and Simple Legs files in the Download Folder. I have to Scale them up. Is 572% right for this files too??

What kind of filament are you using
i just noticed that after other peoples were painted it looked exceptionally smooth so i was wondering if you used abs then smoothed it or if you just used pla

How much do the parts need reduced to go back to stroganoffa original size? I'm using these for Epic and AT and your extra weapons are much appreciated!

Hiya, I just got my Flying Bear Ghost V2 printer up and running yesterday, 23x23x21 build size, will I be able to print this at full size? or only the smaller pieces and hope to get a access to a bigger printer for the larger sections?
or should I scale it down a bit?
I'm planning on making this into terrain I can disassemble and build into an actual Titan if I ever decide to play with it so I'm hoping to get full size.

Also how much filament will be required to print the whole titan at full scale?

what is the best orientation to print the head in? as it comes? I'm lost how to get the best result. can anyone help me?

I printed mine looking upwards, with the "neck" on the bed. Good results with the support marks invisible once assembled.

I'm printing my first part at .2 layer height looks great so far have 1.5 hours left with post a pic. when done

Could it be possible that not all files are scale the same size ? the Torso_Midsection_Hatch is smaller than the head.

Scale up to 572%

Thank you for this! All Ive seen between this and the original was a range. Every other part has been scaled up proper save for the three torso components, and given the size/time/filament, I didnt want to start guessing.

hello all I see that is says you have to up scale the file but when I do scale to 572 the part won't fit on my print bed. I have the tevo tornado which is 300x300x400. I'm using cura 3.5.do I not need to up scale?

I have fixed, you don't need to upscale any more. parts should print straight from the file at the correct size

Will you also make the Arioch Power Claw?

There's a quickly banged up version, but i'm going to try and get sebtheis' imperial knight posable arm to fit and upscale. in a few days

Now I'm torn between which head I want! I already printed the original (with rivets) head, but now I have an option; Decisions decisions...

i have two of the normal head, one of the new head, and am printing the lucius head now

you need all of them in your life :)

and you can always turn the rest into wrecked terrain

Making progress on mine, have the head both feet (old style), both lower legs (old style) and one of the newer thighs so far.

so model orientation for printing.....are folks rafting these things? im printing the shins right now and I cut them in half down the long axis for slicing and saved like 2 1/2" hours on print time...not to mention.. no support marks on the surface of the detail. how are others going about this?

my supports don't leave large marks, but my bed is a bit bowed so I always raft. sandpaper over the surface is always a must even if it looks "good" to the eye. that and filler primer

but you are rafting the parts instead of cutting. I end up with some ugly support marks on my prints....most likely a setting I haven't mastered yet so I tend to cut models up with Netfabb to minimize supports altogether

oh lol

i tend when I get models to join the sub assemblies so I can print a good chunk in one go. cr10 has a big bed

So, if i want to print that beast, how long do I have to estimate overall for it, based on your print settings?

around a month to a month and a half at 0.1

.15 looks good though and saves time. for a model this size are folks really going the extra mile for .1?

the 2nd one i'm printing at 0.12 for this reason.

Currently working on black hole projection cannon. this can be used as a stand in for the psi-titan cannon or the saturnye laser cutter. (or whatever, rule of cool.

I really dig what you've done detail wise with this setup. I was just comparing the last versions foot to the current and the difference is night and day and has a lot more potential for more dynamic poses. I was having issues getting the proper scale with the last version as well so these being the proper scale when the folder is extracted is nice.

the entire model work is by Stroganoff (except some minor parts, i made the starmalice plasma cannon), I have only upscaled the files.

Any plans for the apocalypse missle launcher?

I've uploaded the apoc launcher to this and rescaled it. if you still cant DL from stroganoff's

I just added an Apocalypse Launcher to my original upload. You'll find it in the 'Extra Detail Additional Weapons' pack. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2947596/files

40k Mars Warlord Titan

It doesn't give me the files, they simply don't exist

download the ZIP and extract it

I did, and I've also downloaded the full package but when I open cure it says that there is no file

go to thing files on thingiverse and only click the weapons zip. it will download

I already did that and it doesn't work

I don't know what to tell you... I just downloaded the weapons file, extracted it, and the stl files are there. :-/

Any chance of getting some sort of diagram showing the assembly? Would help a lot when trying to figure out which part goes where.

Just a question, any plans for the gatling blaster?

not really but there's a good one floating around on thingiverse already

What settings do you suggest for printing it? 0.2 or 0.1? Also, isn't it too big? Because your's head seems to be much bigger than the "legit" one's

I see you posted a pic of the cockpit cover magnet hold is this the real head or stl if it is an stl where did you find it sir?

No stl, it should be the real one

I use cura.

The size is correct, total height of the warlord is 22 inches

Thanks! Btw great stuff!

is there any chance of splitting the torso rear split up? It is just way too huge to trust to one printing.

what is your bed size

It's not the bed size that's the issue, It's the piece in general. at the lowest settings I am comfortable with, it's that it would have taken 54 hours to print as is. I split it up in 3d builder into 3 10 hour prints instead.

Printed the whole thing! been very slowly assembling it, sanding down all the armor pads and designing banners for it

What printing software did you use? How many if any supports did you need to add to the model to print it properly?

Any chance we could get the extra weapons and powerfist scaled for the original epic size?

definitely seems to be having some sizing inconsistencies as I run through the various leg and torso components....so far at 572% its an estimated 28 inches tall....roughly

I use cura as a slicer. maybe your slicer is not importing the .stl as the correct size to begin with?

because the model I have printed is definitely 22 inches tall (lucius pattern behind it is 26-27 inches)

at 572% each file appears to be much larger than its supposed to be. the left foot was pretty much the entire print bed on a Prusa I3 Mk3. what gives?

Yeah that's correct. the final model stands 22 Inches (56cm). the legs are about 25cm span across.

Any chance of remixing Redwash's gatling blaster to fit this model? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2975449

Warlord Gatling Cannon
by Redwash

maybe soon but his model is still a wip so he might add more details to it.

few new weapons uploaded, plasma cannon, quad megabolters, ect.

thanks for the hand!!!!! It will take time to print it, but i have the main body, waist and i have begun With the legs!!!! We are doing a race, AntomanElven :P

hahaha yes!

I have the legs, waist, torso except the shoulders. doint the shoulders now. remember not to glue the shoulders before you put the arms between them

Now time for a reaver ;D Kidding (kind of) Great work this had to be a labour of love

reaver? yes please :)

If someone designed a 28 mm Lucius-pattern Reaver, I'd be all over it.

I am re-uploading everything now, rivets on all the armour, optional non-riveted files too.

All the files have been renamed so they are easy to navigate.

The only thing I can foresee changing is the carapace weapons. (and adding more weapons)
I am considering this pretty much complete for the main frame. Message me (or respond to this comment) if you have any further changes or whatever.

remember to scale up by 572%. I havent changed all the files because it started to make them bigger to download and I didnt want to spend an hour uploading.

im creating a high quality render now. Just looking further, the arm hydraulic parts arent really matching up, I will try to improvise to see if we can improve it.

the arm file itself is fine.

uploading improved arm hydraulic now. still might require changing depending on what position you have the arms in. but that's the same for the official kit too.

Nice job ! I love rivets

Amazing work, I cant wait to get started on this monster!

There's no was im ever going to play a game of 40k with a warlord in it, but I might print this off at a smaller scale to use as a valiant, just cos this is such a cool model!

scale up about 170% for around 17cm

Wow, i'm doing the main body, only my head should be rebuilded because of rivets! That's a great upgrade, I think! I do now th rear top generator (almost done) ans I will begin the hip. I will show you my status in a picture soon! Thank you again!

yeah same I gotta reprint the head.

I'm gonna turn the old head into terrain, make it look like it got torn off or the titan got destroyed, maybe a few dead titan crew strewn around.

And chance you could add studs everywhere ? ;)

man i'm glad you messaged me this before I got too far into the print these riveted sections look sick this is gonna look great.

what program do you use for yours?

I havent printed any of the armor plating yet so its not too late to change all the files :)

I add the rivets with meshmixer usually.
just drop a sphere (0.8 to 2 mm diameter depending on the model) with the "meshmix" tool

is there a way for it to add the rivets so it does it mirrored or do I have to mirror it afterwards

exactly. are they that big on the actual model ?
for symmetry, you can group them, then mirror

alright sounds good. I'll give it another shot and make them a tad smaller.

You are doing good work

First let me say you do a big work for the community and thak you for that.
I have checked some lengh from STL Part (Carpage trippel laser) with FW Parts where i have here.
My result: the size is +5,227.
The Resin Parts have some warping but that is it.
Maybe somone can check Head or other Parts and post here.

I didnt design this model that credit is entirely Stroganoff's https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2947596

thanks for the help with sizing, I am just estimating judging by the model height and the end goal of 22 inches. (up to reactors on main hull, not the tri barreled guns) do you have the measurements for it up to the waist from the floor standing straight? Thanks

the picture I have linked is not mine but it is what I am guessing my end height will look like compared to the lucius pattern warlord that is also on thingiverse

40k Mars Warlord Titan

Maybe i am wrong but i think the Titan is from him:

Because the Size, 22 inches is a good size, based on FW messure.

also the model you linked is cool but up close you can see it's very different detailing than what stroganoff's model has

the size I worked out based off the 10cm size of stroganoff's model, and 22 inches is the forgeworld model so you would need roughly 572% increase of 10cm to get 57.2 cm or 22 inches.

I think a litte bit bigger. But less than mm. Anyway, I want to print the rest before to tell more. You do an amazing job, thanks again!

looks good! I'm doing the opposite, I printed the head but now im printing bottom upward.
I've done the two feet, now doing the two thighs, then the groin ect. and then i'll do all the armor last

Have you the mars pattern legs?

stroganoff is the creator of this design, the files I uploaded are the ones I have sliced to better print when scaled up to 28mm. the rest of the files are here.

the legs will fit on a 30x30 bed without needing to slice but getting the supports removed is gonna be a bit of a headache.


40k Mars Warlord Titan

I'll upload sliced legs sometime today. its a pain in the butt to remove the supports

At 572%, how wide are the feet? Wondering whether my Ender 3 with a 235mmx235mm bed will be able to handle it as a single piece.

Thanks, I'll have to cut them into 4ths when I get ready to print this to then.

I have printed the head and front torso and front up generators. I should say THANKS to do that. I printed 572% scale and it's pretty close. Waiting for more ;) i'm printing a piece per day! hahaha

When you say "pretty close" do you think it may need to be a bit larger or small?

This looks awesome, I have a couple of different projects I am working on but this is being added to the list, the print of the head you did looks fantastic.

I'm just slicing the files. the entire model is the work of stroganoff

40k Mars Warlord Titan

here is a file that could perhaps help you in the process

thank you!
was this originally a papercraft? looks cool

From tabletop simulator