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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

40k Mars Warlord Titan

by Stroganoff Jun 5, 2018
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Let me guess :) ... there are no tolerances built into the knee joints are there :) Printed the thigh, and the shin ... but there doesn't look like there is any way I can get the thigh over the shin without breaking one piece or the other.

Anyone else experience this? Or is it something I did wrong?

Yeah, this was discussed at least once already. If you're working with FDM plastic you can try heating up the thigh to soften around the connection, force it over the shin joint, and clamp it until it's cool again. Or grab a file and file down the pins until it fits.

That's the plan ... sorry, didn't realize the other discussion was on the same join (I know I read it) ... love this model so far ... about 240 hours into printing and I've managed to get the feet, lower legs and about 1/3 of the upper legs done ... building it from the ground up on a Taz 5 (ABS print, 0.5mm nozzle 0.15 layer height)

What an amazing design! Surely up there for best miniature design on Thingiverse? Thanks for posting it. :-)

Hello! I was trying to find a way to message you and this was as close as I could get on this site. I'm very interested in a certain claw I saw for a certain giant robot. If you would like to discuss this elsewhere please lemme know how to reach you or I can give you my info too. Thank you!

If you're referring to a certain claw that you saw in a certain make that's been posted of this model, then you're barking up the wrong tree. It's definitely not my work, and I'm not in a position to disclose the identity of the modeller, sorry!

I have seen a few works in progress and finished projects of this model and just love the work you have done, so I think I have to make this my next project as a display piece! I will certainly look to the assembly videos, but wondered if there is a piece list to use to make it look like your pic, as it seems there are a number of options and do not want to print a part that I will not use.

Also, does anyone know what I would need to scale this to in order to make the finished piece about 8" tall?

There's two different shoulder options, labelled as 'apoc launcher' or 'laser blaster'. Print all the files that have one or the other in the file name. There's also armour panels that have similar file names, but identifying 'embossed' or not. Both types can be seen in the rendered images. Quantities are indicated in each file name. Rescale the files to 36% for a roughly 8" final model.

Good luck!

Man that is just awesome . I can't wait to start this project but I've never put anything like this together I was wondering is there an assembly instructions some where ? I think I have an idea of where things go but I'm not totally sure .

most of the parts looks similar to the orginal forgeworld model, all the assembly videos are on youtube. a lot of it is self explanatory just by looking at afew photos. between photos and some youtube you wont have any issues, just get the legs around the right way going off some comments afew people have done it backwards

Hello Stroganoff,
ive been eyeing this masterpiece off since I first got my printer 2 months ago. I finally have the courage to take on this task pics will follow as I slowly piece together this monster. 1 printer = slow progress

Stroganoff....first ... this model is amazing.....I've been more than impressed by how detailed and well fitted each piece has been coming off my printers. Out of curiosity....would you happen to have any plans on doing a model for the arioch power claw? antomanelvens remix files of your designs has something contained in his file lists for a power claw but it doesn't quite capture the aesthetics of the titan power claw

Thanks for that, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm probably not going to work on the claw for quite a while... I know someone else has already modelled one, so I expect that one will be released long before I've made mine - just as soon as he's ready to release it.

Thanks so much for this! I’m building it right now.

Just tipped you for your hard work, get yourself a few beers!

Thanks so much for this! I’m building it right now.

Just tipped you for your hard work, get yourself a few beers!

Much appreciated, buddy! Please share your work once it's finished!

Would this model print okay on an ender 3

Mine turned out ok :)

Just wondering how.long it took to.print and how much pla did you use on an ender 3? Thanks :)

Thought I would leave some feedback on the model. Amazing job Stroganoff! Had to do a video of the model.


How close is this scale wise to a FW Warlord?

Within an inch or so.

Coming back with more feedback on the prints.
All is going well, just thought to update that after printing the pieces below, they do not connect where they are intended to ( no biggie, will glue them and I hope top fix the problem)
Below are the files made by Stroganoff ( again, great job) and my prints:

Hi MoshuRO, you have the part the wrong way around. The knee joint needs to face forward towards the armour plate. I made the same mistake :)

Looks like it's time to run a scale calibration on your printer, bud. The digital files are fine.

OK Strog. Will do that and reprint. Will let you know the outcome.

This is epic, great work Stroganoff. Going to print this one out for a painting day this weekend.

That's bold! Most people seem to take a month or so to print this beast. Unless you're scaling it down?

Yeah so... I severely underestimated just how much of a monster this is. Hopefully I'll have it done by next months!

Hey there, I have been looking at this model for a while. A friend and I are at the point where we are serious about buying our own 3D printer. The printers we are thinking about have build plates of [200mm dia x 300mm height] and [280mm dia x 600mm height]. Looking at the parts I'm not so worried about the heights, but some parts like the shoulders might be difficult to squeeze in. That being said I was wondering what is the minimum build plate required for printing this model.

EDIT: Looking to print in the same scale as the Forge World model
Thank you so much for all the work you have done by the way!

I think the biggest component is the shoulder armour mounts, they're about 230mm wide.

Comments deleted.

Hey there, I have been looking at this model for a while. A friend and I are at the point where we are serious about buying our own 3D printer. The printers we are thinking about have build plates of [200mm dia x 300mm height] and [280mm dia x 600mm height]. Looking at the parts I'm not so worried about the heights, but some parts like the shoulders might be difficult to squeeze in. That being said I was wondering what is the minimum build plate required for printing this model.

Thank you so much for all the work you have done by the way!

is this already scaled to size for the game or does it need to be adjusted?

Yeah buddy, all the components should be GTG for 28mm scale.

Holy crap that's a huge one

Hi Guyz,
1st of all, thx Stroganoff for the hard work creating this awesome model and all your work put into this.
I've recently purchased a 3d printer (ender3) and this is one of my first serious prints.
I have a question tho, related to the model. I've tried to print the 2 files at 0.06 Layer Height with 30% infill using Cura slicing program, but the 2 parts do not fit together.

Are there any tips that you guys could share with me on how to fit those 2 parts ? I imagine that they should fit, that the pistol should fit into the hydraulic arm piece.
I have tried to grind it a bit, but still no luck.

Thanks for pointing this out. I didn't add any clearance to the parts, so it's no wonder they wouldn't fit neatly! I've re-uploaded them with a bit of clearance.

Love the file bro, I'm using it to make a full 6ft version, will be used as a cosplay, will change a few things and re build in foam, but just wana say tha ks for the file dude

Wow, that's ambitious! Best of luck, make sure you share some pics of the finished product!

Absolutely awesome model, Im very close to finishing it right now, I'm not sure if anyone else has run into the issue but every single file has been perfect for printing except both the Shoulder B files, they seem to no print well for me, ive redownloaded the files thinking it might have just been corrupted but i still get the same result, I've been using cura to do all of the printing but is there a specific way to print this particular file?
Once again I love the work you've put into this, thank you so much for making it

Hmm, I haven't heard anyone else mention this problem. Does your software show any errors in the mesh, or is it just a recurring error during printing? Any improvement with different print orientations?

It seems to just be a recurring problem with the printing, I've not seen any issues in the slicing and no orientation seems to make a difference unfortunately. Ive even brought it into my modelling programs and re-saved it to and STL with no luck :/

This looks amazing! Soon as I've finished the "Wardog" I'm starting on this! Am I right that there are no instructions? Do you need to print multiple versions of any of the files or is it one of each piece? Thanks so much for making this available.

Think I just answered my own question... realised the stl files end in either x1 or x2 so I'm guessing that's how many copies of each piece?

You got it! Just think of it as a 3d jigsaw puzzle ;) It really is pretty straightforward though, just keep in mind which parts are left/right and you'll be fine!

I was wondering why it called for 8 ankle pieces myself?

4 per ankle x 2 ankles ;)

Stroganoff - I just want to say thank you so much for putting the (countless?) hours of work into creating this model. I've finished printing mine out and primered it so far. It looks amazing - Thank you once again.

Moin moin sagt mal wie teuer darf der Titan sein wenn man sich den drucken lässt?!

Just a couple of questions. First, how does this need to be scaled to be 40k sized? Second, what is the mass of the finished product? Third, what type of plastic are you using?

First, as per the description, it is already scaled to be 40k sized. Second, the mass depends on the print material and infill settings. Third, I'm not using any plastic as I don't have access to a printer at the moment.

Do you have the full or only partially split files? I'd love to print it on an SLA printer, but it's a hassle with so many parts :D

Jeez, what's the build volume of your SLA printer, if you want to print un-split components??

An amazing model indeed! I only found some visible inaccuracies on the head. There are grooves with rivets and details that are missing.

There's a picture to show:


If you have time to modify the model, it would be amazing even if I'm sure you've already a lot of work :)

Amazing job

If I had to buy a cookie for each person who could point out a deviation from the official model, I would go broke. Maybe if more people were willing to reach into their own pockets and show some appreciation for the amount of work that goes into providing a free model like this, I might actually have the incentive and the means to refine it further.

Hi, what would the percentage be for this to be printed at to be the same scale for a Imperial Knight?

Something like 26-30% would get you pretty close.

this is insane! I mean...INSANE...I need to print this before I die

Well, you're not getting any younger... The only certainties in life is death and taxes, so don't delay!

HI! I just wanted to say that your work is AMAZING! Is there any posibility of creating Acastus Porphyrion?

I have a friend that wants me to print this for him but he wants it to be 36in tall to the top of the shoulder (without the shoulder mounted weapons). Would someone mind telling me how much I need to scale him up?


Good luck!

Thank you! My buddy is deployed overseas right now so I have a few months to get this done! If I ever finish it I will get pics posted. Since he is a close friend I am not charging him anything for the printing, he is buying the filament though. He has a professional warhammer painter that is going to paint it for him and it's going to cost something like $2k!!!! should be pretty epic when it is done! thanks for posting this, it's going to be a hell of a project!

wow this is insane! can't wait to print this


For the weapons, do you have a part to line them up when putting them together

Hey there,

No, there's no component to pin the parts together. I figured that a dowel that would suit whatever scale it's printed at would be fairly easy to source. If not, just rescale one of the hydraulic pistons and slice off the ball joint.

Took about a month of constant printing but i'm very happy with this build. All credit to Stroganoff.

No banana for scale. I'm disappointed.

Hello Stroganoff

Do you plan on adding extra weapons such as left / right handed atrioch power claws? Having full melee warlord titan would be so epic.

Hi there,

I'd like to model one, but it's not going to be for a couple of months, at least.

Is that your claw? If so, it would very helpful for my modelling if you could provide me with some different angle shots with a ruler next to it so I can get the details right.

I second this as well as the Sun fury Plasma Annihilator if you ever find the time and motivation since these must be super time consuming. Ill have to magnetize my weapons for sure if I had options :D

I have started on the Plasma Annihilator, but I won't have time to work on it for a couple of months unfortunately.

What Should i be using to glue this together i'm printing it with PLA, I've been looking online, and the only real ways i been able to find out about are Super Glue, and friction welding. The amount of super glue required will cost an arm and a leg, and friction welding some of these part will be literally impossible. What are you guys using?

The cost of super glue to put this together isn't that high if you're buying bottles like this: https://www.amazon.com/Bob-Smith-Industries-Maxi-Cure-Extra/dp/B0000DD1QH/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

2oz of this stuff goes a lot farther than you might think.

So just to confirm. The files by default when you download them are scaled to the same size as the Forge World model correct?

Unsure if exactly FW size but pretty damn close if not. I'm almost done and it's 22" tall before adding shoulder weps.
Only thing I changed scale wise to print was the pistons at 90% (easier to fit, you glue them anyway after) and the void shield generators also so the fit without having to cut the bottoms off.

Cool! I'm pushing the weight limit probably. I'm using a power printer which results in very high quality parts and no supports needed but the parts are solid. Just the legs and armor so far are 2.5kg

They will be very close. Without a FW titan to physically measure I obviously can't guarantee they're exact.

If anyone feels like donating a FW warlord to me I could update the components... Anyone?

Haha nice try dude, I did donate a little last week or so, hopefully at least buy you a beer :)

On another note while I remember, would you mind if I did a remix of a couple of the arms wep? Thinking of chopping off the arm mount part and grafting in a handle/trigger for use as a life sized pistol prop.

Please do, that would be sweet as!

And thanks for the donation, it was much appreciated!

You'r most welcome !
Not had much time but got this one done: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3377986
Star Malice pistol :D

Star Malice Pistol

Anyone got a backup of the Extra Detail files? They seem to be missing from the addon pack, only having the new weapons and alt head in there currently.

Hi Grindar, the files on this page ARE the Extra Detail files. The low detail files can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3208804

Epic Scale Mars Warlord Titan

Ah, OK, was confused by the wording and comments scattered around. It sounded like there was an additional pack, and there is one named that in the remixes, but the contents were more limited than it sounded!

Stroganoff you are a Hero of the Imperium for uploading this. It is amazing and inspired me to get into 3D printing.

I am going to undertake this massive unit soon, do you have any instructions or guidance?

Where can I find instructions for how to assemble it and which parts to use?

It's fairly obvious and straight forward once you start printing parts. Like a simple 3d jigsaw.
If you can build large model kits you should be able to manage this ok :)

1stly thanks for making such a monolithic monster to print ! I can't afford £1500 for the forgeworld one but 5-6 rolls of PLA is certainly worth it.

Have been printing from the feet upwards (skeleton 1st before plates) and have a question. The thigh section will not join to the shin, at the knee part.
Looks like I will either be shaving off the inside of the thigh then slotting it over, maybe doing a recessed maget if possible.

Is that the idea ? Can't see any other way these 2 parts will fit together.

Anyways once xmas is out of the way the ti button will certianly be getting hit :D

Thanks !

Yeah, the connection was designed for epic-scale which should allow the thigh to bend to snap over the shin. At 40k-scale it's probably too thick to bend, so you'll have to either soften it with heat, and/or file down the bumps until you can fit it together.

Thanks for sharing your progress, it's looking great so far!

I can confirm what Stroganoff suggests here; I softened the tabs with a hair drier so they could flex (but wouldn't fully deform) and got them to go around and pop into place, i then put some clamps on them while they cooled back down so they'd set in place. It worked very well for me, and allowed the leg to stand on its own (but I glued it in place before adding the torso, just to be safe).

Cool, figured it was probably meant to be a snap fit but just couldn't understand why it didn't. Didn't factor in the scaling mind you ! Explains that one.

Have cut off the tabs inside the thigh section and filed them a little. Nice and snug, almost doesnt need glue now but will be getting a healthy dose of that once the thigh is painted. Potentially a pin through it also, certainly will be for the foot - shin section.
2nd should be done tomorrow afternoon then just adaptors to the waist and bottom half done as just finished magnetizing all the armour plates. \o/

Thanks again !

Hey Stroganoff, wanted to pass along my gratitude for your work on this, I've been having a ton of fun with my build (even though it's a back burner project between other projects). I moved my make over to this thing, and will continue to update it as I complete the build.

Do you have any plans of designing an eye of horus shoulder emblem to go along with your current embossed and blank one? I am heavily leaning toward painting my warlord up as Legio Mortis, and having a modeled eye of hours on the shoulder would look much better than my horrible attempt at freehanding them.

Thanks for sharing your make, it's great to watch your progress! An eye of Horus emblem should be a pretty straightforward adjustment to the original model, I'll take care of it soon.

Awesome :) there are several good pictures of it from Adeptus Titanicus like this blog post which got me hooked on the color scheme http://battlebunnies.blogspot.com/2018/08/adeptus-titanicus-legio-mortis-painting.html?m=1

What would the infill % recommendation be? I would think most of the pieces would be okay with 10% but some of the plating I think could get away with 5% or even none.
Having less infill would dramatically reduce print time and plastic requirements.


I'd recommend keeping infill between 10-30%. Just for my future modelling (open question to any FDM users out there), what's the maximum thickness you would want to print a solid wall? 2 or 3mm? Or thicker?

As most printer use a 0.4mm nozzle, a thickness that's a multiple of that would be optimal. I'd prefer at least 1.2 (or ideally 1.6 since my slicer doesn't always like to play nice with single line infil, and that would allow for a full 2 perimeters)

My printer's default settings are 0.8mm wall thickness, 2 lines and 10% infill.

Greetings Mr. Stroganoff! Just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking the time to model this and for offering it freely here! I am in the process of printing and painting the scaled up remix of this gorgeous model. I like you agree on the points about GW deserving their due, but for such a redicululously high priced hunk of plastic, this is the only way a budget maker like me will ever have one in my collection. I've paid less for cars in my lifetime. This is also coming from someone with about a grand or more in GW and PP pieces that have never seen a table as my hobby is paiting, not playing. I'll be sure to post my make when completed as like you Im a bit dissapointed to see all the nice makes of this model going under the remix post. Might even start as a WIP here today
. Thanks again for everything!

Hi Tim, thanks for your praise, and you're welcome! Regarding GW, I'm of mixed opinions. On one hand, yes it is their IP (and I'm not trying to hide that by giving this a fake name like some people on here) and they have the right to ask for whatever cost they want for their product... But it also feels like they no longer care about the hobby. I started collecting GW models years ago when I could afford a squad with my pocket money, now I have to remortgage my house before I can make a purchase (maybe a slight hyperbole!). Maybe if they actually cared about their community, they'd figure out a way to bring affordable models to the market so that 3d printing or Chinese recasts aren't the only practical options.

I hope you do post a WIP of your build, I'd sure get a kick out of watching your progression!

Just got my printer yesterday and running test prints today, is there an instructions manual or something that tells me what bits go where, or what bits to print/what bits are compatable with others? there are a lot of similar bits (IE the legs) which I'm not sure which ones to print and which ones not to so it's a bit confusing.

Also printing to wh40k scale how big would the largest pieces be? my printer is 230mm x 230mm x 210mm so I can't imagine anything will be too big for it, but thought I'd better check anyway.

Edit: By the look of it the torso section is the only piece that won't fit in my printer, are there files of say, the left and the right half of the torso so I can print them individually?

Hey, if your still looking for instructions, I use the original instructions (found online). Most parts look alot like the original parts. Combining that with the names of the files should give a rough idea where everything should be.

If you're printing at 40k scale, you should work from the Extra Detail packs which include a sectioned torso. I think the largest piece is just under 160mm long once you scale it up.

I'll try to get some sort of instructions up soon to make assembly easier. In the meantime, each file is labelled with how many you'll need to print and the rendered images will give you something to start with.

Oh excellent! Thanks! :D

Can anyone who has an AT titan confirm the exact scale-up required to match?

Also the STL with the entire model - will this actually print? Presumably it doesnt have the extra detail parts?

Second to the scale question for AT... mainly for the weapon arms.....

The AT Warlord is about 130mm to the top of the shoulder ridges standing straight. The complete stl file will probably print, so long as you can support all of the overhangs. And you're right, it doesn't have the extra detail.

Awesome work! I can't wait to see the rest of the wepaons!!

Wow! the apocalypse launchers look awesome!

What are these mysterious extra detail packs?

They include all the parts to make the titan you see in the coloured renders.

Considered designing a Plasma Destructor option? I'd love to see one (I'm going with plastic ones rather than this but if you do one I'd tweak the scale and print one to use as an Imperator arm weapon instead)

Hi Glyn! While I don't agree with GW's pricing model ($490AUD for the GME box?? Seriously??) I do appreciate that they deserve fair compensation for their IP and effort in producing their games.

I'm planning on modelling up all the weapon options eventually, but since producing detailed, printable models from scratch is time-consuming I have to fit it around my other life commitments.

I made one on my remix of this model.

So, the shin guards are very hard to put on, and with resin printing, they tend to break, I got around this by cutting out the bottom of the slot they fit into, so it looks like an upside down U that way I can slide them down over the shin. I also found that the tolerances of any of your peg and hole pieces are too tight, the hips, and waist for sure, also the material for the arms to click into place are too thick to bend, and just snap. None of these issues have stopped me from using your moden, its amazing work and I appreciate it! I scaled it up to 8mm, 133.33% of its original for use in Adeptus Titanicus. I hope you plan to make more shoulder pauldrons with different symbols on them and generally add more detail to the model, like rivets, if not that is fine, its still great work! Ill post my make as soon as I have the model is good viewing order but for now you can see it in this image.

I understand about the tolerance. I wasn't sure what would be best since I guessed a lot of people would scale this up to 40k which would give a pretty sloppy fit if I gave it a tolerance for 6mm scale... I know how brittle that clear resin is, so can feel your pain with trying to fit the components, too!

How tall does your titan stand? The GW website says the AT Warlord is about 6" tall, but doesn't say if that's to the shield generators or the missile pods.

Check out the 'Extra Detail' pack that I've uploaded. It's missing the torso and arm components at the moment, but I've redetailed the rest of the components and split up the armour plates to better suit high-resolution printers.

I had the same problem with several of the parts, and I printed at 40k scale. still have to work on getting the weapon armor as the angles require removing at large amount of material on one side. I hope you do not mind if i make some changes in the future, mainly making the core hollow and changing the "shoulders" to hollow them out and change the main weapons mounting. This is a great model and i appreciate the work you put into it.

Yes, those are wonderful! Are you going to be making all of the weapons as well?

Lovely work!
Any intentions to continue the Lucius line at all with a Reaver and Warlord?

I'm not a fan of the Mars or Lucius Reaver designs, so if I do anything it'll be a 'counts as' Reaver - I've got an idea for a quadruped titan growing in my mind. I still like the Lucius Warlord illustration from the Apocalypse rulebook (I think that's where it's from) so I'll probably model that one up at some point down the track.

Since the Lucius Reaver never came out of the old derpy epic scale style, it'd be quite open to your interpretation for fixing the ugly bits like the head and the launcher. Say, basing the head's upper plate on the Lucius Warlord's one could be a nice change from the FW bug-Reaver. Anyway, it'll be cool to see what you come up with for your quadruped, and the Lucius Warlord if and when would be awesome.

That's interesting about not liking the Reaver variants, it seems to be something that more than a few people find as well. I don't mind it personally, although I had a Reaver converted to the Lucius style so it fit more in line with the warhounds.

But would be very keen on the Warlord if that eventuated!

Im planning to print this for use in AT, also I want to do 8mm NetEpic, any change you would undertake doing infantry at that scale? All of the epic infantry is very low detail, and I know I can get better results than that with my sla.

My advice for printing 8mm infantry on an SLA is to find a 40k model you like, scale it down, and print it in a tough resin. They'll be very delicate but highly detailed, probably similar to the FW epic models.

I'm almost finished updating the parts with extra detail which should look really good with SLA, so I recommend holding off on printing for a few more days.

Love this. My only beef is the feet. Removing the supports from inside the feet models is a pain.

I'm still working on optimising and splitting the parts. Are you printing at epic or 40k scale? I'm nervous about separating the ankle supports at epic scale since it would be so finicky to print and assemble. What do you think about having the shin and ankle supports merged and separated from the feet, and then print the shin upside down?

Epic scale, although I'm waiting to actually get the new AT game to see exactly how big the new models are before printing a complete model. Having the shin/ankle supports merged and separate sounds like it would be ideal.

Awesome model, any idea why the scaling is so weird when you import parts?

Thanks for letting me know, it looks like they've been mis-scaled by a factor of 10. I've re-uploaded the components, hopefully they're right now.

Could you possibly include a completed model? It would make it easier to see how all the parts go together!

Awesome model! Could you please have the titan fully assembled as a single file? Thanks

Comments deleted.

Amazing stuff! Giving it a test print over the weekend. Quite a beast as it's gonna be 3 different printing sessions to have everything fit on the build plate of my Photon :D

Going great! Though I think there's probably something wrong on the walking leg models (leg or hip) as that seems to crash my print halfway through on every try. Walking legs seem to go through (74% done currently). I still need to reprint the torso as it seemed to get slanted a degree or two to one side due to the position I printed it in. Hopefully tomorrow evening I'll have all the parts finished.

I'm gonna scale it to 28mm after making a few epic scale prints.

Make sure you post some photos when you're done, please!

I will. check out the lucius pattern i printed

if i'm maths-ing this right its 572% to get 28mm?

did you ever figure out if 572% is right? curious if you printed!

yes I am printing now. further modified the files and added it as a remix. 572 is the perfect percentage. makes it about 22-23 inches tall, same as the official warlord.

OK, i have to admit that when i scaled just the head, i thought there was no way i had done it correctly... the thing is massive on my printer.

no yeah it scales up huge. the head is proportioned a bit small (correctly, but it looks small until you assemble it).

pictured here the frame (not glued) with my lucius warlord.

I changed the files to add more surface detail. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2954960

28mm Mars Warlord Titan (Extra Detail, Extra Weapons, Glory to the Omnissiah)

Really loving this. I'm going to try scaling it up to 28mm see how it looks by my FW Warlord. :)

One question though, am I going mad or is the groin section missing?

I imagine it'll look pretty shit next to a FW warlord, but would probably make for a much cheaper terrain piece!

Thanks for spotting my omission, I've uploaded it now.

It might not be up to a FW kit, but then we'd probably have issues with GW legal if we started doing that! I think this one is detailed enough it would scale up rather nicely. I gotta hand it to you; this one is top-notch.

Amazing! Thanks again for another high quairy model$

You're welcome! Good luck printing!

Can you explain the Torso armor A-E? is there an order? the middle one is obvious. do they go in sequence?

B and C have a slot and a hole - the hole should line up with the pin on the side of the torso toward the front. D and E have two slots which should line up with the bars toward the torso rear. B and D will be on one side, C and E on the other.

Wow such an awesome model! Any chance you can share a STEP or something so I can make ultra high res STL files for printing with a FORM2

I'll add it to my list. But to be honest, I can't see how it's important, unless you plan on upscaling it to 40k; the deviation at low resolution is around 23 microns. Given the Form 2's laser is 140 microns diameter, and the smallest Z increment is 25 microns, I wouldn't think you'd see any difference at the current scale.

Thank you for taking the time to put it on your list!

I was indeed planning on upscaling to 40K 28mm. And it usually not the deviation that lacking but the curvature. And this is very visible when printing on the FORM2. I am currently remoddeling some Necron stuff in Solidworks and one leg alone export to an STL file of 150MB to use full potential of the FORM2.

im printing it at 50 microns and its looks amazing.

One question Stroganoff, the 100mm are measured to the top of the turbolaser destructors or measured to the top of the void shield generators?

That would be to the void shield generators.

Comments deleted.

Looks realy awesome.... but sad that its only for epic and not the normal w40k.

Thanks.... Most printing software has a scale function if you wanted to make it bigger ;)

It's...it's..... beautiful.

Wipes away tears

Just imagine how much better it'll look once it's painted like your Warhounds :P

Ultra-awesome! Thank you!

Thanks! You're welcome, and good luck printing!

Thanks, I'm glad you think so!