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Extra floors for "Three-path Dice Tower V.2"

by Hsus Jun 9, 2018
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It seems like the extra floor with flags is a little smaller then the other floors? When I stack them in slic3r, the front flag is inside the wall of the other floors instead of sticking out further then the wall, so the wall that the flag is on is even further back.The other 2 flags are about even with the other wall, so those walls are also pushed in.

Hmm that's weird, are they correctly rotated?

user Flashburn below tried slic3r and had some issues as well. I've never used it so I can't help you unfortunately, but I've printed the pieces using Cura and they were correctly sized

For some reason the 3rd_Randomizer_Floor_v2.stl is not slicing right for me in Slic3r. It has the first layer only in a few small spots, which means I'd have to use a raft, and even then I'm not sure if it'll work. Does anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions on how to fix it?

I agree with you too flashburn. Looks like the first layer is from something else altogether which is preventing from printing properly. Doing as you suggested and using Slic3r to remove the first layer and see if it works.

I have the same issue with both of the 3rd floors. But I also have a hole between on of the windows and the inside. The back right one is missing a chunk.

They didn't exhibit these issues when printing from cura for me. Very weird, the files are made with tinkercad which is obviously not the best att complicated geometry, but they've been put through makeprintable so they shouldn't have these issues...

That's weird, I've only ever used Cura, where it prints fine. My suggestion would be to run the file through makeprintable.com (just make a free account) and see if the issue persists

I figured out the "Cut" tool in Slic3r and trimmed off the first 0.1mm, looks good now.

It seems like the piece with the flags has internal volumes left over from remixing the one with windows. Someone (maybe eventually me) should remove those. Also it seems like the flags sit away from the stone work. I wonder if that is intentional or not, seems like if they were more attached it would lead to a cleaner print, though less realistic possibly.

Thats weird, I haven't had any issues with printing. The flags should protrude from the wall but still be fully attached... If you happen to fix the issues I'd be happy to put your files in the original post, but you can of course just add a remix!

Here is my version. Removed internal voids (saves about 10% of the material). Merged all of the shells that were floating (around 60 of them) and added a few different looking flags for fun, would be easy to removed if someone wanted. Printing now so pictures to come.

Wow that is so great! Looks awesome, the flag details look like they might be a bit hard to print though, would love to see your print!
Would you mind me posting your file in this thing?

Feel free to add this to this 'thing'. I updated the above comment to snow how it turned out. Printed with a 0.3mm nozzle so that helped with the detail.

I added your files to the thing-page. Added your name to the file name as well as to the presentation. Thanks for sharing!

Looks great! Thanks for sharing, will add it soon!

Is it possible for you to share your STEP files for the pieces you made? I printed bainite's full tower (including your 3rd floor randomixer) and my gaming group loves it so much they asked me to print a second one to leave at their house. Well, 45 hours across 7 pieces is quite a lot of printing, so I was hoping to merge the individual pieces into a single tower so I can start it printing and forget about it until it's done. I haven't had any luck working with the STL files and merging them, so was hoping you could share the original files you created. Thank you!

First off: Wow that's so great! Would love to see your prints.

This remix was created using TinkerCad, so AFAIK I can't export as STEP files, I could absolutely share the tinkercad-project link with you if you want though?

I will definitely add a photo to the "makes". I haven't painted mine, so it's just a blue PLA+ at this point - wanted to get it printed and see how it worked before breaking out the brushes!

I tried importing some of the STL files into tinkercad and a few were too big, so I'm curious how you were able to get it to work. It would be great if you could share the tinkercad project.

If I can't import to tinkercad my usual remedy is opening the stl in meshmixer and reducing the number of triangles:
Select -> Double click the model to select the whole model -> Edit -> Reduce: Choose triangle budget: anything below 300 000 will work. Export it and import to tinkercad.

With that said: (link removed)

It's not cleaned up and is only a temp link, it has some other parts which I haven't publicized. Lemme know if you print any of them and think I should publish.

Oh and if you put everything together, why not post as a remix?

Edit: The tinkercad scene might even contain all the parts you need to make an AIO part. Oh and btw how large is your print volume if you can print this in one go?

Thanks for the tip on meshmixer! I'll give it a go when I'm back in town next week.

How do the temp links work for tinkercad? Will this link still work next week or will I need to bug you for it again? (leaving town this evening and won't be back until next week)

I pulled up tinkercad and was checking out what you've designed, and I like a lot of what you've done! The gorilla (?) mouth for around the center staircase is awesome. You should definitely publish it. I'll try printing it to see how it comes out. I think you're right about being able to create the all in one design I want from the parts you have loaded already, so that has already saved me some trial and error with meshmixer.

I asked bainite (the original creator of this tower) for his STEP files and he went ahead and merged all of his pieces into one part for me and included it on his thing page, but unfortunately it doesn't include your 3rd_Randomizer_Floor_v2 with the dragon & randomizer inside (which I think is an awesome addition). He said he can't include it because it's your intellectual property. I'm honestly not familiar with how all of that works with sharing files & remixes on thingiverse, but would you be willing to let him merge it into one file to be included in his thing files? If so, could you drop him a note? If not no worries, I'll just work on it merging it myself in tinkercad and share it as a remix. You can see the comments we shared here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1271858/comments

I have a Prusa Mk3, so the complete tower juuuuuust barely fits in the print area. :)

Three-path Dice Tower V.2
by bainite

The dragon is from this thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11338 I just added them together :)
The mouth opening is a remix of this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1868554 oh but I just now saw that it has a license that doesn't allow sharing of remixes, I could always talk to the designer and see if they'd consider changing license.

Bainite is absolutely free (both according to me and licenses) to add my parts to a full tower but that would also mean that it would need to be listed as a remix of my thing, and I don't know if they can be remixes of each other, the best thing would probably be to post as its own thing, a remix of both our things (or posted in my thing as a remix of his tower)

by GE
GraySkull Dice Tower - He-Man Inspired

I'm back in town and going to work on the combined parts this week (hopefully it goes smoothly and I'll get it knocked out tonight, but we'll see). Could you share another tinkercad link with me? The one you gave last week has expired.

I thought that mouth opening looked familiar (He-Man)! Too bad it has a restricted license. I don't think I'd use the mouth with your 3rd floor if the creator made it available because it doesn't quite go with the dragon theme, but if I wasn't using your dragon section I would definitely want to add that mouth.

It just occurred to me - am I editing your original tinkercad files, or am I working on a copy of them?

I assumed it was a copy and your edits weren't shared. But I can see now that your edits are in my tinkercad as well. So please make a copy and edit it there.

Sorry, I had already finished when I saw your message last night. I didn't delete anything, just took the combined tower that was already in your files, sectioned it to make room for a new floor, slid your 3rd floor randomizer in, and then merged it back together. I also added a couple little blocks to smooth out some stairs that had the stone wall texture on them. I'm printing the new file currently to ensure it works ok. I can reload the original files from STLs that are available on Thingiverse (your 3rd floor randomizer & bainite's all_in_one_tower) if you'd like me to.

I should post the remix tomorrow assuming this prints ok (33 hour print time).

Wow 33 hours, that’s brave! Excited to see how it turns out!

I went ahead and posted the remix. I'll hopefully be able to post photos of it completed tomorrow.

I repaired the STL I downloaded from Tinkercard with Microsoft's 3D repair ( https://tools3d.azurewebsites.net/ ), but unfortunately it outputs a .3mf file type which I didn't realize Thingiverse wouldn't accept for uploading. So I went back and took the Tinkercad STL file and uploaded it to Make Printable ( https://makeprintable.com/ ) to repair and then downloaded the repaired STL file, which is what I posted as the remix here. What that means is unfortunately the file I've now shared I won't have printed to ensure it's correct, but I assume the repair process is fairly similar between MIcrosoft and Make Printable so hopefully it's ok.

Thanks! I'm going to wait to open it until this evening when I'm at home because I don't know if they expire based on time or number of uses or what.

I finished this amazing dice tower and I love it!
But I was having a problem with dice shooting out of the side paths. That's when I noticed your pictures, you have a portcullis to slow down the dice. Can you post that model please.

Yeah, it was a remix that was posted on Thingiverse that I can't find anymore, I still have the file but I don't have any of the metadata. I'm adding it here, but if someone finds the original please notify me and I'll take it down and add the link!

Thank you very much.

This is fantastic.

I have been working on my own version to add some randomness. I may not have to now.

Thanks! The randomness part works great, so if it’s just that you’re after then I’d probably say you needn’t remix it, however if you have any sort of ornamental changes going on as well that might make it worth it, you could always use the randomiser mechanics from my piece as a starting point

I did mine a different way. I made the top a single central hole, and then have a divider/randomiser lower down. I have not tested it as yet. The only ornamental change that I made was to remove the iron cross.

I loved these new levels, but one thing I noticed on my print of the middle level that two of the magnet holes are a little squared off. I was able to force an 8mm magnet into one of the holes, but I think I'll have to file out the other a bit to get a fit.

I read your description and the thought of using Tinkercad to modify the models inspired me to do the same. I just posted a remix with rounded top holes.

(Link removed, .stl available under Thing Files)

Is the link broken?

Sorry, I deleted the remix so the link died. The file has been uploaded to this project though, you can find it under Thing Files

Cool, thanks for the heads up :-D

Wow that’s great!
a) cool, I’ve never gotten a remix before!
b) your part seems better, if my model has that issue (I didn’t notice it but I used smaller magnets) maybe your model should really replace mine?

This was my first remix too! I had honestly never thought to load an stl in Tinkercad, and I don't know how to use any other 3d modeling software, so thanks for the idea.

If you'd like to upload it to your existing project as a revision I am totally fine with that. I don't think people are really in the habit of checking a remix's remixes.

Thanks! Added the file to this thing and updated the description. Thanks!
Would love to see your tower when it's finished!

That's insane!!! I love it!

Thanks man! I love the original design, was so inspired and couldn't help but add stuff, I'm a novice but it was a really fun remix project!

This is a great addition to an already cool thing! It would be rad if there is a combined STL of everything put together. I think it would be fun to print a mini one for shadow run dice.

I asked the original designer (bainite) if he could share his files with me so I could make a combined stl and he went ahead and added a combined file to his Thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1271858/files (3-floor_full_tower_and_stairs.stl), although it does not include any of the remixed pieces that Hsus added. I will this week be working on a remix to merge Hsus' 3rd floor randomizer into bainite's tower to make it one file, which should be a total of 200mm tall at 100% print size. Check back for the remix!

Three-path Dice Tower V.2
by bainite

Awesome! I will be awaiting. I have a Rostock max so it can handle the height. Thanks for this file.

I just posted the remix. I unfortunately had to make a new repaired STL file that I could upload as the remix, as the repaired file I'm printing currently was done with Microsoft's cloud repair service which is a .3mf file type and Thingiverse wouldn't accept it. So I won't be able to definitely say the file I just posted as a remix is going to print without an issue, however I assume both repair services are very similar so I assume it is also ok.

Yeah I use mesh mixer for that as well, that or MakePrintable
I’ll check it out!

Comments deleted.

It's possible to use something like scetchup to import the parts and put them together. Also some slicers should be able to do it.

That said, the plus side to doing it like this is that a failure does not waste the whole print.

Also that would be a fairly complex print... My printer wouldn't be able to handle it